Rifat Kratom: What Makes it Different from Traditional Kratom

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Plenty of copy has been committed to horned leaf and the like, but not nearly as much print has been spent exploring the curious Rifat Kratom and its origins. I seek to remedy that today by diving into the ancient Ayurvedic uses of Rifat, how it is grown and where you can get it right now.


Rifat is a rather large form of Red Vein Thai kratom that is produced by cloning wild kratom trees. It is rare and much sought-after due to its extremely high concentrations of mitragynine. For those who don’t know, mitagynine is the indole alkaloid responsible for the live kratom plant’s analgesic properties.

Mitragynine has been known to combat fatigue, relieve joint inflammation and chronic pain, and induce substantial relaxation.

Named for Claude Rifat, a botanist from Switzerland who grew the very first Rifat Kratom tree from seed. Mr. Rifat was a noted biologist and psychonaut whose many achievements include early research into GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid), the neurotransmitter and psychoactive drug. But it was kratom that was an especially revolutionary accomplishment.

Rifat’s kratom plant was the first to grow outside Thailand and the results of his harvest are the basis for the bulk of all mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) plants grown in the modern world.


As mentioned above, traditional kratom lacked the same sort of alkaloid profile as Rifat kratom. Through cloning, Claude Rifat was able to yield a mitragyna speciosa plant with large concentrations of the indole alkaloid.

The corollary of his efforts can be seen in the effects that contemporary kratom has on those suffering from chronic pain disorders. It may explain why kratom is regarded as a viable herbal medicine in Denmark. It may also explain why the once restrictive country of Thailand recently lifted its ban on kratom, legalizing it for medicinal use.

Rifat kratom is wind-resistant, rain-resistant and capable of being exposed to direct sunlight. It is also far more easy to grow than traditional kratom plants.


Rifat Thai kratom effects vary from user to user and strain to strain. The effects of Rifat kratom may include any of the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety relief
  • Mood enhancement
  • Mild stimulation
  • Clean energy boost
  • Increased libido
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Mild sedation
  • Euphoria

Rifat kratom is known for its anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, anti-malarial and antitussive properties.


If you decide to buy a live Rifat kratom plant online, be sure to keep your plant in warm temperatures at all times. Live kratom plants respond well to temperate conditions, but the leaves of this remarkable herb are at their best when exposed to heat.


No, Rifat is one of only two modern genetic kratom variants. The other variant is bumblebee kratom or BB, for short. Bumblebee kratom originated in Vietnam where the plant’s cuttings were taken from the mature trees of the An Giang Province.

Bumblebee kratom is not nearly as hardy as Rifat, therefore it is more difficult to grow. Bumblebee also differs from Rifat kratom in that it is more of an energy booster whereas Rifat possesses sedating effects. Furthermore, Bumblebee kratom has lower concentrations of the key alkaloids.


One experienced user on Reddit writes, “Different methods of drying preserve, oxidize, or destroy different alkaloids. Drying in the sun the whole time oxidizes mitragynine into 7-ohm and destroys lots of the other alkaloids (this would be like a gold), drying in indirect sunlight oxidizes some mitragynine into 7-ohm, and destroys some of the stimulating alkaloids, drying indoor preserves the most alkaloids but converts very little mitragynine to 7-ohm (really good greens already have a lot of this I think this is why Maeng Da was original just a green (indoor) strain. Bentuangie is fermented and I believe this creates higher levels of mitragynine pseudoindoxyl and 7-ohm.”

In a post entitled “My Plant is EXPLODING With Growth!” Plazmotech provides a slideshow of his plant’s growth and offers to private message users with details about the tips handed down to him by the gentleman who sold him a live kratom plant.

Another user points out the patience required to properly care for a live kratom plant into full maturity, writing, “Hope you have tall ceilings and time. About 20ft tall and about 10 years till they mature.”

In response, another botanist wrote, “You totally can grow Kratom trees in the same climate as you would a cannabis plant but first it has to be acclimated to low humidity gradually be, and they need a lot of space to grow out as they can easily grow 60 to 70 feet tall when fully grown which of course takes many years. If you wanted to grow for Harvest you would certainly need a decent amount of land and a ton of trees otherwise it’s more of just a labor of love and growing it as a hobby.

“They are also heavy feeders once they start getting established I just transplanted my teenage plants to some 40 gallon smart pots and 55 gallon containers. They’re beginning to Boom with growth as the weather improves.

“If you live in an area that experiences freezing or temperature is below 40 you would want to bring the plants in during the winter so that they don’t die. They don’t handle frost very well at all. they begin to slow down and go dormant around 50 degrees. I may have a very very limited amount of cutting most are already spoken for, we generally have cuttings of Bumblebee from Vietnam and Rifat from Thailand.”


If you’re the discerning kratomite who knows your stuff—and after this post you should be—make sure to ask your go-to kratom vendor which of their kratom powders are Rifat and which are Bumblebee. We need more transparency in the kratom industry, lest this ancient herb be stigmatized any further. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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