Earth Kratom Organic Review: A Newcomer to the Growing Kratom Community

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If you were around in the 1980s, you probably remember the New Kids on the Block. For those who are too young to remember, they were basically the One Direction of the Reagan Era.

Like One Direction, they will mostly be remembered for one breakout hit. In New Kids on the Block’s case, that hit was “You Got It (The Right Stuff),” a song that perfectly describes what we’re all looking for, kratom community included.

Today’s vendor review concerns a new kid on the block and whether they have the right stuff. No, I’m not talking about Joey McIntyre attempting an acting career. I’m talkin’ Earth Kratom Organic, a vendor who is pretty new to the space and still earning their bones.

Are they legit? In the words of MC Hammer, are they Too Legit to Quit? Let’s find out!


The Myrtle Beach-based company MBBR Distribution launched Earth Kratom in March of 2017 and relied on publicity to establish their brand. The company had already been supplying kratom to customers since 1999, but they founded Earth Kratom for the purpose of penetrating the growing retail market.

By launching Earth Kratom, they were able to extend their product line to wholesalers, distributor, and ma and pa tobacco shops across the United States. Through a dedicated social media campaign in which they billed themselves as North America’s most trusted Kratom vendor, the company was able to rack up Likes, attract followers and do pretty brisk business in a short span of time.

Cut to two years later and we’re seeing the number of wholesalers carrying Earth Kratom balloon beyond belief. The Mystic Dragon. Wonderland Headshop. CBD Vape. Fire Wholesale. Saginaw Kratom Wholesale. The Spot. These are just a few of the big headshops, smoke shops and wholesale sites that stock Earth Kratom products.


If you’ve attended any high profile conventions like Kevfest then you’ve likely been greeted by one of Earth Kratom’s representatives, all of whom are eager to share with you a wide assortment of kratom powders and kratom extracts.

Earth Kratom Organic Maeng Da Extract Oil is the number one thing that people want to talk about after they’ve encountered this vendor, but they also have a full line of kratom strains including Red Hulu Kapuas, Green Malay, Green Vietnam and their signature Trainwreck. The latter is a proprietary blend of 4.1 different kratom strains that’s said to have a striking effect.

Bulk kratom is available for the discerning kratom enthusiast who wants to be ready if/when the fit hits the shan. Kratom capsules are also on sale with .65 gram capsules coming in 65 count packages.


Some have lamented their base price as high, but at $19.99 for 1.06 ounces, they are slightly more affordable than many of their competitors. It isn’t at all uncommon to see online kratom vendors charging twenty bucks for as little as 20-25 grams.

Their bulk kratom powder is equally reasonable; at $129.99 for a kratom kilo, they are far from the cheapest vendor on the market, but they also aren’t plundering obscene fortunes at that price point. This is a good middle of the road price tag for quality kratom powder.


This vendor offers a 25% off coupon to any user who writes a review on their site. It is these kinds of incentives that keep them in return customers.


Every order comes with FREE UPS shipping and customers have 30 days from the time they receive their order to qualify for a refund or exchange. Shipping is expedited and are typically sent out the same day a transaction is processed.

This vendor makes it easy to get in touch with them if an issue arises since they post their email address and a contact form for customer support purposes. Replies are prompt and courteous with customer service staff mambers on standby to answer questions or resolve grievances.


As with most kratom vendors, opinions have been mixed about Earth Kratom. One disappointed user wrote on Reddit, “I bought a kilo of red maeng da of this earth kratom and I cannot feel even a slight tingle or anything. Crazy!”

Another user said that their kratom products are hit or miss. “Sometimes very potent, other times absolutely nothing. Overpriced, but convenience factor is cool.”

Yet another user replied to the same post, saying, their “Red Hulu Kapuas is potent.” Elsewhere, a user talks about their proprietary blend, Trainwreck, writing, “Tried it, about 5 grams and it actually did hit harder than the same dose of what I normally take.”

In another post regarding Earth Kratom Organic Liquid Kratom Extract, a user says that it is actually really good, writing, “It was my first ever Kratom experience and you can feel the effect in 10 minutes. Makes you calm, but focused…overall I had a good experience with them.”

By and large, the community seems to agree that their products are pretty good even if their prices aren’t the best.


After vetting this vendor, I can safely say that they are a viable source for quality kratom powder and a legit kratom extract. You’ll get your package safely, securely and super-fast. Give ’em a go and let us know what you think in the comments below. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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