Can You Take Tums on Kratom? Everything You Need to Know About Kratom and Potentiators

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Kratom is used by thousands of individuals across the world for its many purported effects. While kratom tea has become incredibly popular for its anxiolytic properties, others burn it to relax, improve their mood or increase sociability.

Kratom may be able to relieve constipation due to the presence of indole alkaloids which are antidiarrheal in nature. However, it is not uncommon for those who take kratom to experience adverse effects, effects which can include constipation, stomach cramps or even, paradoxically, sporadic diarrhea.

For this reason and others, the kratom community has been curious about the prospect of taking Tums in conjunction with kratom leaf. Below we have broken down everything there is to know about this combination and similar ones.

I feel like it behooves the kratom industry to be forthcoming with this kind of information and I think you’ll agree that there are some interesting things that every kratom user should know.

Let’s get into it.


The most commonly asked question is, “Can you take Tums on kratom?” The short answer is, “Yes.” But I stress those quotation marks.

You see, antacids like kratom can potentiate kratom’s effects, often amplifying them to a powerful or even unbearable degree. It has been said that taking four 750mg antacid tablets about 30 minutes to an hour prior to burning kratom can intensify kratom’s effects.

This occurs because substances like Tums raise the pH level in your stomach, thereby increasing absorption of kratom. Some users have taken this formula to extremes by stacking Tums with cayenne pepper, another kratom potentiator.

Since the typically bitter-tasting kratom powder has a tendency to stick in the back of one’s throat or the roof of one’s mouth, it is not out of the ordinary for it to trigger one’s gag reflex. And since many seasoned users recommend tossing and washing kratom on an empty stomach, there is a high incident of nausea.

Calcium carbonate Tums are just one of the substances people have used to curb or relieve the nausea associated with kratom use. This is all well and good, but is it truly safe to take Tums and kratom in tandem?


Combining kratom with most other substances will potentiate its effects, but it may also potentiate adverse effects. These undesirable effects may include agitation, stomach cramp, constipation, anxiety, restlessness, confusion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or headache.

When kratom is combined with other psychoactive substances, it can be extremely dangerous. Stacking such substances together can worsen depression and may result in fatal consequences. Kratom should never be taken with other opioid receptor agonists.

Alternately, kratom should not be taken in concert with alcohol as this may seriously increase kratom’s natural sedative effects, potentially leading to overdose, coma or even death.

Although a ton of users have attested to the relative innocuousness of stacking kratom and other natural compounds, such as kava extract, akuamma seed or ashwagandha, it is ill-advised to burn kratom with prescription drugs. This includes SSRIs, MAOIs and barbiturates.

In the case of SSRIs, there is a very real possibility of detrimental interactions. Those who have taken the two together have reported losing sleep, and feeling scared or even suicidal. Despite some claiming that it is safe to take kratom with antidepressants like Citalopram, others have urged the community to avoid it.

One user warned against taking kratom with Zoloft, writing, “Ever since I started taking zoloft every night for my depression and anxiety, I’ve been feeling the kratom and its very good, but my whole body is shaking I feel dizzy, I can’t walk or type, it feels like I’m having a mini seizure…”

Additionally, some natural supplements may also interact poorly with kratom. St. Johns Wort is one such herbal remedy that carries with it a number of contraindications. Side effects of St. Johns Wort may include fatigue, sleep problems, skin rash and stomach upset, all of which are also associated with kratom use.


Although DXM (dextromethorphan) has been found to be a powerful potentiator, it is imperative that users understand its psychotropic properties. These properties could have deleterious effects when stacked with kratom’s psychoactive properties.

For those who want to potentiate kratom’s effects without causing a freakout or risk of side effects, there are several other options at your disposal. Instead of going the OTC (Over-the-Counter) route when selecting a kratom potentiator, consider looking in your refrigerator.

Grapefruit juice and watercress are both viable potentiators with few, if any, known side effects. Drinking a tall glass of grapefruit juice two hours before ingesting kratom can intensify the effects of Mitragyna speciosa without leading to any hazardous interactions. Eating watercress about 35-45 minutes can potentiate kratom because it alters drug metabolism.


Since the well-worn method known as the toss n’ wash often results in gagging, nausea or vomiting, users have taken to improvising their means of consumption. One of the most effective and easy is to mix kratom powder with olive oil since kratom quickly dissolves in the oil.

What’s more, the naturally bitter taste of kratom leaf is somewhat masked by olive oil, meaning you won’t have to worry about choking it down. What I often recommend to friends is mixing up your own olive oil and kratom smoothie.

Take your desired amount of kratom powder, combine with olive oil, mix thoroughly and then pour into a blender or juicer. Add equal or greater portion of grapefruit juice or other desired beverage and mix well.


Even though taking Tums on kratom is widely considered to be safe, users should always take proper precautions. Keep your personal sensitivities in mind and consider your mental and physical health. Those with a history of drug abuse or mental illness should avoid taking this or other combinations. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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