Valkyrie Kratom: A Botanical Blessing

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The people have spoken and Valkyrie is not just some lame ass Tom Cruise movie. It’s also one of the top kratom brands in the current marketplace.

So why is their online store down? And where exactly can you snatch up some of their sweet M. speciosa for yourself?

We’ll answer all of that and more in today’s thorough review of this top notch kratom vendor.


Valkyrie Botanicals is a kratom company that was founded in 2016. After three years of consistent growth, they are poised to dominate the smoke shop circuit, beating out brands like OPMS and Remarkable Herbs with their super-potent kratom strains.

If you’re wondering why they haven’t established more of a presence online, this may answer your question: As of 2019, Valkyrie Botanicals has partnered with Carolina Kratom, the kratom shop which operates out of Augusta, GA.

As a kratom wholesaler, Carolina Kratom has been serving Georgians for years, but they now maintain an e-commerce website where customers can get their hands on all of the latest and greatest strains from Valkyrie Botanicals.

Founded on a commitment to provide fresh kratom to a discerning public, Carolina Kratom works only with trusted sources to offer up the goods. Valkyrie Botanicals’ commitment to excellence is in alignment with their ideals, and each of their kratom powders is carefully lab tested before going to market.

Together these two independent businesses are ensuring that consumers get grade A kratom that’s free of contaminants or any synthetic derivatives.


At present, Carolina Kratom stocks Valkyrie Botanicals’ Plantation Maeng Da and Red Plantation Maeng Da, but other kratom strains may soon join the line-up as Valkyrie submits them for testing. Past strains have included Bali, Indo and Yellow Vietnam.


All of Valkyrie’s kratom strains are set at a flat rate of $10.34 per 30 grams of kratom powder. $20.34 gets you 100 grams while $33.33 earns you 250 grams. Obviously, there is incentive to buy in bulk here.

Unfortunately, 250 gram pouches of Plantation MD are current out of stock, but consumers are urged to check back soon for updates to their online store.

In the meantime, Carolina Kratom has a host of other products to check out, including kratom extract tablets and liquid kratom extract, all of which are equally affordable. For the serious kratomite, they give you the option of mixing and matching your own kratom kilo with four different strains.


On the downside, certain kratom strains are not always in stock due to the time sensitive nature of their third party laboratory testing. They are also not 100% clear about where they source their kratom from.

My only other gripe is their lack of other herbs; when I hear a name with the word ‘botanicals’ in it, I usually assume that there will be other botanicals. One look at their competitors, Gaia Ethnobotanical or Kats Botanicals, reflects that kind of variety. Alas, kratom is all that they’ve got.

However, they are renowned for their quality and their customer service staff are all too happy to hit you back with any information you seek.


As visitors to Valkyrie Botanicals’ webpage will see, they are promoting a sale on all of their products. If you punch in the coupon code VALKYRIE at checkout, you’ll get 10% off your order.

Additional Valkyrie Botanicals coupon codes can be found at Coupon Birds or on their Facebook profile.

In the past, they have also offered other great deals, such as two free ounces with the purchase of an 8 oz pouch, although this does not appear to be the case at present.


The kratom community has been very pleased with this vendor and they’ve been vocal about it. One user on Reddit wrote, “The most potent [kratom] I’ve had was white and red Bali from Valkyrie Botanicals. Never had anything stronger.”

Elsewhere, a user recommended them as a supplier, saying, “They’re pretty awesome with good prices for what you receive. They operate on Facebook.”


I don’t always sample a company’s kratom powder for the purposes of a review, but I was curious about these cats because of the fact that they are exclusively offering Maeng Da. Over the years, Maeng Da has been hit or miss in my experience.

Even though everyone claims that Maeng Da is the strongest strain out there, I’ve often had better luck with White Sumatra or even Yellow Vietnam. For that reason, I decided to give this one a go.

After burning 3.5 grams of their powder, I was awash in a pretty intense rush, one I’ve rarely achieved with MD alone (to say nothing of such a small amount). Normally, I don’t expect to feel anything for at least 15 to 20 minutes, but this one kicked in in about 10.

I felt tingly and sensational, there’s really no other way to describe it. You imagine this is how gladiators feel when they emerge triumphant from the coliseum. I was pumped to get things done and felt incredible. What’s more, this feeling lasted for almost eight hours completely unabated.

The intensity waned a bit, as one would anticipate, but I still felt wonderful and my mood stayed uplifted all the way through. More importantly, this one was a true blessing in terms of analgesia. My lower back pain and knee injury pain cleared right up and wasn’t a problem for the duration.


This vendor is well worth checking out if you’re into MD kratom powder and industry low prices. Their partnership with Carolina Kratom can only mean that there are good things on the horizon.

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