Urban Tree Kratom: A Questionable Vendor

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The peoples kratom should be pure. It should be 100% organic and free of any contaminants. It should come with a satisfaction guarantee that lets you know you’re getting the real thing straight from nature’s bounty.

Of course, in reality, this isn’t always the case. As the number of kratom enthusiasts has grown exponentially so, too, has the number of barbarians at the gate. More and more kratom vendors are cropping up every single day.

Consequently, it becomes a real chore for the casual kratom consumer to differentiate between trusted kratom sources and shady start-ups just looking to cash in on kratom’s surge in popularity. That’s why we have created this blog where you can explore in-depth reviews of each kratom brand and see what they’re really all about.

A couple of questionable names have been floating around of late, such as treekompany kratom, treetop herbals kratom and so forth. Most of these are smoke shop kratom brands, but some also operate online stores. A noteworthy example is Urban Tree Kratom, a site that’s got the party nuts kratom crazy about their intriguing name.

The word “urban” evokes images of the inner-city, of tenement buildings, subway stations and basketball courts. Perhaps you picture the Bronx or Brooklyn. What one doesn’t necessarily picture is the supposed location of Urban Tree Kratom’s HQ.

Let’s take a closer look.


Urban Tree Kratom is an Arizona-based kratom vendor whose online store was first established in 2017. Little is known about their background or general operation as they do not disclose such on their About Us page.

All one has to go on is their Facebook profile which lists the company name as Urban Tree LLC, a limited liability company that was no doubt set up to cover their asses in the event of poor user reactions.

Their contact information consists of a P.O. Box in Chandler, AZ. Far from an urban area, Chandler is a prominent suburb of Phoenix.

Whereas other kratom start-ups invest in marketing and research, promoting their products at botanical conventions and therapeutic herb conferences, Urban Tree Kratom has done little to build their brand.

Their Facebook profile hasn’t been updated since October of 2017 and they have absolutely no presence on sites like Reddit or Twitter. Although they have a modest number of followers on Instagram, it is rarely updated.


Unlike many of the top kratom vendors, Urban Tree Kratom only offers four kratom strains—Premium Bali, Premium Red Maeng Da, Premium Green Maeng Da and Killer Bee Kratom (Black or Gold). The latter is a bulk kratom option that’s only available in capsule form.

What is particularly odd about Urban Tree’s proprietary kratom capsules is that one of them purports to be White Maeng Da and, yet, White Maeng Da is not among their kratom powders.


This vendor sells 30 grams of kratom powder for $19.99 which is essentially industry standard pricing for an online kratom store. The most kratom powder one can order is a measly 120 grams for a ridiculously steep $59.99.

To be sure, this is not bulk kratom pricing per the usual wholesale kratom seller which makes their Black and Gold label kratom claims that much wackier.

That being said, the vendor does offer special wholesale pricing for proprietors of smoke shops, head shops and gas stations.


This vendor is hit or miss when it comes to shipping and customer support. I ordered a sample on a Tuesday and didn’t receive it until the following Monday. When I called their phone number to complain I was put on hold and, eventually, disconnected.

A subsequent email inquiry had better results and my issue was able to be resolved, but not in the expedited fashion most seasoned kratom enthusiasts are accustomed to.


We all love special deals and it’s a pretty common occurrence for kratom vendors to offer promo codes online. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case with Urban Tree Kratom.

Although their homepage says to follow them on Facebook for discounts, they haven’t posted to Facebook in more than a year.


This is another huge red flag for me—Urban Tree Kratom has received no word of mouth from the kratom community. The always vocal crowd on sites like Reddit and I Love Kratom simply aren’t saying anything, good or bad, about this vendor.

Granted, Urban Tree Kratom is still a relatively new brand, having only established their site in 2017. But as I said before, most kratom start-ups build a social media presence and roll out a marketing campaign within their first few months in operation.


After doing what research I could on this company, I wasn’t about to try their Gold or Black label kratom capsules. Instead, I opted to order their Premium Red MD since it tends to be uplifting and relaxing.

I burned 4.5 grams of the powder and felt nothing but mild nausea. There was none of the expected motivation or mood enhancement I’ve come to expect from Red MD nor was there any of the sedation commonly associated with the strain.

I don’t know if I got a bunk batch or if their “premium” strains are as bogus as they seem. In any event, I didn’t bother burning it again after my initial round. After all, genuine Maeng Da is regarded as stronger than all other strains and, therefore, it shouldn’t take anywhere near as much as 4.5 grams to reach the threshold.

I’ll cop to feeling a general sense of calm after about 45 minutes, but it was far from pronounced and undeserving of the MD name (or my 20 bucks).


Unless you’ve got no other choices available, there is really no good reason for you to waste your time with this substandard vendor. With hundreds of kratom vendors in the current marketplace, you have no shortage of contenders for your cash. Take your business elsewhere.

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