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The Free State is known for a lot of awesome things. Incredibly fresh seafood from the Chesapeake Bay, the historic Concord Point Lighthouse and, of course, the delightfully warped movies of cult filmmaker John Waters.

Singing sphincters and killer crab cakes aside, it is also home to a wealth of wonderful sources for quality kratom products. Today we’ll take a close look at the very best joints in town to purchase top of the line kratom powder in Little America.

Let’s jump right into it!


Charm City is the state’s economic hub for a reason. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Maryland’s largest city. Whether it’s expertly curated museums, superior medical care, world-famous bars or, yes, even kratom, it’s all at your disposal.

With 11 + proprietors in the greater Baltimore area, finding premium kratom powder will be a piece of cake or pit beef, as the case may be. That being said, there are only a few that I would bother recommending. The following are the smoke shops I consider to be first-rate.

# 1—Kratom Vapour CBD Shop

# 2—Down Under Smoke Shop

# 3—Karma Connection

# 4—Voodoo Glass Co.

Kratom Vapour CBD Shop may have the most simplistic, generic name of any tobacco shop in Charm City, but what’s in a name? I’ll tell you what: 7-8 top kratom brands and a variety of buying options. There are organic kratom powders available in 10 gram pouches or kratom capsules in 42 counts.

If you find yourself on Roland Rd., be sure to check out Down Under Smoke Shop, a joint with an awesome staff and an excellent product line. They feature everything from MIT shots and OPMS to Remarkable Herbs, Enjoy, Whole Herbs and Kratom Kaps.

All of their kratom powders are available in 1, 3 or 8 ounce packets. Prices start at just $15.22 after tax, and bonus deals are sometimes offered on applicable items.

Karmic Connection is one of the most spacious headshops in the state with a massive array of items from CBD and glass to vape pens and kratom products. Come for the kratom, stay to pet the affectionate feline perpetually perched on the counter.

Voodoo Glass Company is another historic haunt in the Baltimore area. Their prices are a bit steep, but their employees are friendly and knowledgeable. You’ll leave satisfied and, perhaps, aware of things you didn’t know about previously.


There are at least 13 places where you can purchase kratom products in the House of Kindness, but only three of them really matter. I’m talkin’ ’bout da funk!

  • FunkyPiece Smoke Shop & Glass Gallery
  • Mr. Smoke
  • The Hive

FunkyPiece Smoke Shop & Glass Gallery has the most remarkable staff you could ask for. The general salesperson is chipper and charming. She’s all too happy to walk you through their myriad strains which come from Halo Kratom and Whole Herbs.

At present, FunkyPiece has 50 gram pouches of kratom powder or kratom capsules in stock. 50 grams is just $20, an industry low in terms of wholesale pricing. This is the only place I mess with when I’m in Maryland and you should too.

If you’re after more variety, Mr. Smoke is the place to be. They’ve got great pricing and greater options with a plethora of kratom products to choose from.

Meanwhile, The Hive is a shop for the sociable kratomite who wants to hang for awhile and chat up the proprietors who are all well-versed in kratom and its many strains. They are committed to dedicated customer service and always work to ensure you’re happy with what you get.


There’s a relative dearth of decent places for kratom powder in this Worchester County beach town. But if you’re hard up and need something in a pinch, there’s select kratom products at both Nice Ash Cigar Company and Red Light District Romantic Superstore ®.

Caveat: Do NOT expect high quality kratom from these wholesalers or you’ll be sorely disappointed.


If it was slim pickins in Ocean City, it’s a virtual wasteland in Rockville. That being said, you can try hitting up Pure Virtue Glass where there are the occasional kratom caps and kratom extracts. Pricing is about average and they’ve got a strong customer base.


Since smoke shops invariably engage in price gouging and other less-than-savory practices, it’s important to manage your expectations. It’s also of paramount importance that you do your homework. Look a smoke shop or headshop up online and see what people have to say about them.

When visiting a smoke shop, never be shy about asking questions. If a proprietor dodges your questions then they’re probably not legit. You should always look for a wholesaler who is friendly, knowledgeable and transparent about where they source their kratom from.

This is especially true of smoke shops that sell proprietary blends or “in-house strains.” If they can’t tell you what country their kratom comes from, they are not on the level and should be avoided at all cost.


It is always advisable to consider purchasing your kratom products from a trusted online kratom store. Kratom vendors almost always maintain their own e-commerce websites where you can find out detailed information about each kratom strain and find out whether they offer deals on bulk kratom powder.

The top kratom vendors online offer money back guarantees and always lab test their powders to ensure purity. This is how you can best eliminate the potential of contamination.

Some of the best kratom vendors out there include the following:

  • Gaia Ethnobotanical
  • Coastline Kratom
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Pharmacy Dropout

These are independently-owned companies with a strong standing in the kratom community and an excellent product to boot. Their prices are reasonable and their staff are amazing.


If you’re a Marylander, you’ve got mad options where kratom powder is concerned. But choose wisely, lest you be bilked by some shady tobacconist with a desire to turn a quick buck. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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