Mr. Nice Guy Kratom: A St. Louis Smoke Shop with a Difference

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At this point, if I say another unkind word about smoke shop kratom brands I’m gonna fire myself on grounds of sheer boredom. To say that I’ve beaten a dead horse with all my negative comments about smoke shops is an understatement.

I’ve beaten it, disemboweled it, disassembled it and burned its remains. In other words, regular visitors to this blog are already well-aware of my skepticism when it comes to local tobacco shops and head shops.

Enter Mr. Nice Guy, a St. Louis kratom vendor that’s come along and completely changed the game where the smoke shop kratom experience is concerned.


Mr. Nice Guy is a Missouri-based smoke shop with a fully operational online store. They are a one-stop shop for CBD, kratom and hemp products. Mr. Nice Guy is committed to keeping prices low and inventory diverse.


This vendor offers kratom power, kratom capsules, CBD oils, CBD tinctures, vegan gummies, chocolates and topical pain creams. They offer no less than 46 unique kratom strains, including Red Dampar, Red Horned Maeng Da, Yellow Gold, Chocolate Borneo, Dark Brown Bentuangie, Green Cambodian, Super Indo, White Kapuas, Mixed Malay and Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan.

All kratom strains can be split, so if you order a 30 gram bundle, you can get 15 grams of Chocolate Borneo and 15 grams of White Sumatra or whatever you heart desires.


Formidable variety aside, price is where Mr. Nice Guy really distinguish themselves from their competitors in the retail space. Their prices are as fair as your standard trusted online vendor. Kratom powders start at $9.95 for 10 grams and caps off at $490 for 1 kilo plus 50 grams of your choosing.

While they are clearly not the cheapest bulk kratom option available, their baseline pricing is perfect for the casual kratom user. This makes them a cut above the rest in terms of smoke shop pricing.

Kratom capsules come in 10 packs, 30 packs, 90 packs or 210 packs. 10 packs go for $7.95 while 210 packs go for $109.95. They also stock Raw Kratom Liquid Extract shots which sell for $19.95 per 9 ml bottle of MD.

For those who are tired of the bitter taste of kratom powder, they offer a Raw Kratom Taffy. Taffy comes in four disparate strains—Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da and Gold Maeng Da, respectively. Taffy sells for $5.95 each.


All orders ship via USPS with Flat Rate and Express Mail options. Orders in excess of $50 automatically receive free shipping. All other customers pay just $5.50 for Flat Rate.

Unlike many other kratom vendors, Mr. Nice Guy accepts all major credit cards at this time. Unfortunately, all sales are final so you won’t get a refund or any satisfaction guarantee…but you really won’t need it.


This vendor comes highly recommend on social media platforms with one user suggesting them on a thread about the best kratom shop in St. Louis. Another user called their Red Sumatra “very euphoric”

They currently enjoy a 4.5 star rating on Yelp with one reviewer writing, “We love visiting this store. They have great customer service and everything you need concerning smoking, vaping, and delicious edibles – including healthy CBD, Kratom, and tobacco products.

“The glass pipes are amazing, the staff is very friendly, and the parking is really easy. If you’re ever enjoying a day in Saint Charles – beautiful historic town with attractions – visit Mr. Nice Guy.”


After placing an order for 30 grams of their Chocolate Borneo, I was amazed to find that my package arrived safely and discreetly packaged in only two days (I didn’t pay for Express shipping, so I wasn’t expecting to see my parcel arrive for at least a few more days).

When I opened the box, I was pleased to find a free sampler of their White Dampar and a Thank You note affixed to my pouch. Digging into the Chocolate Borneo, I was mesmerized by the aroma which was both nutty and a bit like a dark roast coffee blend.

Within 20 minutes of burning 3 grams, I could feel the muscles in my back loosening and my brain fog diminishing. It was like a weight was lifted off my tired brain despite hours of morning work-related research.

I burned another 2 grams with a strawberry smoothie and began to feel an intense wave of euphoria washing over me. Normally when I burn a euphoric strain, I end up glued to the couch all afternoon, but not the case with this one.

Instead, I found myself hammering out my work with a new-found fervor and finishing in time to do some light exercise. My normal lower back pain and fatigue had vanished and I was in the mood to party.

After hitting up a local kava bar, I tossed and washed another 2.5 grams in the evening and ended up meeting some new friends and hitting up karaoke for a spirited rendition of “Makin’ It Natural” by Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show before heading home for the night.

Sleep came easier than usual and I had what I can only describe as lucid dreams. I awoke seven hours later feeling fully rejuvenated and in a positive mood that belied the good-humored pessimism that I am genetically predisposed to.

All things considered, I couldn’t have asked for a better or more well-rounded experience from a first-time kratom strain.


Mr. Nice Guy is a nice choice whether you’re native to the St. Louis area or not. Check ’em out in person or online for a unique reverie. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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