Fire Hippo Kratom: A Bold Blend from an Old Friend

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As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, Happy Hippo Herbals is a brand that has solidified its reputation on the kratom market. Known for their exceptional strains and fair market value, this vendor has been serving the community for more than six years and show no signs of slowing down.

Perhaps you visited their homepage and were dissuaded by their cartoon mascot, a logo that would look more at home on a kid’s TV show than on an adults only website. But don’t get it twisted, these guys are top of the heap in terms of quality and content.

They’ve garnered an extra dollop of attention thanks to their range of convenient and discreet payment methods which include Bitcoin, Dwolla and major credit card transactions. An added bonus is their acceptance of kratom coupon codes.

There’s long been a lot of buzz around Happy Hippo’s signature strains which include White Horned Rhino, Lumberjack Manbog Filipino Green/Red Fusion (aka Lumberjack Hippo), Red Hot Hippo and Rockstar Hippo (aka Elite White Maeng Da).

But if you ask me there’s one Happy Hippo product that deserves a closer look. Fire Hippo (aka Malaysian Fire Red) is poised to replace Thunder Hippo as the best new kratom strain of 2019.


Fire Hippo is made from rare Red Malaysian kratom leaf which is grown deep within the magical rainforests of the picturesque Danum Valley. There they are carefully harvested by trusted farmers using techniques both traditional and modern.

Although most Malay kratom strains are viewed as inferior to others due to their lack of full maturity, Happy Hippo’s Red Malay is cared for by experienced plantation owners whose skills make for a higher alkaloid concentration than most.

Like White Horned Rhino and Snuggie Hippo before it, Fire Hippo is a slow kratom leaf which makes it a perfect fit for those who want to unwind or alleviate social anxiety. A few mgs of this stuff and your inhibitions melt away, but your words sure don’t.

I burned 3 grams, a small amount given my size and experience, and I was sociable, talkative, relaxed and at peace. It’s an ideal choice if you’re going to watch a band at your local coffeehouse before knocking off to bed for the night. IMO, I don’t find it to be a drowsy strain, but it’s definitely an evening strain.

Honestly, this one’s pretty versatile and I could also see it being of worth to those with anxiety disorders or work-related stress as well. Although it’s a slow leaf, I’d categorize it more as a mid-level variant since it possesses elements across the spectrum.


This is another plus as far as I’m concerned—although some on the internet have slammed them for being pricier than a select few of their competitors in the space, the reality is that most of their kratom powder is offered for just $12 for an ounce.

That may be high compared to some sources, but you’re unlikely to find a ton of online kratom stores that can afford to offer it for less. I always tell my friends that they should expect to pay between $10-20 for an ounce since kratom vendors have to cover the cost of sourcing, importing, lab testing and marketing.


This vendor stocks a variety of slow, moderate and fast kratom blends, but that’s not all. They are home to a host of botanicals including Akuamma, Kava, Raw Maca Powder and a proprietary formula for male enhancement.

The latter is a potent blend for advanced libido and overall sexual health which is specifically designed as a unisex supplement. Horny Hippo as it’s called combines Horny Goat Weed, Peruvian Maca, Tongkat Ali and Tribulus to create a concoction that’ll cock your gun and turn things up a notch.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve tried this one too, as has my wife, and we’ve both noticed a big difference in the bedroom in terms of endurance, sensation and duration. That’s right, Happy Hippo’s made me horny, baby!


Orders are generally shipped out in under 36 hours via USPS Express mail or Priority mail if customers prefer. They are fast, discreet and full of surprises.

This vendor is easy to get in touch with, maintaining a dedicated customer support staff that can be reached via email.


Fire Hippo is still relatively new, having only been first introduced a year ago. However, much has been written about Happy Hippo Herbals and their many other kratom strains. Talking about the very similar Red Hot Hippo (Red MD), one user wrote, “I just purchased some Red Hot Hippo @ $8.00 an oz! Pretty damn reasonablE for the quality.”

Another user raved about their Hyper Hippo and Bali Hippo, saying, “So far the top shelf bali from hippo has been the best strain I’ve found…”

Elsewhere, a user writes, “I tried their Bali Elite Green and Malaysian Super Green and was satisfied with each. They were better than a few other vendors I’ve used.”

As with virtually all other kratom vendors, experiences and opinion vary. Some have complained on sites like I Love Kratom and Reddit about their prices, but few have accused them of poor quality.


Of the three orders I’ve placed with HH over the last two years, I’ve never once been let down. In fact, I often tell my colleagues in the kratom industry to try their new products to get a sense for what else can be done to improve customer experiences or to broaden one’s product line.

In the case of Fire Hippo, I was more than impressed. I’ve had Red Malay before and didn’t find it particularly noteworthy. Not so with HH’s blend—the powder was like baby powder, the color was rich and their aroma was less than unbearable.

I found this strain to be far less bitter than others and the mouthfeel was also more pleasant going down. All things considered, I’d probably order this the next time I need a night-time strain. If you’re grappling with insomnia, this is one that will help you to get a restful night’s sleep.

After burning 3 grams, I can reasonably say that a smaller amount should do the trick just fine. And if you’re worried about the dread “wobz” or waking up with a kratom hangover, you can rest easy. Personally, I awoke the following morning feeling replenished and ready to work.


Happy Hippo Herbals is a trusted kratom vendor with an exciting new product and much to recommend it. Give ’em a shot and see if it’s right for you. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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