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Kratom vendors come and go these days. For every mainstay like Kraken Kratom or Coastline Kratom, you’ve got a baker’s dozen of bogus outfits who hit the smoke shop circuit selling sub-standard product and fold in shame when the community outs them as bunk.

These shady fly-by-nighters invariably avoid offering anything in the way of informative information about their kratom. Their product is venal, their packaging specious and their intentions all too obviously bad.

Then you have a vendor like Master Fong’s Kratom, a company that quietly plies their trade without the smoke and mirrors of their shoddy counterparts. Vendors like this one don’t concern themselves with flash and chicanery because they’re too busy focusing on what’s important—the kratom itself.

Today we’ll take a closer look at this vendor, their products, pricing and place within the kratom industry.


This California-based kratom vendor has been around since 2014. In that time, they have toured both the kratom convention circuit and the many kratom plantations across Southeast Asia. Master Fong’s Kratom differentiate themselves from other kratom providers in that their staff personally travels far and wide to find the most viable kratom plants.

This vendor hand-picks each of their kratom strains to ensure optimal purity and potency. The freshness of their kratom powders is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If their kratom doesn’t meet your standards, a refund will be issued.

As their slogan states, “Fong is never wrong.” Cheeky but true.


We’ve donated a generous amount of time talking about the virtues of variety and the best vendors for a multitude of kratom products, but there’s something to be said for simplicity. As the old chestnut goes, less is more. Nowhere is this more clear than with Master Fong’s who offer just two kratom strains—Bali and Maeng Da, respectively.

Master Fong’s kratom is available in three forms—a 15 capsule packet, a 60 count kratom capsule bottle or a container of 60 grams of pure kratom powder.


As a wholesale kratom brand, Master Fong’s prices vary from store to store. However, a 15 capsule packet generally sells for around $20. Those who spend $50 or more receive two 15 capsule packets free of charge as a bonus.

Kratom Scout stocks Master Fong’s Kratom in their online store where a 60 count bottle sells for $29.30. 15 count packets sell there for $9.12 which makes it clear that the 60 count bottle is the better value per dollar.


This vendor has earned much acclaim among the kratom community at large. Online reviews have been unanimously positive while their brand has been the subject of enthusiastic blog posts and forum exchanges.

With a solid presence on social media (Facebook, Instagram, whathaveyou), it’s no surprise that people have heard of Master Fong’s and are eagerly sampling their above average brand.

Of course, not everyone is a fan. As with virtually all kratom vendors, there are those who have had a bad experience with this brand. One user on Reddit warned, “Stay away from Master Fong’s Kratom,” but did not elaborate.


Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those vendors who is constantly churning out the deep discounts. You are unlikely to find a Master Fong’s Kratom coupon code online. That being said, their price point means that you won’t really need any additional savings.


Since Master Fong’s Kratom only has two different strains, I figured I’d give both a try for this review. The best way to describe my experience would be to say that it was sort of bipolar in nature.

Although I am not typically a big Bali fan, I actually really appreciated this vendor’s strain. Judging from the color, aroma and effects I would guess that this was red vein kratom since 5 grams left me feeling full of euphoria and inspiration.

If you’re the creative type, I would highly recommend this one as a positive motivator. In addition to an overall full body feeling of well-being, there were waves of intense euphoria and generous energy boost.

After initially burning it for the sake of this review, I ended up burning another 3.5 grams the following morning before hitting up the gym. Needless to say, I was able to hammer out reps with little difficulty and less joint inflammation than usual.

That’s the good news, now onto the bad: I don’t think Master Fong’s Maeng Da is the real deal. This is not to say that it is bunk powder so much as something other than true Maeng Da kratom. As anyone with a cursory knowledge of kratom strains already knows, Maeng Da is supposed to be the strongest kratom strain of all. Sadly, Master Fong’s Maeng Da falls far short of fitting that description.

I burned 4.5 grams in my first sitting and felt little to nothing after the first 30 minutes. The powerful relaxation and calm that is supposed to attend dosage did not come to pass, nor did the powder avail me of my anxiety.

On the contrary, I’d have to say that this powder actually caused a spot of anxiety since I was concerned about why it was not kicking in and wondering if I might have taken something other than what I ordered.

After an hour of little more than facial numbness, I decided to toss n’ wash another three grams and only then did I start to get a mild sense of calm. Three hours later and I began to feel a touch drowsier than I had before.

It’s worth noting here that a less seasoned kratom user may have a much difference experience with this strain. As someone with a tolerance for such strains, it is rare for it to hit me hard.


If you’re a big Bali fan, Master Fong’s is definitely a viable option for quality kratom. But if it’s top shelf Maeng Da you’re after, you better shop around. Always make sure to research a vendor properly before purchasing. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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