SK Herbalist: A Kratom Vendor in Good Standing with the Community

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You’ve likely read a number of Soap Korner kratom reviews online, but did you know that SK Herbalist, one of the longest lasting kratom vendors on the market, recently merged with Soap Korner?

Now customers can get two stellar kratom brands in one convenient online store. Is this really cause for celebration?

Tons of kratom vendors claim to offer 100% all-natural product that’s free of contaminants, but plenty of them come up wanting. Cast your mind back to last year’s salmonella outbreak and it becomes crystal clear that even trusted brands are capable of stumbling.

So, is SK Herbalist a viable choice for top notch kratom powder? Let’s take a closer look!


SK Herbalist started out as a part-time home business run by a passionate botanical enthusiast. In the ensuing years, it has quickly grown into one of the leading US-based kratom vendors, expanding from a one-man operation to a company with more than 25 employees and multiple facilities.

Ever since the dreaded salmonella outbreak, SK Herbalist has taken pains to safeguard their customers against potential contamination. By employing a third party GMP consultant, they have made certain that their products are safe and unadulterated.


This vendor’s official product page boasts six unique kratom strains—Big Kahuna, H Cheer, Maui Kanu, Red Lau, Red Pele and White Kapo, respectively. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about these strains on their new page, but smoke shop consumers have sworn by the efficacy of their kratom teas.

Over on Soap Korner’s product page, we can see that both vendors offer bulk kratom powder. Their collective kratom kilos are reasonably priced and samples are handed out regularly.


28 grams of kratom goes for an industry average $11 while 250 grams sells for $53.00. Kratom kilos are also an industry low $136.00.

An ounce is slightly more expensive if you order from Soap Korner, but you’ll also get more variety as they stock bath and body products, a skin care line and specialty products.


The good news is, most kratom products qualify for free shipping when ordering through Soap Korner. Such packages will ship via Priority shipping (3-5 business days), meaning you’ll get your kratom quickly and conveniently.

All of their packages arrive safely and discreetly because this vendor understands the value of privacy. Their kratom teas are securely housed within resealable pouches.

It’s always easy to get a hold of them if you have any questions or concerns; this vendor provides a phone number, fax number, email address and snail mail where you can reach them at any time.



SK Herbalist is all about the deals and incentives, and so, too, are Soap Korner. Users can find a $30 off Soap Korner coupon code over at Coupon Birds. All promotional codes are verified.


This is, perhaps, the area in which SK Herbalist and Soap Korner really excel. Unlike most online vendors, Soap Korner accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Quality kratom powders
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Distinct kratom strains
  • Diverse product line
  • Samples
  • Discount codes


  • This vendor is not yet certified GMP compliant
  • No information about sourcing is currently available


People have recommended SK Herbalist because of their purported purity. In a post discussing GMP compliant vendors, one user wrote that SK Herbalist was one of a handful of vendors who were on the right path to legit certification.

Elsewhere, a user asked what vendor they should use and one of the top responses named SK Herbalist among the companies that they had had “great success” with.


After sampling their White Kapo, I can tell you that it offers the full spectrum of effects one would want out of any kratom strain. Profound euphoria, incredible lucidity and hours of clean energy. I only burned 3 grams, but that was more than enough to unlock all of its benefits.


If you want reliable kratom tea that will give you upwards of 7 hours of focus and productivity, you can’t beat SK Herbalist. For the price, I’d say they’re definitely landing in my top 10 of 2019.

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