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The Volunteer State is known for many great things, agriculture and commerce not least among them. Agriculture and Commerce is the state’s official motto, after all. So it should come as no surprise that kratom is considered a legal herb in the state.

Tennessee’s attorney general has said, “Possession of the kratom plant in its natural, botanical form should not subject a person to potential criminal prosecution under Tennessee state law.”

In a public opinion, Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III wrote, “Tennessee prohibits the possession, sale, manufacture, and distribution of capsules, pills, and other products that contain a synthetic form of mitragynine [kratom’s chief indole alkaloid] or hydroxymitragynine.”

This is good news for Tennessee residents as they are less likely to wind up with bunk kratom products or adulterated kratom powder.

Now that we know kratom’s legality in Tennessee, where can you get your hands on this incredible Ayurvedic herb?

Let’s have a look!


There are approximately 15 sources for kratom products in the greater Knoxville area. But if you ask me, there are only three joints worth their salt.

Fantasy World lives up to its name by offering customers everything they could possibly dream of when it comes to botanicals and novelty goodies. If you’re looking for an after hours spot with an eclectic mix of Mitragyna speciosa powders and salacious bedroom supplies, look no further.

Call ahead to find out which kratom and CBD brands they have in stock. The sheer breadth of their variety will leave you drooling.

For those who aren’t into the late night escapades, there’s always High 5, a national chain with a 4.8 star rating on Google and a convenient location on Carr St. (just off Route 140). The owner is a down to earth dude who’s happy to walk you through their different pricing options.

These options include a 30 gram bag for 15 bucks or a 250 gram bag for $80. Although they are much more expensive than the average retailer, they get all of their kratom products from Earth Kratom and Tropical Kratom, so you know who you’re dealing with. Refunds are accepted on applicable purchases.

Last, but not least, you’ve got Up ‘N Smoke, a tobacco shop with a loyal customer base and a wealth of fine vaping and CBD products. Their friendly staff are always eager to answer any questions and they’ve got the lowest prices on kratom that I’ve personally come across.


Grind City may be best known as the Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll, but the Grizzlies know that it’s also a great place to find affordable kratom powder and other botanicals. There are several spots that sell kratom in the surrounding area, such as Tobacco SuperStore in the French Village Square or Smoke Signals in Millington, but my # 1 choice is always Whatever Shop.

Don’t let the name fool you, this spot is not run by a bunch of apathetic or nasty nihilists. It’s actually a family-owned tobacco shop with a fun atmosphere and a diverse product line. This joint sells everything from pipes and tapestries to dabs and CBD vaporizers.

Whatever Shop’s kratom is reasonably priced and the quality is always top notch. Check ’em out when you’re on Madison Avenue if you want exceptional kratom brands and powerful hemp oil.


If you’re straight outta Cashville, you won’t have to look far to find a legit source for fine kratom powder. There are 15 places that stock kratom products and at least 5 of them that are worth your time and money.

Of those 5, I’d put Smoker’s Choice at the top of the list. Located in Hendersonville, they are a 5-star establishment with unbeatable prices and a professional staff. Like Kratom Barrel before them, they understand the importance of both product and customer service.

Conveniently located on New Shackle Island Road, Smoker’s Choice is the # 1 choice for your kratom and vaping needs. They’ve got Earth Kratom, Remarkable Herbs and many more.

My second choice would be High Garden, a place with an artisanal vibe that should appeal to hipsters and rugged outdoorsmen alike. This woodsy cafe has all the botanical treats one could ask for from proprietary blends to all-natural herbal teas. If you want pure kratom leaf, these are the cats to get it from.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. If you can practice a little patience, chances are you’ll get the best kratom imaginable by placing an order online. It’s fast and secure (if you’re dealing with trusted sources), and you’ll know exactly what you are getting.

Local smoke shops are always good in a pinch, but if you need high quality powders that are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, it’s well worth the wait. By ordering from a trusted online kratom vendor, you’ll know where your kratom comes from, whether it was lab tested for purity and whether or not the company will give you your money back in the event that you are disappointed.

Some of the top kratom vendors include the following:

  • Gaia Ethnobotanical
  • Coastline Kratom
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Kraken Kratom

The aforementioned vendors are trustworthy vendors who are transparent about where they source their kratom from. What’s more, you won’t have to get gouged on the price by retailers desperate to make a buck.


I think you’ll agree that there is no shortage of ways to obtain quality kratom powder in 2019. The question is, how good do you want your kratom to be? While you’re pondering this question, don’t forget to check out our store and see what goods we’ve got in store for you. Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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