Down in the Valley Kratom: Minnesota’s Best Local Smoke Shops

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Don’t let movies or TV shows like Fargo fool you, Minnesota is not some place full of snowbound hayseeds. This place has got it going on! The Land of 10,000 Lakes is home to a vibrant music scene, a thriving art district and a mass of artisanal breweries.

It’s also home to some of the best ma and pa headshops from here to the True North. Today we’re taking a look at the top local kratom shops in the North Star State. And we’ll kick this one off with one that smacks of midwestern spirit.


Down in the Valley has made a name for itself as Minnesota’s # 1 source for kratom thanks to their incredibly wide selection and commitment to ethical business practices. They do not offer bulk kratom powder for this very reason; the proprietors understand the risks that such large transactions can pose in the eyes of the law.

Their staff are polite, cheery and professional, but more over, they are knowledgeable about their products. Ask them anything and they’ll give you a lightning fast answer.

At the moment, Down in the Valley is stocking too many kratom brands to count, but some of their top best sellers include Biobotanicals, Supernatural, Medicine Man, Kratom Kaps, Club 13, OPMS and MIT45.

Kratom is available in capsule or powder form and starts at $10. They offer 90 grams of kratom tea for $35 and a 100 gram bottle of kratom capsules for $40.

By keeping prices low and constantly updating their inventory, they have managed to make a lasting impression on the residents of Maple Grove and beyond. Many customers have called it their favorite headshop in Minnesota.


The Mini Apple is a mighty good place to start if you’re visiting Minnesota and you need some premo kratom powder. The city’s got at least 14 different tobacco stores and botanical shops with kratom in stock.

Magus Books & Herbs deserves to be the first on that list as they offer prices that best even Down in the Valley’s and provide workshops on addiction recovery. In addition to their vast selection of kratom products, they also stock a cavalcade of curious herbs, such as Baybean Leaf, Damiana and other one-of-a-kind visionplants.

Visit their website to preview their awesome array of botanicals and literature. Prices start as low as $5.

Nutrition City is my # 2 pick for kratom in Minneapolis. This contemporary vaporizer store sells a full assortment of organic kratom strains from Green Malay and White Kapuas to Red Bentuangie and beyond. They don’t mess around with smoke shop brands, opting instead to source their powder straight from Indonesia.

In addition to their regular product line they offer an enhanced Red Borneo formula which sells for $50 per 150 grams. Pouches start at 20 grams and graduate to 60 grams. Best of all, customers can also snatch up a full kratom kilo for $135 after tax.

Nutrition City incentivizes the experience of buying bulk kratom by giving users a break—you purchase two kilos, you get both for $200 before tax. Pricing starts at $12.95 for 20 grams.


Annex Novelty Shop is the highest rated kratom shop in the Air-Conditioned City. Once you pay it a visit, it’ll be clear why it’s earned such rave reviews. The employees are courteous, the prices are killer and the selection is crazy.

Whether you’re shopping for glass, swag or some choice sides, this place has got the hook up. There are even some tasty munchies for the crunchy crowd and a wall of gag gifts. In terms of kratom, you can expect to find most of the usual suspects as well as some other items that may surprise even the seasoned kratomite.

My number two pick is Sadi’s Smoke Shop Duluth Vapor, a good mid-level joint with some of the most popular brands at an okay price. Their staff are stony kids with a positive vibe who are very laid back. Ask ’em anything and they’ll try to help you out.

Kratom pricing starts at about $15 and maxes out at $70 for an 8-ounce pouch. Top brands include Lone Wolf, OK Kratom, Remarkable Herbs, Kratime Kratom, Whole Herbs and Club 13.


When you find yourself in the Twin Cities, there’s only two things to do. Sing a Bob Dylan song and watch the Minnesota Wild mash their competition into the ice at the Xcel Energy Center. Between all that walking from their massive parking lot to the arena proper, your legs are gonna be smarting like a bitch.

If you need some quick relief, head over to Sam’s Tobacco where you’ll meet their delightful hostess and enjoy browsing through hundreds of novelty items. They currently stock both Remarkable Herbs and Whole Herbs, both of which sell for around $50 for an 80 ounce pouch.

Whole Herbs kratom capsules are also available for the same price as their standard kratom powder. Certain alternative kratom brands or products may be slightly more, but overall prices are fairly streamlined.


Since kratom remains unregulated in the United States, this can often mean that third party vendors (,i.e.: smoke shops, gas stations, botanical stores or headshops) do not have to place value on quality or purity. In many cases, lesser smoke shop proprietors will sell wholesale kratom brands that do not offer any valuable details about the contents therein.

When buying kratom locally, you should always inquire about where a proprietor’s kratom comes from, how it was sourced and whether it has been lab tested. Naturally, this will draw come confused looks from certain retailers who aren’t as knowledgeable as others.

Nevertheless, it is important to know what you are getting, whether it is unadulterated and if/when you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with a kratom product.

For the best results, we strongly recommend practicing some patience and ordering from a trusted online kratom vendor. The best online stores for kratom provide transparent information about all aspects of a given kratom strain.


If you’re in a pinch and you don’t want to wait for an online kratom order to be delivered to your home or office, the places listed above are exceptional establishments for mid-to-high grade kratom powder. Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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