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If you’re a regular to this blog then you already know that I’ve talked about Oregon in the past. In my post about the best places to buy kratom in Portland, I covered all the top spots for speciosa in the City of Roses. But not everybody lives in the home of Bizarro Fiction.

Oregon is a big place, one that is home to more than 4 million residents. Premium kratom is as popular along the Pacific Northwest as it is in other metropolitan areas. But not everyone knows where they can score quality kratom powder.

Let’s rectify that.

Today we’ll take a close look at the best places to buy kratom locally in the Beaver State. We’ll also explore the shops that you should avoid at all cost.


There are more than 20 tobacco and head shops stocking kratom in or around the city of Beaverton, but not all of them are top notch. To get your hands on the really good stuff at a fair price follow our guide below.

Of the 20 plus places to buy kratom around the Tulalatin River Valley there are only three worth talking about. They are as follows:

  • Beaverton Smoke Shack Smoke Shop
  • The Hot Box
  • Torched Illusions

It only makes sense to start with a place that bears this city’s name since the only thing more plentiful than premium kratom powder is its many beaver dams. Beaverton Smoke Shack is the place to be if you value variety as much as potency.

Stocking everything from Whole Herbs and Remarkable Herbs to smoke shops mainstays like OPMS and Krave, Beaverton has got something for everyone. They sell 3 ounce and 8 ounce bags of Royal Kratom, Kratom Pharmacy, Bumblebee and Eclipse.

3 oz bags cost $24.99 each while an 8 ouncer will run you $43.99. Beaverton Smoke Shack is also an excellent source for bulk kratom powder as they offer in-house kratom kilos for $175. Granted, that’s a tad steep for 1000 ounces, but it’s hardly a surprise given the proprietary mark-up.

The owner is a real treat, he’s got a great attitude and he’s always willing to walk customers through the differences in both brand and price. If you want a shop that’s gonna offer hands on assistance with your order this is the joint to visit.

The Hot Box is a close runner-up for the number one spot by virtue of their awesome ambience and vivacious young staff. Not to get all aggro alpha male about it, but it never hurts to have some eye candy on hand.

The Hot Box’s pretty young things aren’t just easy on the eyes, they’re also gregarious and well-informed. They’re all too happy to tell you about the different vein colors and brands in their diverse inventory.

Whether you’re stopping in for their house blend or something like Super K shots or MIT 45, they’ll be able to give you the detes and give it to you cheap. Their kratom powders start at 30 grams for just 16 bucks.

Torched Illusions might sound like the ominous name of a Norwegian metal band, but it’s actually one of Oregon’s most interesting tobacco shops. By interesting, I mean the staff are some of the most colorful potheads you’ve ever met in your life.

These dudes are always lit and matter-of-fact which may not make this the ideal location for those with soft skin, but if you like knowledgeable stoners who tell it like it is you’ll be in for a fine hoot. Their house stains include White Sumatra, Yellow Vietnam and White Borneo.

All of their kratom powders come in 10 gram bags and customers are considered to pick up five to get a sixth bag free.


The Green Planet should be avoided as they are snotty to their customers and they do not sell kratom at this time. Their name might fool you, but this place is bereft of the kinds of greens that most of us are going for.

Smokers R Us in Hollywood Market Square are also not a great choice if you’re in the Portland area since their prices are almost as high as their employees.


As with Beaverton, TrackTown USA has a number of smoke shops selling speciosa products in the general area, but only a few are worth mentioning here.

GJ’s Smoke Shop is one of the highest-rated shops in the city and with good reason. Their staff are personable and know what they’re talking about. Their prices are reasonable and their products are terrific.

Their employees are discreet about all purchases and their brands include some of the industry best, such as Sun Stone and Green Valley among others.

Cigarettes for Less might sound like some low-rent pit stop for cheap cartons and glass, but it’s actually home to some of the hottest kratom products in the state. This place is a wholesaler of Natural Organix, a purveyor of pure kratom that’s been around for a minute.

3 ounce bags are a bit more expensive here than you might like, but if you’re in a hurry it’s as good a place as any to get your kratom straight away. Expect to spend a minimum of 40 bucks.


There are simply too many exceptional shops to choose from in the greater Medford area. For the sake of brevity, I’ll just name drop a couple: Smokin Deals Custom Glass Smoke Shop, 42degrees, Sky High Smoke N Accessories, and the list goes on.


When dealing with local shops, you’re invariably dealing with people whose only means of turning a profit is price gouging. It may sound unethical, but it’s just the way things are. In order for shops to make money, they have to jack up prices.

As such, you are almost always going to be paying more in person than you would if you purchased kratom directly from the source. If you want to cut out the middle man, I’d highly advise checking out some online kratom vendors.

There are hundreds of vendors operating online stores and quite a few of them offer detailed information that you just won’t get in any head shop or gas station. The very best kratom vendors tell you where they’ve sourced their kratom powders from, how they are grown, whether they’ve been lab tested for potential contamination and if your satisfaction matters to them (see: money back guarantee).

By contrast, most smoke shops don’t even offer refunds on products purchased in-store and some will even give you a hard time about answering some fundamental questions.

Another thing to consider is the legitimacy of smoke shop kratom brands or the lack thereof. A lot of the wholesale kratom companies that smoke shops do business with are shady enterprises set up to turn a quick profit on bulk kratom.

More often than not, these kratom brands have packaging that does not give instructions to the buyer on how to burn kratom powder nor what they can expect from the same.

If it’s quality product that you’re after it’s always wise to practice some patience and put in an order for a kratom delivery. In many cases, you should be able to get a shipment in 3 days or less.

If you’re in the Portland area, you might want to consider getting sociable and visiting a kratom/kava bar. Places like Nalu Kava Bar on North Summer Street are cool hangouts for the kratom lovin’ crowd.


I think you’ll agree that there are plenty of places to buy kratom locally in Oregon. But if you want the good stuff you’re gonna have to endure a short wait. It’s well worth it and you’ll thank me later. Let us know what your go-to kratom spots are in the comments.

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