White Rabbit Kratom: Magical Brand or Not Worth a Damn?

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White Rabbit. It’s a name that’s fitting in this age of smoke and mirrors. A lot of shady vendors pimp their kratom products so bombastically that you’d swear they were suggesting they could pull a rabbit from a hat.

In the last few years, we’ve seen smoke shop brands come and go, many of them making impossible claims about their alkaloid profiles and potential effects. Some of these less-than-genuine kratom vendors cover their butts by infusing their kratom powders with dangerous synthetic compounds designed to give their products that extra kick that could support their claims.

Last week we talked about the kratom industry’s propensity for using hype words to move product. One such word is “superior,” an adjective that gets thrown around almost as much as “premium” or “organic.”

In the last two years, White Rabbit Superior Maeng Da has been the talk of too many internet forums to count. Users who have found this product at their local headshops have either left loving it or scratching their heads.

Where did this product come from? Why hadn’t they heard about it before. And, most importantly, is it really superior to other Maeng Da kratom or is this yet another case of a company puffing out its chest and bragging about their wares?

I’m here to tell you that there are tons of vendors offering quality Maeng Da kratom strains, but here’s what’s up with White Rabbit.


White Rabbit is a US-based kratom vendor that established itself in 2012. Their website is laughably amateurish and terribly difficult to navigate. Dropdown menus don’t work properly and their garish and infantile Maeng Da Man superhero mascot assaults your eyes the second you land on their homepage.

Web-related qualms aside, their products are curious if questionable with their 12 ml Liquid Maeng Da Extract and 10 count of XL kratom capsules occupying the bestseller spot.

They offer another product which gives one pause—White Rabbit 7 gr Herbal Smoke has the appearance of a pack of cigarettes which is odd because kratom isn’t typically produced in the form of cigarettes. As a matter of fact, the kratom community has often urged noobs to refrain from smoking kratom as it diminishes the kratom leaf’s purported effects.


White Rabbit’s primary retailer is Live Well Kratom, a company that sells 5 Superior Maeng Da XL capsules for $10.50. Prices vary widely from there; 30 grams of Superior Maeng Da powder go for $28.95 while 25 XL capsules are $35.00. Other options are also available on their product page.

In terms of price point, White Rabbit is definitely not the cheapest option around. $10.50 is pretty freakin’ steep for 5 kratom capsules when you consider that the average vendor offers approximately two ounces of kratom capsules for around $29.95.


Some users have said that White Rabbit is a solid brand with one person even saying, “I had some white rabbit I kept for years and never tried it because I was scared about interactions with the myriad of rx drugs I take. I wasted a lot of time in pain all for nothing! I took like 600 mg my first dose and was in la la land for 6 hours.”

Another user even went so far as to say that White Rabbit was better than the kratom they normally ordered on the internet, writing, “Later I tried white rabbit…and the effects were 3-4 times more pleasurable than what I bought online.”

Elsewhere reviews have been equally enthusiastic with one individual on I Love Kratom calling their Superior Maeng Da a solid MD strain and adding that it “gives you a good happy mood lifting feeling with some relaxing in the background.”

As we can clearly see, White Rabbit is a worthy vendor even though their product isn’t as magical as their marketing materials would have you believe.


So there you have it! Although they are far from the most affordable smoke shop kratom brand out there, White Rabbit Kratom is definitely a quality product that is enjoyed by many for its full spectrum of purported effects. Give ’em a try and see what you think for yourself.

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