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Imagine it. It’s the dead of winter and you wake up in pain. Your toes are freezing and your joints are throbbing. When you manage to lumber over to the window, you draw the curtain back and your heart sinks.

Feet upon feet of snow have piled up and things are looking bleak. You wanted to hit up your neighborhood head shop for some of that soothing tea that eases your pain, but the roads are inaccessible.

Worse yet, by the time the plows come through to clear everything away, the closest head shop around has sold out of your preferred herb. That’s where botanicals websites come in handy. The best of them stock a host of different herbal products and offer expedited shipping for those who want to get their leaf in a hurry.

One example of this type of online vendor is PDO Botanicals, a company that has been making a mark in the kratom marketplace for a number of years, racking up interest from users on sites like I Love Kratom and Reddit.

Today we’ll take a closer look at this vendor and their full product line. Let’s get into it!


PDO Botanicals—or Pharmacy Dropout, LLC if you’re not into the whole brevity thing—is an Austin-based kratom vendor that offers everything from the alkaloid-abudant Picralima nitida and Thunder God Vine Root to a line of handmade Cambodian Maeng Da soap.

Pharmacy Dropout is a true ma and pa company. Run by a husband and wife who carefully oversee daily operations, this vendor was founded back in 2014 with a clear mission—to help raise the standard of living for customers and to change lives across the United States.

They accomplish this by staying up to date on current scientific advancements, legislation and safety standards. Every batch of their herbs is lab tested and in compliance with FDA standards.


Their exotic kratom strains include Amber Veined Bali, Bentuangie Green, Hazel-cooked Brown Indo, Thai Horned Leaf, Ultra Enhanced White Horned Cambodian MD and Vietnamese Mekong Red. Their botanicals also include Corydalis Rhizome Root Extract 10:1, Kava Extract 90% and Maiden Hair Leaf Extract.

Pharmacy Dropout is the perfect name for this kind of vendor since their product line is chock-a-block with the sort of rare and smart substances that Big Pharma does not want you to know about. The beauty of this particular vendor is the sheer wealth of options available.


Pharmacy Dropout’s kratom powder sells for $15 for 50 grams which is a pretty fair baseline price considering the average price charged for an ounce by most online providers. However, their kratom kilos sell for $180 which is at least $30 more than most vendors offering bulk kratom powder.

10 grams of creamy yellow kava extract sells for $20 which is really great when you consider that many 80% kava extracts retail for the very same price despite being less potency.


All orders placed with this vendor come with free shipping and tracking information. Next day shipping is their go-to method, but USPS Priority mail is also offered at checkout.

The owner of PDO Botanicals makes himself readily available to all customers (once they’ve familiarized themselves with the site’s legal disclaimer). Users can call or text 24/7 or contact this vendor by filling out the site’s Contact Us form.


Unlike many online kratom sources who only accept PayPal or e-check, Pharmacy Dropout accepts Venmo, personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks and a range of different privacy coins, such as Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin.

This is good news for those who value discretion and security. It’s even better for those who are just now getting into the crypto space.


Users have had a lot of interesting things to say about this vendor. One user wrote, “P.D. has fast shipping. When I have asked Jeff his opinion on current stock, I have been pleased with his selections. A few times I have decided on my own what to try.

“I was disappointed in what I selected twice. One was a $350 order, and some was not yet opened. Sent an e mail both times. One response was 4 hours, one was 2 days (he apologized). Both times I received free replacement of my choice. Every larger purchase, including the free replacements, has included additional free samples of a variety I had not yet purchased, to experiment with.”

Another user said, “I have ordered from them a few times and it is great kratom. A lot of smaller vendors get lost here but I wanted to let people know it is really good. (I am def not a shill) I order small amounts to use for really bad pain days. It is a good grind and customer service is above and beyond.”

Over at the I Love Kratom boards, a user writes, “I placed an order with pharmacy-dropout, after seeing them listed under the approved vendor. I originally looked them up bc I liked the name, but after reading the owner Jeffrey’s posts, I was impressed. And, the prices are awesome. So I ordered the 50 gram sample packs of red horn & green Bali, for myself and my boyfriend.

“First of all, they processed, packaged, & sent it out for shipping on a Saturday night (I placed my order around 5pm central) so A+ on that aspect. Second, after reading a post I had written, Jeffrey emailed me about one of the other botanicals he had that might help me (milk thistle; I have chronic pancreatitis & it causes me to have trouble with my liver.)

“Now, let me say I’m not usually a fan of red horn, but this was WOWSERS! I have been converted. My boyfriend, who is a fan, said it’s the best he’s ever gotten. I have used kratom for about 3 1/2 years (except while preggers) and my boyfriend about a year.

“I only try one new strain at a time, first thing in the morning, so I’ll post my experience with the green Bali tomorrow. Also, the 50 gram samples are $15 each, with 500 grams for $120 and kilos for $200 so A+ with bonus points on price. Pharmacy-dropout definitely has a new customer!”


This Texas indie is an exceptional vendor with a versatile online store that’s bound to get rid of any case of the blues. There’s something here for the morning, noon and night. Give ’em a shot and see what you think. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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