Urban Ice Organics New Product Line: Multi-Strain Kratom Review

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Regulars to this blog will recognize the name Urban Ice Organics from our interview about the Netflix doc A Leaf of Faith as well as our in-depth kratom vendor review.

Straight outta fabulous Las Vegas, NV, Urban Ice Organics is one of the leading kratom brands on the market and a stellar choice for kratom capsules. They are also one of a select few vendors who are committed to the science of kratom and kratom legality.

Unlike so many other kratom companies who make bold and often suspicious claims about their kratom strains’ myriad effects, Urban Ice Organics opts to leave the experience up to the customer.

As their media coordinator made clear to me in our recent correspondence, “[Urban Ice Organics] cannot and do not make statements regarding kratom effects as that would fall under the category of a medical claim, which is not permissable for supplements.”

Instead, this vendor focuses their efforts on providing kratom products of the utmost quality to their loyal customer base. Urban Ice Organics is currently rolling out a fresh product line and were generous enough to share these new products with yours truly.

Today we’ll be taking a look at each of their new strains—Green Malaysian, Maeng Da and Red Vein Bali, respectively. These are the latest additions to their online store and each of them compliment an already eclectic lineup.


Let’s start with the Green Malaysian since it’s the appropriate supplement for daytime use. Before I delve into my personal experience with this strain, I should say that all of Urban Ice Organics’ kratom capsules come in clearly marked bottles that are securely sealed.

Each 50 count bottle carries a detailed label that categorizes its contents as botanical specimen capsules. No shoddy assertions are made about human consumption nor is there any indication that this is something other than what it is.

Whereas far too many kratom brands skimp on dosage information or make irresponsible recommendations, Urban Ice Organics’ labels specifically list 2 capsules as a serving. Each serving consists of 1.5 grams of kratom powder. It is suggested that users should ingest no more than 4 capsules in a 24 hour period which points to 3 grams being the proper overall dose.

A cautionary warning is also offered in plain English, urging users to not take kratom while operating heavy machinery or while pregnant and retailers are admonished against selling kratom capsules to minors.

All of this illustrates Urban Ice Organics’ dedication to ethical business practices and a safer kratom industry.



I should preface this review by saying that my doctor recently prescribed me two medications—Metoprolol and Hydrochlorothiazide—for high blood pressure. As some of you may already know, kratom use has been associated with elevated BP and, as such, it is not generally advisable to burn kratom in conjunction with prescription medications of this sort.

Naturally, I’ve been a bit hesitant to take certain kratom strains of late, particularly the more stimulating ones. When I received my package from Urban Ice Organics, I approached it with caution despite my foreknowledge that their products are historically safe and of high quality.

I took only one capsule at first with a glass of iced coffee and on an otherwise empty stomach. I figured it was best to take a cue from Alexander Shulgin despite my previous kratom experience, now that I’m dealing with high BP.

After a fair amount of time had passed, I took another capsule then waited a full 20 minutes before taking two more. By this point, my insides already felt warm and glowing. It was a subtle but comforting feeling like sunbathing after smoking on some Indica.

Instead of the accelerated heartbeat that I was dreading, I was unaware of my heartbeat altogether. That might seem paranoia-inducing to some, but trust me, if you’re suffering from frequent heart palpitations or other high BP symptoms, this is a godsend.

After enjoying this sensation and taking my second dose, I went about my business and was pleased to find that I could type out my work at record speed. I’ve always been fast, but this was like having two machines for hands, just steadily cranking out the words as fast as they could enter my brain.

Perhaps most importantly, these attributes were not accompanied by any adverse reactions. My stomach felt settled, my chest felt warm and I had no problem rising from my seat without wobbles. Work was a piece of cake and I completed all of my projects in half the time it would normally take me.

After five hours, I could still feel this one slowly drifting away like a mist clearing off a mountain. I was chilled to the max and, yet, totally up for anything. I usually hit the gym once every other week and never more than one time in a seven day period. On Green Malaysian, the urge to exercise was so great that I whipped out my dumbbells at work and started crushing reps.


Over the years, customers have gone beserk for Urban Ice Organics Red Vein Extract Oil. Now Red Vein Bali joins their lineup of kratom capsules when it’s at its best.

If you’re a millennial of a certain age, you may have fooled yourself into believing that 30 is the new 20, but trust me, you’re not gonna feel so young after you drop Molly with your little brother at some warehouse gig. Assuming warehouses are even still a thing in 2019.

That being said, I often steer my fellow Gen Yers in the direction of Bali strains when they’re looking to party with their younger peers. For starters, you look like the heppest hipster in town when some kid offers you ecstasy and you take out your jar of aromatic powder and offer them some Bali OG with a decorative spoon.

More pertinently, you end up the winner with a headful of euphoria minus the hangover or teeth grinding. Urban Ice Organics’ Red Vein Bali is no exception in this department. It doesn’t take much to instill an awesome state of euphoria with a significant enhancement of the senses.

Like Green Malay, I found their Red Bali strain capable of delivering a full body experience without any crude “high.” This one comes in waves with an acute awareness of tactile functioning. Everything feels and tastes a lot better, perhaps better than it actually is.

As someone who has burned his face off with lots of spicy foods (to say nothing of years as a chainsmoker), I’ve gotta cop to being a little dead in the taste bud department. Urban Ice Organics’ Red Bali restored a lot of that taste. Four hours after taking it, I enjoyed what can only be described as the greatest chipotle spinach wrap of my entire existence. Period.


I’ve sampled innumerable Maeng Da strains from a vast array of kratom vendors, but few have left as much of an impression as this one. I can only liken it to the intense mental breakthroughs of a strong Morning Glory trip.

After burning 5.5 grams of MD powder, I was bouncing around like a jack rabbit, going for what must have been the longest jog I’ve ever taken and all the while imagining new and exciting solutions for my home business.

Expansion is a word that springs to mind when describing this one, if for no other reason than it pretty well sums up the mindset it induces. Everything is fast but lucid, all thoughts and articulations are pregnant with possibilities.


There isn’t a sour apple in the bunch when it comes to Urban Ice Organics’ new product line. Each of these strains is in alignment with their existing products and their company’s mission statement. Check ’em out for yourself and let us know about your experience in the comments below. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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