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The Bluegrass State is home to many fine traditions with locals taking time-honored hayrides, sipping Mint Juleps and cooking world famous barbecue. Another tradition has come to the region, one that has its origins in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia.

Kratom has caught on in Kentucky in a big way with hundreds of residents turning to this Ayurvedic herb for relief from their daily troubles. With so many smoke shops, head shops and filling stations offering kratom powder and similar products, it can become a chore to find the right stuff.

Below we’ll explore all of the best spots to buy quality kratom brands and delve into the other options at the discerning consumer’s disposal.

Let’s roll!


There are a number of shops that stock kratom in Warren County, but these are the crème of the crop:

  • Herb Roots & Waters
  • Prince Hookah Lounge
  • Smoke in Glass

Herb Roots & Waters is the highest rated herb shop in Bowling Green, having long since cemented their reputation as the local source for choice botanicals. They offer fair pricing, far out accessories and a wide variety.

Prince Hookah Lounge is where you want to go if you’re the sociable kratomite who craves a good hang. Here you’ll get awesome deals on kratom and an ambiance that is unmatched in the area. The manager is a laid back, down to earth guy. They currently stock Earth Kratom with 30 grams selling for $12.

Smoke in Glass is another fun spot with a good-humored staff and knowledgeable proprietor. They stock 30 mg kratom capsules and their kratom powders come in White and Red MD variations. Like Prince Hookah Lounge, 30 grams sells for about 12 bucks, but the difference is, they also offer kilos on the cheap.


A lot of people immediately hit up Purple Haze when they’re in Lexie, but it’s not all about names. Some of the best stores have the most unassuming names.

The Botany Bay is actually my go-to spot for long-lasting kratom strains in Lexington. This nondescript gift shop has a range of kratom powders, kratom shots and kratom capsules for a reasonable price.

Other worthy contenders include the goofy-sounding Head Shed on Leestown and their sister store, The Head Shed SuperStore (located at 1254, 1997 Harrodsburg Rd.) where you can buy bulk kratom powder. The latter is tricked out with trippy recessed Day-Glo lighting and the house is always alive with chill music. Each kilo comes to $159 after tax which is hardly a killer price, but it’s pretty standard for the smoke shop circuit.


If you’ve been to Electric Ladyland then you know that Louisville is not just the home of that wretched Kentucky Derby. It’s also a prime place for premium kratom powder. Some of my favorite shops include Puff Puff Pass, Grind Dat Ash and Natural Mystic.

I once shared a pouch of Red Maeng Da with Dustin of Puff Puff Pass and watched him turn into a modern day dervish right in front of my bloodshot blues. After grinding our teeth and jabbering at each other for all of 15 minutes, we watched as each other’s pupils receded and our necks swoll with blood. Soon, I was slamming down good money after bad money and we were dancing to a song that wasn’t there.

Good times can be had all around at this historic tobacco shop, and the regulars are a colorful bunch. One long-time kratom enthusiast came in with his old lady over his shoulder and gobbled a 12 count of Red Thai caps before pounding a Naked Juice and departing with a gruff “Good day.”

The prices are low, the people are friendly and the popular strains are all on display here and elsewhere. For instance, Grind Dat Ash has all of the usual suspects on sale in bulk with kratom kilos selling for less than damn near anywhere else in the state.

Natural Mystic is the spot I go to when I want variety and purity. In addition to classic brands like Remarkable Herbs and the smoke shop standard OPMS, they have two of their own proprietary blends, each of which sell for $15 for an ounce or $79.50 for six ounces. The owner is a peach and his staff are gut-bustingly funny.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can grow your very own live kratom plants in Kentucky. The Bluegrass State gets its nickname from the bluegrass found in its illustrious pastures, pastures that are made possible by its remarkably fertile soil.

It is this soil that makes Kentucky the optimal environment in which to grow kratom trees from seed. Kentucky is naturally hot and the climate loans itself to humidity and downpours which feed the local crops.

Crider soils compose 500,000 acres of land in the region and are dense in the kinds of minerals that make for the ideal concentrations of kratom’s key alkaloids.

With parcels of open country abundant in the state, there is plenty of room for kratom to mature, reaching its full potential. Kratom trees can grow up to 100 feet tall, so maintain a wide berth when plotting out your grow site.

In order to ensure that your seeds properly sprout, be sure to plant them while fresh and keep them in a highly humid area. You want the soil to remain damp but never drenched. Flooding will drown your kratom plant before it’s had a chance to bloom.

Many people prefer to use clippings from an existing kratom tree in lieu of fresh seeds, but seeds are better for truly taking root. Cuttings always need to be identical in age to their parent tree.

Always start by planting your seeds in a dome-like structure, such as a terrarium until they’ve had time to mature. This is how you’ll keep your kratom warm and enable it to gestate before slowly introducing air by removing it from the terrarium.

When you are confident that your plant has begun to grow, transfer it indoors by packing it in mineral-rich top soil. Your soil should be damp but not over-saturated. Once it has begun to grow in earnest, you should begin fertilization. Think about using something like Rock Dust for the fertilization process.

Compost can also be fed to a kratom plant, but always take care not to overfeed your plant. Overfeeding will result in leaves falling off your kratom tree. A clear sign of overfeeding is when leaves are sparse and dry.

Consider purchasing a 1000 watt MH grow light to keep your plant warm while growing indoors. Make sure that it does not overheat, avoiding anything stronger than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep your plant free of pesky bugs by investing in an all-natural pest repellent, such as Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Spray or Burt’s Bees’ Herbal Insect Repellent. These products will keep the bugs away without harming your plant’s sensitive leaves.

After about a year, you should be able to tell whether your plant is ready to be planted in an outdoor environment. Summer is a great time to plant them in a spot that is not exposed to direct sunlight. It’s a good idea to find an area that gets sun but also provides intermittent shade.

For additional tips, you can consult this Reddit post or pick up a comprehensive guide to growing kratom on e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay.


Whether you decide to purchase kratom locally, buy kratom online or grow your own live kratom trees, I think you’ll agree that you’ve got no shortage of options to choose from. Happy hunting, boys and girls. ; )

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