Black Label Kratom: Charting the Elusive Kratom Brand

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Black Label Kratom was first launched in or around 2009. At the time, they had a fully-functioning website and were beginning to attract some buzz from the kratom community. In the ensuing years, a confluence of unfortunate events seems to have plagued them.

First users began postulating that the company’s kratom extract was over-hyped with one person writing, “Any site I’ve seen selling this product seems to make wild claims about its effect. For example, ‘The highest quality Kratom on the market.’”

Then people began complaining about the steep price of their kratom powder. Before long, others were chiming in to say that the veracity of its supposed strength lacked merit with one user saying that their experience with it was weak and lame, and other users echoing this sentiment across forums.

Nevertheless, Black Label Kratom remained a buzz term and the vendor managed to survive for the better part of a decade until a new set of problems cropped up. In June of 2018, the company dropped a post on their Facebook profile which read, “To all our customers. We are very sorry we have had a recent loss and right now trying to recoup all the website information please be patient with us at this time Thank you BLK.”

As you may have expected, this was not greeted with an outpouring of positivity. On the contrary, the post received only one Like and no new followers for forthcoming. Today a proper Black Label Kratom website/online store does not exist. The closest thing one can find is the following URL:

Far from an online kratom store, this page serves solely as a portal for kratom vendor reviews and a poor advertisement for Black Label Kratom itself. There are two low-resolution pics of their kratom products and nothing else of substance or relevance.

Which brings us to the Black Label…label.


When people talk about Black Kratom, they are often referring to a water-based kratom extraction that possesses a nine percent Mitragynine content and an overall alkaloid content in excess of 30%. Forged from fresh kratom leaf, Black Label Kratom Extract is said to be far more powerful than standardized kratom powder.

The name Black Label Kratom remains well-known and is a much sought after strain. But suffice it to say that sometimes variety is bondage. With so many sites offering products labeled Black Label Kratom, it’s difficult to determine which of these products are the real thing.

It’s sad to say, but it’s hardly an uncommon practice for kratom wholesalers to slap an exciting name on a lackluster product to drive sales. That’s why something as simple and effective as Green Vein Borneo can end up being marketed as Jolly Green Stardust or Emerald Sunrise.

Over the last several years, everyone from SoCal and OPMS to Smart Shop and Docs have sold Black Label kratom extract and capsules. Innumerable smoke shops have offered products bearing this label as well, although not all of them came in the same packaging or even similar packaging, for that matter.

For those who are looking for an honest and respected kratom vendor selling Black Label Kratom, I’ve compiled this short list of the top online sources. I trust this will help you sort through the rubbish and get right down to the nitty gritty.

  • Gaia Ethnobotanical
  • Legal Herbals Shop
  • Major Kratom
  • Phytoextractum

These are the top 3 kratom vendors for black label premium kratom. Each of them offer a powerful product that comes with fast and/or free shipping.

Gaia Ethnobotanical has been at the top of my list of kratom vendors for quite awhile now and will likely remain there since their facilities are some of the best and their products continue to impress. Their 50x Black Diamond Extract is the cheapest extract I’ve seen considering its potency.

Legal Herbal Shop’s website may look a tad amateurish at first glance, but don’t get it twisted. These guys are balls out legit, proudly meeting customers’ every CBD, herbal smoke, legal botanical, vape and kratom need. Their kratom grams are affordable and their black label powder is a 60x kratom extract.

Major Kratom is generating some wicked word of mouth with their full Black Label collection of unique and outstanding kratom strains, including Black B and Lush Bang Baru, each of them priced at only $11.99 for a 25 gram tin. They deliver free USPS Priority shipping on orders in excess of $99 and believe me, you’ll want to stock up.

Phytoextractum is another company that I’ve been talking up for ages and I’m happy to report that their Indo Black Extract is top of the line. A 50x kratom powder, their Indo Black is pretty pricey at $29.95 for just five grams, but it packs a punch, to say the least.

While none of these brands are the original Black Label Kratom, I believe they embody the ethos of the black label as they are each robust in their effects and remarkably aromatic.


  • Experience Botanicals (This smoke shop brand no longer offers black label)
  • OPMS (Their product is grossly ineffective)


There have been multiple reports of bunk products labeled as Black and it’s important to know what you should be expecting out of Black Label Kratom. It should have a strong, pronounced aroma due to the excessive bitterness of the extract, but it should not smell terrible.

If you encounter a product that seems conspicuously dark and or smells and tastes burnt, as one user reported, you’d do well to throw it in the trash. In all likelihood, this was deliberately burned to give it that awful smell. Shady vendors might take such measures to pass their product off as authentic, but all they are doing is compromising the kratom leaf.

To be clear, Black Kratom should have a distinct smoky flavor and aroma, but if it takes like a kratom plantation burning down, as one person described it, then you’re not burning quality extract.


While the original Black Label Kratom is no longer widely available, there are plenty of sources for Black Kratom Extract. In addition to those listed above, there is also Kratom Virtue’s 20:1 Kratom Extract and many others. Seasoned kratomites urge noobs to stick to no more than 2 grams when burning Black. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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