Relax 2 Go Kratom: A Retail Brand You Can Trust

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Unlike many “pop up” vendors, Relax2Go Kratom is a brand that is in it for the long haul. If you’re an avid smoke shop enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of this vendor and their product.

If you’ve written them off as just another fly-by-night operation, I’ve got news for you.

Today we’ll delve into who they are, what they’ve got and why people are enjoying the experience of dealing with Relax2Go.


Relax2Go is a brand that was created and is manufactured by JBC Enterprises, a company out of Denver, CO. They have a clean record with both Ripoff Report and the Better Business Bureau.

As anyone with even a passing knowledge of wholesale kratom already knows, there are tons of kratom brands that brag about their potency and purport to be the best. Relax2Go is one such brand, but are they legit?

As it happens they are and they were one of the first to step up their game in the wake of the salmonella outbreak that struck the kratom community last year.

Each of their kratom powders is verified safe thanks to a pre-manufacture laboratory testing. All of the kratom leaves used to make their products are awarded a certificate of analysis demonstrating their safety.


All too many vendors invest in slick web design, fancy packaging and a multitude of colorfully-named “strains” instead of focusing on purity, potency or consistency. In the case of Relax2Go, they’ve got the slick web design and the eye-grabbing packages…but they don’t bother with a wealth of different kratom strains.

Relax2Go sells one thing and one thing only—Premium Maeng Da Kratom powder. They offer this bad ass strain in 15 gram pouches, 30 gram pouches, 60 ct kratom capsules or single serve sticks (3 grams).


  • is transparent about their business practices and clear on what they have and what they don’t have. There’s no B.S. with these guys, just straight talk. What you see is what you get.
  • Their kratom powder is lab tested to make sure that it is unadulterated.
  • They only offer the very strongest kratom strain.
  • Available in many fine retail outlets, including smoke shops, head shops and gas stations.


  • Whereas competitors operate online stores, Relax2Go does not have an e-commerce site and there are absolutely no online sales to the general public.
  • They do not make it clear where they source their kratom leaf from.
  • There is no 24/7 live chat feature on their site.
  • There is no variety for the seasoned kratom user.


Alas, this is one more con but it’s really not so bad if you’re willing to do your homework. There is no master list of retailers who stock Relax2Go online. What this means is, you’ll have to call up some smoke shops in your area to see if they carry it.

If your local shops have not heard about Relax2Go, consider requesting that they pick some up. It never hurts to demand what you want from a proprietor. The customer’s always right, yeah?


There hasn’t been much buzz about Relax2Go kratom in the community, but that may be due to the saturation factor; there are simply too many brands to keep up with. And the ever-growing number of kratom extracts and kratom alternatives have left a lot of vendors from achieving brand recognition.

Considering the quality of their product and the eye-popping designs on their pouches, I’m willing to bet this will change down the road.


If you’re a fan of smoke shop kratom brands, you owe it to yourself to try this one on for size. It’s a potent strain from a premo source that values purity over price gouging.

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