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There are loads of smoke shops across America, many of which stock any number of different kratom brands. But only a select few care about their customers enough to source their very own for the purpose of offering proprietary blends.

Fortunately for those residing in the Pine Tree State, a decent in-house kratom powder is just a stone’s throw away. I’m talking about Taunton Bay Soap Company, an artisanal herb shop with plenty to recommend it.

From the Taunton Bay Synergy Blend to their many fragrant homemade soaps, this vendor has everything a keen kratomite could possibly want. Don’t believe me? Just have a look.


Taunton Bay Soap Company is a homegrown business operating out of a quaint storefront in Sullivan, ME. In addition to their local shop, they maintain a fully stocked online store where customers can pick up capsules, teas, bespoke apparel and men’s health products.

This vendor is committed to providing exceptional customer service via their 24/7 live chat feature and gregarious local employees.


Perhaps you’ve heard of Taunton Bay Soap Company Green Hulk or watched a YouTube review of their “Chill.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg for this independently-owned kratom purveyor. They also offer a range of different strains in capsule form, each of which sells for a market low of $4.99 per 100 ct. pouch.

Their proprietary blends include the Chill Mix, Green Envy and Green Hulk, among several others. Those of who like to mix it up a little will appreciate their full line of Kava and Ashwagandha teas, to say nothing of their proprietary elixirs.


Their “Asian Tea” starts at just $5.99 for 30 grams with a four-strain split (125 grams) selling for $51.98. Alas, they do not offer bulk kratom powder through their online store.

A 250 ct pouch of kratom capsules sell for $12.50 while a 500 ct goes for $24.00 before shipping. All of their capsules are vegetarian and free of any preservatives or other additives.


As of last year, Taunton Bay Soap Company was offering as much as 50% off via promotions. Although this deal may not be valid at this time, it appears that there are verified coupon codes good for 26% off your order at Coupon Sock.


Public response has been overwhelmingly positive with consumers praising the potency and prices of their many kratom teas. One user talked about how they placed an order on a Tuesday at 3 in the afternoon and received their shipment by noon on Thursday.

In their post, they write, “I only have tested the green hulk so far but wow, I haven’t felt this alive in a long time!! It is the most energetic kratom I have taken. The Ganesh md from Gaia has previously been my favorite, but move over because I think I have a new go to. If you haven’t ordered from this company I definitely recommend you should.”

Others echoed this sentiment with one user saying, “My buddy tried their green Malay said it was some of the best kratom he’s ever had.”

Another response read, “They have crushed leaf, too…. green malay, red Bali, and both in a blend.”

Others have pointed out that they allow you to split your order between five or more strains, giving you the full spectrum of effects and, thus, introducing you to all of their strains.

Elsewhere, a user said that their Green Hulk reminded them of GoE green monster, noting its “energetic but great feeling. Kinda like a amped up pmd. Again, it’s only 1st burn. But F me it’s really good.”

Yet another customer remarked about their savings, writing, “With the discount codes the prices are reasonable. They are having an 8x1ounce special for $35 right now. You would be able to try a bunch of different things like that.”

This same customer pointed people to a variety of positive reviews that this vendor has garnered, including this one in which one person raves about their prompt customer support team.

Google reviews have also been enthusiastic with one return customer saying, “Love this store & building & owners & staff!” and another writing, “i’m very glad I made the 45 min drive to check this place out.”


I recently sampled two of their products—Green Hulk and the Chill Mix. The latter didn’t impress me much because it took 5 grams for me to feel anything at all, but the Green Hulk is definitely well worth a try.

After burning 4.5 grams of Green Hulk, I felt like I could bounce off the walls in the best way possible. No jitters, no wobz, just pure energy and hours of profound stimulation. I was very aware of a boost in cognitive activity and was able to crush it at work and the gym.

If I had to compare their Green Hulk to anything, I’d have to say it was like some super enhanced version of Maeng Da cross-pollinated with White Sumatra. Really solid stuff.


Even though we’re not huge fans of the smoke shop scene, we’ve gotta hand it to these cats for bringing pure and powerful kratom strains and impressive proprietary blends to market. Whether you live in Maine or ordering online, this is one that deserves some exploration. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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