Medicine Man Kratom: A Head Shop Brand with a Big Difference

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I’ve logged a disorienting number of hours talking about how terrible most head shop and gas station kratom brands are. But recently I’ve noticed an uptick in decent product coming out of tobacco shops and head shops here in the U.S.

One such brand is Medicine Man, a wholesale product that is commonly sold in capsule form. Medicine Man has caught on in a big way because of their signature Lone Wolf special. The problem is, not everyone knows Medicine Man because of their kratom strains or the availability of the same.

Some associate them with the bad side of the kratom industry. Back in 2017, Medicine Man came under fire after their Lone Wolf kratom capsules were voluntarily recalled by RGR Canada, Inc., the company behind the product.

Such recalls on kratom due to potential contamination threaten the kratom industry as a whole, but the panic that attends these situations tends to blow over once the recall has been implemented. The lasting impact a recall has on the brands involved is quite another story.

The Medicine Man name has suffered since the 2017 recall and fewer locations now stock the brand’s product line. Luckily for the people behind it, this seems poised to change as word of mouth continues to place this one at the top of the heap in terms of smoke shop kratom.


Of the five colleagues and 10 friends I surveyed about Medicine Man, 13 said they had tried Medicine Man Lone Wolf kratom capsules, 11 said they would use it again, 9 said they love it and pick it up every time it’s available to them, and 2 said they had heard about it and were intending to try it.

This may not seem like much, but when you consider the jaded nature of working in the current kratom marketplace, it’s actually very impressive. Normally, I am used to my colleagues talking me out of reviewing something on the basis that they don’t think I should burn it personally because they don’t trust it.

Clearly, that was not the case with Medicine Man; everyone I’ve talked to said that it’s a solid brand that have gone above and beyond to ensure that their kratom is safe and superior to competitors’.

This same trust and fervor is reflected in many online posts, such as this one on Reddit: The user writes, “Everyone shits on head shop kratom, I bought this “medicine man lone wolf” white maeng da and it was absolutely amazing. I mean it was $25 for like 20 grams but what can you expect from a head shop.. But the quality was incredible.”

One user with a chronic pain condition used Medicine Man Black Jaguar for the first time and reported experiencing a “nice glowing feeling” accompanied by stimulant energy and an elimination of pain. This same user gave Medicine Man an 8 out of 10 rating as an herb.

Elsewhere, a user talks of taking just 2 capsules of Medicine Man White Maeng Da and feeling really good but a bit “too wired.” This is a not-uncommon response to one’s first dose with a new kratom strain. In the case of the particular user in question, their experience of the jitters may have been potentiated by the 12 ounces of Americano coffee they drank with their kratom shot.


The big difference with Medicine Man as opposed to other smoke shop kratom is their commitment to quality control. Ever since the 2017 recall, the distributor behind these products have taken measures to carefully test their kratom powder for adulteration.

RGR’s products are all backed by a satisfaction guarantee and their customer service experts work with the consumer to make this possible. They maintain a 1-800 line which makes it easy for users to get in touch with them at any time.

They also offer an exceptional kratom extract (30x Black Jaguar Ultra Enhanced Kratom Extract) that retails for $65.99 for a 50 ct bottle from Buy Kratom Extracts. Other exciting products include Phoenix Red Vein Bali capsules and Green Malay capsules.


Despite the momentary setback posed by the voluntary recall, Medicine Man maintains a presence in tobacco and paraphernalia shops across America, easily earning their position as a noteworthy brand. Sample their Maeng Da today and let us know what you think of these cats in the comments below. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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