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There are few kratom vendors who get the hard-earned respect of the kratom community at large. There are still fewer who manage to stay in business as more and more competitors come to prominence in the marketplace.

One vendor who has managed to do both is Deep Jungle Kratom, a modest company that has been in the space longer than most of their fellow American vendors. They have achieved this by fulfilling the fundamental needs of the consumer and delivering quality product.

Today we’ll take a look at DJK, their products, price point and consumer reputation so that you, dear reader, will have a better idea about why they’re worth ordering from and what you can expect.


Deep Jungle Kratom is a Utah-based kratom vendor with a commitment to sourcing top shelf kratom leaf from their network of indigent farmers. They regularly stock hard-to-find strains and disclose detailed information about the origins of those strains.

In the age of OPMS and Viva Zen, it is not at all uncommon to find kratom vendors who blatantly ignore kratom standards and do not inform their customers of where their product comes from. Luckily, Deep Jungle Kratom is not that kind of vendor.


As of the time of this writing, the DJK online store is stocking Green Malay, Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, Green Sumatra and White Sumatra. The much-coveted Green Sumatra kratom is harvested from plants which grows along the Northwestern portion of the Indonesian island.


This is where things get rather questionable IMHO. This vendor offers 114 grams of kratom powder for just 40 bucks! That’s a quarter pound of fine ground kratom for what most vendors charge for around 60 grams.

To be fair, those who have purchased from Deep Jungle Kratom have usually become return customers. This points to their product being nothing if not legit, but still…that is extremely cheap in terms of the online marketplace.

That being said, this is a fact which makes them an ideal source for those who want to buy bulk kratom powder. Customers can order as much as 1 pound of kratom for $115. That’s more than 2 kratom kilos for the price that many in the industry charge for less than one.

Users can also mix and match—as this vendor clearly states, “To combine strains in ¼ lb increments please select total amount desired and specify strains at checkout.”


One of the biggest problems I have with this vendor’s online store is its navigability and features. There are few pages to click on, absolutely no About Us page and little to no information about shipping or customer service. When you add an item to your cart and you attempt to click on that cart to checkout, you are often taken to a white screen that simply reads, “Resource Limit is Reached—The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.”

Their site is not secure like the top kratom vendors in the space which is problematic for those of us who are concerned about our privacy and the integrity of our personal information.

However, technical issues aside, I have never had a negative experience with this vendor nor have I met anyone who ever has.


Deep Jungle Kratom allows customers to choose from a host of different options when it comes to completing a transaction. These include check, money order, bank transfers, e-check and more.


As a company that has been around since 2013, Deep Jungle Kratom is well-known and well-tested. The vast majority of customers who have dealt with them attest to their legitimacy. One such user writes, “I’ve been ordering from them for years, never really tried any other stuff…”

Another user says, “…my all time favorite sleep strain is Red Borneo from Deep Jungle Kratom.”

Elsewhere, they have received a 7 out of 10 rating with one blog commenter saying that DJK Deep Jungle Kratom is the way to go. In this comment, he writes, “I just ordered from Mmm spec and Bail is shit compared to Deep Jungle Red Raui. I am sorry but this is the truth. He ships fast never a problem and his stuff is fresh. I just ordered MM spec and I am not happy it.. That is the truth, even the taste was week of it. DJK does not cut there stuff. I got from both suppler same stuff a sampler and for some reason Mmm spec looks like it’s not what it should be…. I wrote DJK a letter and asked him a ? here is the response.

‘Bro, you can throw some questions together in a tight space, Lol. Here’s

my attempt to answer your questions.

A. remember that all the product basically comes from the same place.

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. So although there are many vendors, there’s

only one source.

B. If I gave you a handful of sand, you could call it Bob’s sand, the

handful I have would be called Dave’s sand. Either way, it’s still sand.

So the different companies do change the name of similar products to fit

they’re brand and advertising.

C. It’s hard to claim percentages of alkaloid content due to different

harvesting seasons, it being an organic substance, and that it can vary

tree by tree.

D.Each variety or strain within the product gives different effects for

sure IE, white vein, green Malay, red Borneo etc.

E. As far as a “treat’ goes, remember that this product is not for human

consumption. Although I know that there is tons of info on the internet on

the subjust.

Hope this helps,

peace DJK.’”

There you have it! Straight from the horse’s mouth. Or the vendor’s mouth, as the case may be.



I’ll admit that my experience with DJK is very limited, having only ordered from them once in the past. However, the notes I found in my old molekin journal tell you everything you need to know about this vendor and their kratom powder:

“6/18 – DJK – Green Sumatra – Initial impressions – finest powder I’ve seen in a minute, feeling as smooth as the powder itself, like baby powder, taste like black tea cut with fennel or nutmeg…3 grams in, empty stomach…25 minutes later now and warm tingles all about my upper extremities. I feel both weightless and grounded, full of raw power. I’m about to bang out some reps then burn 2 more grams…one hour later now and another wave has hit me even though I haven’t brewed another cup of tea. Kneecaps feel like elastic, upper body feels taut and capable of taking on more weight than usual. Gonna do some free weights and see how I feel in another hour…about 90 minutes later now and I’m very hungry and thirsty, but I feel fantastic! Gonna burn 1.5 grams and see where it takes me…bout a half hour has gone by and my energy is unabated. This is THE strain for endurance.”


I think it’s pretty obvious from all the information that’s out there. You want good kakuam at a crazy low price? Better run to the Jungle!

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