SS Kratom: Are They Really the Specialists?

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If you’re a member of the online kratom community then you’ve undoubtedly heard of It’s the official URL of the self-proclaimed Speciosa Specialists.

Due to the nature of the modern world (the one where grown men LOL instead of Ha Ha Haing), people have given this vendor’s product an abbreviated nickname—ss kratom.

A certain generation can be forgiven for seeing SS Kratom and thinking that it’s some sort of historical proof that kratom was used to thwart one’s enemies during World War II. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

But I digress. The purpose of today’s review is to see just how skilled and experienced this vendor is in the art of kratom. Don’t think kratom is an art? Tell that to this guy or this girl.

So the question remains…are they Speciosa Specialists really specialists? Let’s talk about that.


The Speciosa Specialists are a Chicago-based kratom vendor with one of the most threadbare websites I’ve come across in quite some time.

Honestly, I’ve talked at length in the past about amateurish web design and how it can make or break a kratom vendor, but this one takes the concept of lo-fi to new highs…or lows, as the case seems to be. Their homepage smacks of the 90s and is very uninviting to the eyes.

More importantly, the website features little to no information about the company, its founders, its mission or its sources for kratom powder. There is no About Us page, no promise that they lab test their product, no claim of GMP compliance and no satisfaction guarantee.

All you get is a minimalist Contact Us page that provides users phone numbers at which they can reach this vendor or a simple contact form. That’s about it.

Perhaps more ominously, their site features a Terms and Conditions page which reads like it was written by a shrewd but none-too-swift defense attorney who specializes in covering the asses of the world’s shadiest men. In it you will find that the so-called Speciosa Specialists are not held liable for any injury that their product may cause to you, the customer gullible enough to purchase it from them.


Speciosa Specialists offer many of the standard brand kratom strains, from Maeng Da and Red Thai to Superfine Bali and Red Vietnam. They also sell akuamma powder and kratom extracts. There is nothing too special here, no fancy names or proprietary blends.

At first blush, this might seem extremely appealing to seasoned kratomites who know full well that there is a limited number of actual kratom strains despite many vendors’ insistence on slapping eye-catching names on their powders. But don’t get it twisted, this isn’t some simple ma and pa botanical site.


This is where things get truly weird—Speciosa Specialists’ prices vary wildly from reasonable to questionable to downright insane. Their Superfine Bali sells for $41 for just 100 grams which is nearly half of what many fine vendors charge for an entire kratom kilo (1000 grams). And that’s before shipping!

Even more perplexing is the price of White Sumatra, long considered a rare and hard-to-cultivate strain, which sells for only $19 for 50 grams. This alone seems like evidence that they are just making the prices (and, possibly, the strains) up as they go along.

Their entire online store is like this with each strain varying in price point without any explanation why. Their Maeng Da powder sells for $39 for 50 grams which is also confusing because Maeng Da is said to be the strongest of all kratom strains.


There isn’t much to recommend these guys other than their payment methods. If you’re the privacy-conscious type who values discretion and security then you’ll be happy to learn that they accept BTC (Bitcoin) as payment.

Other than that there isn’t really anything good I can say about them or their mysterious powders. I tried their Maeng Da and underwhelmed would be an understatement. It made me a bit tired, but that’s about it. These are not the kinds of kratom powders that I would expect anyone to be talking about.

But let’s see if my instincts are correct…


There has been minimal chatter about these cats since they first crept onto the scene in 2016. Occasionally, you’ll come across people inquiring about their ISOL-8 extract or their former FST. One user posted about their kratom extracts on Reddit, writing, “I’m sure SS fans remember last year, around this time actually, when they ran out of FST, UEI, OEB, etc, and offered those extracts that were no good at all.”

Of course, opinions vary from person to person, and not everyone thinks this vendor is garbage. One individual talked about how potent their akuamma extract is, saying, “I can’t work on Akuamma seeds or especially this extract. The seeds or grounds seeds are horrible tasting and make me too tired. The extract is also horrible tasting and knocks me out.”

In the past, users have also ragged on their Gold Reserve extract with one user writing, “I can’t stand GR. A basic rule of thumb for people with low to moderate tolerances they will love GR. For people who dose UEI every day and need like 3-4 grams minimum GR won’t do anything for you. Because you can’t take more than 1-2 grams without getting the wobbles.”


As I said before, their Maeng Da didn’t do anything for me except make me a little tired. That is not what I expect out of 4 grams of Maeng Da kratom powder. Users who have burned MD typically experience some semblance of stimulation and energy enhancement. Euphoria is rare but not out of the question.

Unfortunately, SS kratom’s MD offered none of this and, in fact, made for a lousy and lethargic experience. I wouldn’t buy it again nor would I bother with any of their other strains.


The question is a fundamental one: Are they really speciosa specialists? The answer seems to be quite clear. No, they are not.

SS kratom is something to be avoided if you can help it. In a marketplace ballooning with more and more vendors by the day, your options are simply too vast to bother with second-rate kratom brands. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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