K Chill: Is It Really a Kratom Shot?

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Over the last few years, members of the kratom community have been curious about K Chill, the brand that has been popping up in smoke shops across America. They want to know what is K Chill? They also want to know if it’s worth the money.

Based on K Chill’s advertising campaign which is deliberately designed to look like some dope ass music video from the Eighties, it is hard to figure out whether consumers are expected to take it seriously or not. That’s why I’ve decided to take a closer look at it here.

Today we’ll talk about what K Chill Shots, their ingredients, the company behind them and what consumers have been saying about this questionable product.

Let’s roll!


The so-called K Chill Kratom Shot is a product of K Chill Direct, an Arizona-based vendor selling proprietary blends of several different herbs. Their Abous Us page tells us less about the background of the company and more about how they reel in their customers with incentives.

On it, they suggest that customers sign up for their FREE platinum membership program which unlocks exclusive deals and discounts. They say nothing of how the company was founded, why they have entered the kratom space or where they source their supposed kratom leaf from.

K Chill get their name from the forgotten R & B act behind the one hit wonder “The Chill Factor” (1992) and like the original K Chill, their success in the industry is unlikely to last.

This vendor sells powders and capsules like most other kratom vendors. They also sell CBD gummies, vape juice and CBD coconut oil. K Chill’s number one product is their K Chill Shot which comes in a variety of different strains. This includes their KC Extreme Green Shot.

Marketed as a calming pain reliever and stress reliever, K Chill shots have also been sold as energy enhancers. All of this would be perfectly legit…if it was actually what it seemed to be. But here’s the thing. Kratom is not listed under the ingredients listed on their website.

When we visit their online store, we see that their shots, which they claim work within 10 minutes, supposedly contain California Poppy, Passion Flower and White Willow. No milligram amounts of each compound are disclosed nor do they give any indication of what constitutes a responsible dose.

Nevertheless, many wholesalers offer K Chill and specifically list it as a kratom product. One such wholesaler is Legal Herbal Shop, a vendor who does not have a reputation for misleading their customers. This is further evidence of K Chill Direct’s misrepresentation of their product line.

The problem doesn’t stop there. Users who have tested K Chill have found it to be cut with other substances, some of them potentially dangerous and/or addictive. One user on Reddit has said that K Chill puts Phenibut in their shots.

For those who don’t know, Phenibut is a central nervous system depressant which can lead to fatty liver disease and eosinophilia in the long term. Phenibut is an addictive substance whose side effects also include nausea, agitation, anxiety, headache, dizziness, lethargy and more.

One will notice that the company shrewdly writes that their K Chill shot includes White Willow, Passion Flower and California Poppy as opposed to contains. In this way they are able to freely omit the additional ingredients in their proprietary blends.


K Chill shots are available for $4.99 per 2.0 oz bottle. This is fairly expensive for something so small, particularly something that does not make it clear what the customer is getting. If the label promised a certain gram amount of kratom powder per ounce this price might seem reasonable. Alas, that is not the case here.

K Chill Direct’s Private Reserve powder packs sell for $27.99 for 60 grams of powder. If this were pure, quality kratom powder we were talking about that would be a damn good price. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case with this one.

Which brings us to what the public reaction to KCD and their many curious products…


Nothing illustrates the iffy quality and dubious legitimacy of K Chill Direct more than this passionate post on Reddit. The post is titled “Fuck you K-Chill I thought this was a kratom shot.”

In the post, one user responds by saying, “The blue one lists phenibut not phenylaminobutryic acid. i was shocked when i saw it. i have a feeling this white one is just phenibut. the extreme green one and the blue one both contain kratom..but i got sick as a fucking dog after only one of them, yet i can dose 8-10g plain leaf with no problem.”

u/gdbunit who penned the post responds to inquiries about the K Chill shot’s contents, writing, “No kratom. Mostly taurine, Caffeine, etc.”

Elsewhere another user balks at their high price: “5 grams of shitty kratom for $9. Jesus f—king christ.” This exclamation quickly draws the sarcasm typical of many jaded veterans of the smoke shop and gas station circuit. “But it’s tested and marketed for human consumption. It must be better right? Lol.”

That’s the thing, kids! Just because marketing materials or shiny labels tell us what they want us to believe, it doesn’t mean they are the real deal. No way, no how.

Over the last few years, gas station kratom has led to hospitalizations, freakouts and long-term health consequences. One user warned others against smoke shop brands after battling liver failure. These kinds of products are no joke and should be avoided at all cost.


As with kratom powder and things like UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo), not all kratom shots are no good. Some companies do, in fact, manufacture quality kratom shots and kratom tinctures. Some examples of top notch kratom shots include the following:

  • Kratomite
  • Black Flame
  • Mr. Smiley
  • Pegasus Kratom Shot with Passionfruit Flavor
  • K Shot

Experiences with each of these kratom shots have varied widely, but the overwhelming majority of users who have sampled these shots agree that they are uplifting, calming and cool. Those who wish to try them should do their own independent research before purchasing.


K Chill is not transparent about their kratom shots or product ingredients. Furthermore, they do not disclose where they source their herbs from or whether they have been lab tested for heavy metals and other harmful compounds. For these reasons, we strongly urge users to avoid them. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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