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I’ve logged an incalculable amount of hours warning people about the risks associated with smoke shop kratom brands. From industry-wide price gouging to the danger of purchasing kratom powders that may contain harmful synthetic additives, there are simply too many reasons NOT to buy kratom products from a tobacco shop or head shop.

It’s easy to write off smoke shop kratom altogether, especially if you abide by the sweeping remarks I just made. But to be fair, not all smoke shop kratom is garbage. There are many trusted kratom vendors who supply their quality products to smoke shops.

This is why it is always important to evaluate these brands on a case by case basis. With that in mind, today we’re gonna be taking a look at Super K Kratom, a brand I see popping up more and more across the United States.


Unless you’re an experienced private investigator or government agent, it’s impossible to know who and/or what Super K Kratom is. Their website is less an online store and more a glorified advertisement for their brand.

Whereas the average kratom vendor operates a dot com all their own, Super K Kratom rents a page from Yola, the South African website builder and web hosting company. In recent years, there have been reports of Yolasite scammers.

Unlike their competitors, Super K Kratom do not list a copyright on their site, nor do they offer any information about who they are, how they got into the kratom business or why. Theirs is a relatively blank slate which consists only of a poorly worded description of what kratom is and why people use it.

The only clue given about their origins or parent company is an obvious misdirect; at the top of a picture advertising Royal Kratom Gold XL Maeng Da caps, the name Pars Market has been super-imposed. This is not only peculiar but pathetic as Pars Market is the name of a kosher grocery establishment located in Columbia, MD.

If all of this wasn’t strange enough, there is a second website, this one a proper dot com, which lists their name as Super Kratoms (plural). Here we get a clearer picture of what we’re actually dealing with. On their About Us page, they claim to be from Indonesia where much of the world’s kratom comes from.

Their mailing address is listed as follows:


Sumatera Utara

Medan 20227

Jl. Denai No. 57

When translated into English, this is Tegal Sari I, Medan Area, Medan City, North Sumatra. A Google search of this address shows that the property is on the market which points to this being erroneous or deliberately misleading information.


This is where things get even more perplexing. If we go on the evidence proferred by the brand’s Yola webpage, it would seem that they sell Royal Kratom, an entirely different brand of kratom powder and kratom extracts which customers have complained about in the past.

Of course, this isn’t actually the case. Super K Kratom branded powders have been found at lots of different locations across the U.S. Most users report finding Super K Maeng Da despite the fact that the company’s webpage only lists Bali Gold as their signature strain.

That being said, their official website (the pluralized one) lists several different products and buying options. Their kratom strains include Batak, Golden Borneo, Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Hulk, Bentuangie, Hulu, Indo, Maeng Da, Malay, Thai, Nirvana, Red Elephant, Red Horned Leaf, Red Tropis, Vietnam and Super White.


Super Kratoms’ online store offers fixed prices of $105 for 1,900 capsules and/or $80 for 1,000 grams. This is a low price for bulk kratom powder, but it’s also suspiciously affordable given where it is coming from. Which brings us to…


Their economy shipping—the only option made available to International customers—is predicted to take as many as 14-17 days to arrive. Shipments are only mailed out one to two days after a customer’s payment has been made.

Payment is also questionable as their website urges customers to not disclose the fact that they are ordering kratom when paying with PayPal (the only payment method they accept). The scarcity of payment options will no doubt alienate those who prefer the discretion of using cryptocurrencies or money orders.

Those who are accustomed to deep discounts and promotions will be disappointed to learn that there is no Special Kratoms coupon code available for checkout.


Little has been said about Super K Kratom, but that which has was far from positive. One user writes about buying their Maeng Da, saying, “I ended up taking 5 capsules and it was only a mild effect.”


The number one reason an American consumer should stay away from International kratom vendors is their lack of responsibility. If a kratom parcel goes missing, gets seized by customs officials or doesn’t manage to meet your personal standards, the liability falls squarely on your shoulders. Think about it: If they refuse a refund, what recourse do you really have unless you’re a globe trotter who is going to show up on their doorstep.

The other problem with International orders is the delay in receiving your package. Getting kratom from overseas can take forever and that’s not something that bodes well for most kratom users who enjoy the fast and easy convenience of their local smoke shops or online stores.


Super K Kratom don’t have much to recommend them aside from their wide variety of kratom strains. If you want a trusted wholesale kratom brand, I highly suggest you visit I Love Kratom and see what products people are raving about. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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