Kratom Company Comparison: Kratom Trading Co. vs The Kratom Company

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I recently rapped about a common phenomenon in the kratom industry—two or more companies using similar brand names.

For my comparison piece, I used and Brands like these generally operate by undermining each others’ business. And while the similarity may be mere coincidence in some cases, it is little more than shrewd misdirect in others.

Today I thought we’d discuss the differences between two vendors with uncannily interchangeable names—Kratom Trading Co. and The Kratom Company, respectively. As you’ll see there are many things which distinguish these two companies from one another, some of them good and some of them downright sad.

Let’s dig in!


Established in 2013, this Florida-based vendor is a purveyor of potent kratom blends, standardized kratom powders and enhanced kratom extracts. Their vast array of kratom strains include Green Riau, Red Sumatra, Yellow Borneo, White Kapuas and Green Malay.

This vendor’s proprietary blends include their Morning Blend, their Espresso Bali and their signature Ultra Enhanced Indonesian Blend (a mixture of red, white and yellow kratom leaves). Unfortunately, many of their strains sell out fairly fast, so be sure to note whether or not they are sold out prior to checkout.

I’m not crazy about this vendor’s lack of transparency; they do not disclose exactly where their products are sourced from and their online store lacks an About Us page. That being said, I have sampled their kratom powder and found it to be quality kratom tea. Their Total Relaxation Bali Blend is especially pleasant, delivering a fine aroma and a finer micro powder.

Their pricing is pretty middle of the road for small amounts with a quarter going for $55, but their kilos are a bit overpriced if you’re used to buying bulk kratom. 1 kilo sells for a whopping $205.00 which is well over 25% more expensive than most of the bulk kratom sellers I’ve encountered.

Where this vendor really excels is in quality control and customer satisfaction. I’ve heard one or two people complain about their pricing or packaging, but few have talked smack about their kratom powders.

On the contrary, most users rave about their experiences with these cats. One user posted about his first time ordering, writing, “I got 2oz of their “Morning Blend” (60% white sumatran, 30% green malay, 10% red borneo), their “Energetic bali” (30% Sumatra White Vein, 30% Sumatra Red Vein, 40% Borneo Red Vein) and their “Total relaxation bali” (85% Red borneo, 15% red sumatran). They also came with a few samples.

“The morning blend was good, very smooth and a bit euphoric, good before a long day of work. The energetic bali blend was AWESOME. It gives you some energy, and is very euphoric and even relaxing, it was essentially like a strain I had never had before. The total relaxation bali blend was good too, but this one was basically just red bali. The quality was above average…”

Elsewhere, a first-time user complimented them on their superior customer support, saying, “They seemed honest and really interested in serving the customer. I ordered overnight and KTC got their order to the post office extremely quickly – however the USPS sat on it for a full day and I didn’t get it until 2 days later. KTC was apologetic, even though it wasn’t their fault and they offered to refund the shipping or send more kratom – I chose the latter. In every communication, they responded within the hour and were very helpful and considerate. You can’t ask for more than that.”

The only real downside to dealing with this vendor at this time is their payment options. Online credit card payments can’t be taken at present, so all transactions are in US dollars and customers must deal with their own financial institutions if anything goes wrong. Credit cards are charged at the time of shipment.



This Kentucky-based kratom vendor barely shows up in search engines and lacks the word of mouth associated with Kratom Trading Co. Like their competitor in the space, their website has no About Us page, nor could I find any record of when their business was established.

Save for a Facebook profile with very little visitor traffic, there isn’t much about them online. Their website,, is a low-tech affair with a generic logo and no useful information about sourcing or lab testing.

Like Kratom Trading Co., this vendor has a variety of kratom strains to choose from including Pink Java Indo, White Banjarmasin, Gold Borneo, Red Sulawesi, Horned Leaf and Yellow Bali.

Their address is listed as a P.O. Box which waves some red flags for me because no HQ or warehouse location is provided. This vendor also lacks the presence Kratom Trading Co. have on’s forums.


Based on my experience and extensive research, it is clear that Kratom Trading Company beats out The Kratom Company is virtually every department. They have better options, higher quality kratom powders, fast shipping, dedicated customer service, a solid consumer base and good standing in the kratom community.

If you’re looking to try something new, these guys can set you up and they’ll throw in samples to boot! Check ’em out and see what you think. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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