Smart Kratom: An Intelligent Choice for the Kratom Connoisseur

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Knowledge is power, a power that can fill one with euphoria. Of course, certain knowledge can also lead to disappointment. Knowing which kratom vendors to deal with can be every bit as important as knowing which ones to avoid.

We often talk about shady kratom vendors on this blog, the sort of bogus smoke shop kratom brands that give the rest of the industry a bad name. But just because a couple of rotten apples are always hanging around doesn’t mean that you should stay out of the proverbial orchard.

Some kratom vendors may seem suspicious at first glance, but never judge a book by its cover. Case in point: Smart Kratom.

For some unknown reason, this vendor is categorized as an adult entertainment club on Google. In fact, the search engine even lists their location as Myrtle Grove, North Carolina. Even stranger is the photograph associated with this location which doesn’t feature an adult entertainment club at all but, rather, a strip mall bereft of anything either kratom or stripper related.

Smart Kratom is located in North Carolina, but their actual address is 5905 Carolina Beach Rd. in Wilmington. Google gives you the correct phone number with which to contact them, but that’s the extent of it. All other information is inaccurate.

So who are these guys?


Smart Kratom is an off-shoot of Kratom Exchange, the prominent kratom wholesaler that was first established in 2017. Although they are fledglings to the kratom community, that newness does not make them no good.

Quite the contrary.

Smart Kratom has taken pains to impress the uninitiated and the experienced alike. For noobs their website offers vital information about why kratom may be beneficial and how kratom is properly grown.

For instance, many fine kratom vendors disclose where they source their kratom from, but they are light on the details when it comes to how kratom is made. Smart Kratom provides vital specs, such as the importance of keeping a kratom seeds away from direct sunlight during the germination process.

They are quick to point out that their plants are grown using all-natural fertilizer. They are also quick to note that their kratom is dried in a covered barn. Both of these details should be of value not only to the discerning consumer but, also, to those who are thinking about growing their own kratom trees.

Fertile soil is paramount to a good yield because live kratom plants are big feeders that reach optimal maturity only with plenty of mineral rich soil.

What’s more, this vendor regularly rotates their stock to ensure freshness, often giving away kratom for free after 25 days. If that doesn’t demonstrate a commitment to quality, I don’t know what does.


This is not one of those botanical stores that stock a wide range of herbs and artisanal products. And maybe that’s for the best since their focus is solely on selling quality kratom powder.

Their online store is stocked with Green Maeng Da, the exotic Green Sumatra, Red Bentuangie, Red Thai, White Bali, Super Red and more. New customers are encouraged to purchase FREE kratom samples to see what works best for them. These samples are free of charge save for the price of shipping ($3.99).

No doubt you’ve come across a super white kratom review associated with this vendor. They have been featured on YouTube channels and elsewhere. Their super strains are potent and pleasant tasting compared to many other enhanced or full spectrum options on the market.

Perhaps what is most impressive is their eagerness to genuinely help those who are in need of assistance. They urge newcomers to give them a call so that their staff can walk you through what does what and aid you in finding the strain that suits your individual needs.


Smart Kratom was founded by a person who was fed up with getting overcharged at local shops. As such, this vendor offers fair pricing on all of their products. Each kratom powder sells for $9.99 per 28 grams.

Kratom kilos are available at a discounted price of $100 (a sale that saves you $50). This is fairly reasonable for those seeking bulk kratom powder online.

Kratom exchange discount prices are not uncommon, nor are kratom exchange free samples. These are just some of the incentives this vendor has to offer.


Smart Kratom and Kratom Exchange are both fond of giving newcomers perks for checking them out. They also provide free 2-3 day shipping on all orders.


This is another area in which Smart Kratom is nearly peerless in the kratom industry. They currently accept all major credit cards, something that is increasingly rare in the current marketplace due to the high risk of merchant accounts backing such transactions.


Nothing much. Smart Kratom and Kratom Exchange have taken an old school approach to things. They do not maintain an active presence on social media despite Kratom Exchange reaching a number of followers and attracting many Likes.

There hasn’t been as much word of mouth about this vendor as others, but I’m guessing that is poised to change in the near future since these cats are consistently churning out first-rate kratom powder.


I ordered 28 grams of Red Sumatra on a Wednesday and it was on my doorstep that Friday. The package was shipped discreetly and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it and found not only a free sample of their Super White but, also, a hand-written note thanking me for my purchase.

It only took 3.5 grams of Red Sumatra to make a real difference. Within 20 minutes I was feeling lifted. A calm washed over me that lasted for hours and the shakes I normally get from my morning coffee completely went away.

I slept well after brewing that first cup of tea and woke up feeling replenished. The next day I tried their Super White sampler and was totally taken by its effects. A lot of vendors will brag about all of the supposed benefits of a given strain, but Smart Kratom hadn’t done this.

Instead, they let their kratom speak for itself and let’s just say it was a loud and demonstrative talker. Within a half hour, I was filled with a sense of euphoria and purpose. My normal joint inflammation cleared right up and I was ready to go to work with a smile on my face. Best of all? No wobz.


This vendor might not be at the top of all the prominent lists you find on the internet, but they will eb down the line. Check ’em out today so you can be one of the first to tell your friends, “I told you so.” Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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