Hawksbill Botanicals: A Clean Vendor for the Keen Kratom Enthusiast

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With all of the media panic about poison control calls and hospitalizations from users ingesting smoke shop kratom brands, it’s no surprise that a lot of curious parties question the legitimacy of well-known kratom vendors.

What I like to do on this blog is single out the very best and worst of the bunch so that you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to have when choosing a kratom source. Sometimes this is easier said than done as in the case of notorious brand names that are backed by shady and elusive companies.

Fortune smiled upon me when I first heard about Hawksbill Botanicals. After doing some fundamental investigating, I came to find that they were one of the cleanest kratom vendors on the market. Here’s what I learned…


Hawksbill Botanicals is a wholesale kratom vendor that’s been around since 2014. One of the first vendors to really penetrate the collective online consciousness, they have been racking up interest from eager kratom enthusiasts on forums and social media ever since.

By maintaining cost-efficiency, dedicated customer support and free shipping options, they have built a brand that can withstand the test of time. A fixture of sites like I Love Kratom, this vendor offers quality kratom at an affordable price point without all the smoke and mirrors of fancier sites.

Their website is professional but minimalist in nature; instead of all the bells and whistles of bigger names, you get a streamlined approach whose focus is solely on the product at hand.


A LOT!! If you’ve tired of standard brand stuff like Red Bali, you’ll be tickled pink by their selection which includes White Borneo, Red Riau and White Strain Wild Harvest. They also offer sample packs and are happy to suggest strains that will suit your needs.

Other strains of their kratom powder include Red Thai, White MD, Elephant Jong Kong and Red Borneo.

If I had to lament one thing about this vendor it’s the lack of detailed information about each of their kratom powders. When you click on any given strain, your are taken to a product page that does not disclose their source(s), the effects of said strain or any other informative details.

Normally, this would be enough for me to write them off since I believe that all kratom users need to place a very high value on transparency. However, given this vendor’s consumer reputation and my own experience with their powder, I’m willing to give them a pass. Some vendors just like keep things simple.


All of their kratom strains start at $11.99 for one ounce of powder and cap off at $169.99 for a kilo. For the noob, this is fair market value—under 15 bucks for an ounce is about as good as you can expect to get from most online kratom stores.

A word of warning to those looking to buy bulk kratom powder: Shop around. This is not the vendor for you. Those of us who like to stock up at one time know that there are plenty of sites that incentivize this practice by giving you a break on larger volumes.


There a number of sources for kratom kilos, not least of which are readily available on the internet. Some of the top examples include the following:

  • YoKratom
  • Buy Bulk Kratom USA
  • EZ Kratom (Retail-ready)


This is one area in which Hawksbill Botanicals is truly outstanding! Their Priority/Priority Express shipping options are fast, secure and inexpensive (Priority is free, Priority Express is under ten dollars).

Their customer support staff offer prompt and helpful replies, typically within a few hours of an inquiry being received. They are knowledgeable, friendly and professional.


Alas, you are unlikely to find promo codes floating around the Web when it comes to this vendor. But with fair pricing you won’t really need it. Just make sure you order online instead of picking up their brand at a tobacco or head shop. Lest you face price gouging.


As anyone in the kratom community will tell you, opinions are like a-holes. Everyone’s got ’em. This is especially true when it comes to user experiences with kratom vendors and their products.

No two people will react exactly the same to any given strain and for every glowing endorsement there’s a wealth of haters who want to sound off on forums about how crummy a kratom powder was.

Experiences with Hawksbill Botanicals’ kratom is no different, although the overwhelming majority seem to be pleased with their strains.

An administrator at I Love Kratom named Laurie has posted about her positive experience purchasing as is, unused Hawksbill kratom from a third party who couldn’t tolerate it. In her post, she writes, “I emailed [Hawksbill Botanicals] with some thoughts on my sample. I got an email reply within about 3 HOURS and it was suggested that I sample the current batch of product they have available.

“I got 9! (NINE)sample packs approx 3 days after that. I’ve only opened 2 (TWO) so far. I’ve tried the GREEN MALAY/GREEN RIAU as part of my purchase mentioned above and like the mild but helpful aroma of this blend. So of the NINE(!!) samples they sent, I have opened and mixed 1/4 tsp of RED THAI and 1/4 tsp of BALI YELLOW.”

She goes onto say that the latter made for a “great start to the day” and provided improved mood, a slight energy boost and near-complete pain relief. Laurie says she was able to do her morning stretching exercises, an hour-long work meeting and a 20-minute therapy walk and still maintain enough stamina to shop.

She is also quick to note that it only took a small dose to achieve 3-4 hours of analgesia and endurance without requiring a rest. She adds, “It’s clear that I will no doubt enjoy their products and add them to my botanical shopping experience for as long as possible (hopefully a lifetime).

Others were not nearly as optimistic as Laurie; some users have said that their kratom powder is weaker than their competitors. One user called their Elephant Jong Kong “kind of a plain strain,” saying there’s “Not much in the way of effects going on. Had to take a bigger dose to get better effects.”

But this same user is quick to note that once he burned additional powder he got a “good mood lift with some slight energy.” He also suggests that others will probably react better to it than he did. “There are some Strains that everybody just gon’t get very good effects from & this is just one of them.”

Elsewhere, a Reddit user writes, “I’ve been using Hawksbill Botanicals for almost a year now. They have the best customer service of any vendor I’ve ever used, free Priority Mail shipping on every order, and $9.95 Priority Express shipping if I ever forget to plan ahead.”


This vendor’s got the goods—great product, good prices, awesome speed and exemplary staff members. If you’re looking for a legit source that’s dependable you’ve found ’em.

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