Blue Kratom Review: What’s Really Up with 100X Kratom Extract

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A wealth of new kratom brands have hit the market and it’s becoming extremely difficult to separate the good from the bad and the bad from the fugly. Search results for stuff like wild kratom, Zodiac Premium Kratom review and Better Leaf Kratom reflect the sheer volume of users searching for these new and often opaque kratom products.

One such product is the enigmatic Blue Label Kratom. Blue kratom was first introduced by SoCal, one of the oldest and most well-known kratom vendors on the internet. It was only a matter of time before people bit their style and released their own variations on this product.


According to the rather low-tech website of Salvia Dragon, a rather dubious California-based vendor that’s supposedly owned by Ares, LLC, Blue Label Kratom is a 100x kratom extract that promotes relaxation and a “livelier sex life.”

Supposedly Blue Kratom extract contains extractions of 25 alkaloids, thus making it super-potent, but this does not make a whole helluva lot of sense. In Salvia Dragon’s description of Blue Label Kratom, they say that it delivers an analgesic and relaxing experience for 2-4 hours, but most users know that kratom extract is supposed to have a longer duration than standard kratom leaf.


100x Blue Label extract generally sells for around $20-40 per 5-10 gram pouch. For instance, Relax Remedy has begun offering their Triple Threat 100x extract for $89 per 25 grams.

Prices vary depending upon where you purchase 100x extract; some vendors sell 1 gram for around $12-15.


All kratom extracts purport to be stronger than traditional kratom powder, whether we’re talking about liquid kratom extracts, Full Spectrum kratom extract, UEI (Ultra-Enhanced Indo) or kratom extract powder.

But are they really that strong?

If we go on the evidence of Salvia Dragon, it would appear that at least some of them really aren’t. The stronger the kratom, the more of a likelihood there is of a long-lasting duration of effects. The real McCoy will typically last between 6-8 hours.

Many inexperienced users see a number followed by an X and assume that this is the level of potency compared to traditional kratom. This is understandable because some shady vendors even advertise it as such. Salvia Dragon is one such vendor who literally write, “Kratom Blue Label with potency level of 100x.”

What people need to understand is that the number preceding that X represents the alkaloid concentration per volume and nothing else. Trusted vendors have even made it clear that the number represents the exact numbers of kratom leaves used in their extraction process.

In other words, one kilo of 20X extract was made by reducing 20 kilos down into extract form. There are also a number of different extraction methods, some of which are more effective than others.

The prevalence of wholesale kratom in smoke shops, head shops and filling stations has led to a multitude of crappy and questionable kratom brands misleading the general public. Far too many of these brands deliberately obfuscate the truth, relying on the lack of government regulation to move units via deception.

A perfect example is a 5X kratom extract being marketed as 20X kratom extract on its packaging. The vendor is able to get away with mislabeling their extract because no one is stopping them. This is why many in the kratom community have called for kratom to be fairly but appropriately regulated.

In recent years, organizations like the non-profit AKA (American Kratom Association) have banded together in an effort to share the science of kratom with the government and to encourage kratom users to practice safety and discretion.

When purchasing kratom extract, you should always be sure to do a fair amount of research prior to buying it. You want to carefully review a kratom vendor’s website, look into their background and explore their online presence.

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a vendor is trustworthy is to visit sites like I Love Kratom and the kratom sub-reddit to see what consumers have to say about their past experiences with these companies. It is also advisable to confirm their company information in a search engine.

Those who wish to use kratom extract should be sure to burn this form of kratom in moderation. Long-term use of kratom extract is said to increase the potential of kratom tolerance, kratom hangover and kratom addiction.


In a post regarding Blue Label 100X kratom extract, one user wrote, “It was ok, had some good vibes to it. I gotta say though, i never have encountered an extract that was able to deliver the true chillness that you get from plain leaf. The extract feeling thus far has been this kind of lacking in the lower notes you get from good red leaf.

“And even white/green vein plain leaf has chll properties to it when they stimulate you.. but the extracts must be devoid of these alks becuase ive only felt a mild lucid stimulation from extracts, never that nose itchy content feeling that im looking for.

“There may be some value to extracts, right now i am most hopeful about making my own according to romperstompers guidelines if they ever get posted again. For now, i am more than happy with pl.”

Elsewhere, another user suggested that extract is most effective when taken in combination with plain leaf.


Kratom extract is readily available on the internet with no shortage of vendors offering a variety of different strengths. Some of the finest sources for kratom extract include the following:

  • Cali Botanicals
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Phytoextractum

Each of these vendors has a solid reputation among consumers and excellent prices on an array of kratom products.


Always do your homework before choosing a kratom extract as no two extracts will be the same. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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