Party Nuts Kratom: The Vendor That No One Invited to the Party

March 24, 2019 Articles, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains, Kratom Vendors

Everyone knows that one guy who shows up to the party, uninvited, and proceeds to disrupt everyone’s good time. There are tons of examples of this in the kratom community as there are in just about any other space.

One such unwanted reveler is the mind behind, a self-proclaimed “counterculture wholesaler” who is shaking things up in what may be a very damaging way.

WHO ARE THEY? is an online vendor who seems to have sprouted up overnight. The company behind this e-commerce website is Party Nuts Distributions, but you’re unlikely to find much valuable information about where the company or who runs it.

Their presence as an exhibitor at the Las Vegas Convention Center back in 2016 shows that they are located in Dallas, TX, but no mailing address or HQ is disclosed.

I can find no record of any party registering Partynuts Distributions as either an LLC or a corporation. All signs point to this being a D.B.A., although ZoomInfo has them listed as having revenue in excess of $3.5 million and 18 employees on payroll.

Their homepage is one of those cheesily flashy affairs that I’ve warned readers against in the past. Their logo—a man in sunglasses and headphones wildin’ out amidst palm fronds and neon spotlights—is clearly meant to appeal to the Molly-dropping warehouse crowd.


This vendor’s online store is packed to the gills with everything one would expect to find at their neighborhood smoke shop. They stock dabbers, E juice, hemp oil, kava, kratom extract, smoking blends, glass, rolling papers and more.

This is where things get especially hinky: Although they stock some fine brands, such as Remarkable Herbs and Chief Kratom, the vast majority of their offerings come from questionable sources like XXX Kratom, OPMS and the cats behind Kratom Kaps.

Looking at their product line, and the lack of transparency on the part of the company, I’ve gotta say that this is the sort of vendor who gives other vendors bad names. It calls to mind brands like Krypton Kratom who sell wholesale products that may or may not be contaminated or cut with synthetics.


Prices vary depending on what size bottle of kratom capsules you’re getting or whether you are buying pouches of kratom powder. As a wholesaler, they do not disclose prices to the public. However, they do present the MSRP on each product.

For instance, they suggest that retailers charge $17.99 for a 3 oz bag of Indo Kratom powder. This no doubt means that they are charging that retailer far less for the product in question. As such, you’ve gotta wonder about the quality of the kratom therein.


Nothing. I did a deep dive on Reddit, all I could find were a couple of posts confirming that they are a “random head shop site.” As one user put it, “Wow what a ghetto-sketch site. I would never give them my credit card.”


Party Nuts is one wholesale vendor to avoid if you can help it and, given the prevalence of their products at local tobacco shops, it’s worth asking the proprietors where they order their product from. You’ve been warned. Enter at your own risk.

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