Miracle Kratom: Ohioans’ Haven for Premium Kratom Powder

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The kratom community of Ohio have come to know this vendor for their convenient local shop and bargain basement prices, but they’re not the only ones. With an easy-to-navigate online store, this independent proprietor is making it a snap to snatch yourself some of their high quality kratom.

Today we’ll take a look at their full product line and why people are going kratom crazy over Miracle Kratom.


From their humble but auspicious beginnings in the West Broad Centre shopping plaza to their current online prominence, Miracle Kratom has been impressing Ohioans—and now online consumers—with their jaw-droppingly versatile menu.

After discovering kratom for themselves, the owners of this establishment felt that they had to share the “miracle” leaf with others. They committed themselves to protecting the public from the kind of bogus kratom products sold by many head shops and the like.

Those who have dealt with Miracle Kratom in person have likened their shop to “the ultimate craft beer pub, but for kratom!” Elsewhere a user said that they would probably be dead if it weren’t for discovering Miracle Kratom’s Columbus shop.

Others have said that they had a 10 out of 10 experience with Miracle Kratom and would highly recommend them. One user perfectly summarized their appeal, writing, “Good products, great customer service, passionate explanations…”


Miracle Kratom has no fewer than 49 unique kratom strains, each of which is priced affordably and available in a number of different sizes. This includes three proprietary blends which include Horned Leaf Maeng Da Supreme and Black Jack Kratom.

Miracle Kratom’s white vein kratom strains include White Elephant, White Hulu Kapuas, White Jong Kong, and the ever-elusive White Sumatra.

Their red vein strains include the bestselling Red Elephant, Red Horned Leaf and Red Indonesian Kratom. Miracle Kratom also stocks a full line of green and yellow vein kratom. ‘


If you live in the Columbus area, you can stop by and pick up an ounce of their kratom powder for just eight bucks. If you’re ordering online, you can expect a slight mark-up, but the minimum is still an industry low at $10 before shipping.

Those looking to buy bulk kratom powder will be happy to learn that Miracle Kratom offers kratom kilos for $180. Granted, that is a tad steep compared to many of their competitors in the space, but it’s still far from the price gouging that’s common at smoke shops and head shops.

To purchase Miracle Kratom’s powders online click here.


Miracle Kratom sends all of their orders out via USPS Priority mail. There is a flat shipping rate of $7.50. Exchanges and/or store credits are available on applicable orders.

Their customer support staff are on hand between the hours of 11 AM and 7 PM GMT. Messages generally receive a prompt reply in under 24 hours.


Lots of kratom users are talking about Miracle Kratom and most all of them are enthusiastic about this vendor’s variety of kratom strains and low price points.

As one glowing Google review reads, “I found these guys 3 yrs ago. Not only are they fabulous in there customer service…they also have the best variety I’ve ever seen.”

Another user raved, “Excellent staff and product! Always above and beyond friendly – this guy cares and delivers a high-quality product. Don’t waste your time online or anywhere else, this is the real deal!”


Unfortunately, there are no online discount codes for Miracle Kratom at this time, but with prices at an industry low, you won’t really need any more incentive than what they already provide.


After sampling their Bentuangie and Red Elephant strains, it’s obvious to me that these cats take their kratom very seriously. They are each finely ground, neither was even a little bit clumpy, and both were securely sealed and packaged.

This vendor’s Bentuangie Kratom was some of the most relaxing I’ve had in a long time while their Red Elephant reminded me of a particularly potent Bali mixed with the hypnotic quality of Kalimantan. These two strains shared a long duration and a plethora of notable sensations.

I’d definitely refer users to Red Elephant for nighttime use and their Bentuangie strain for work-related stress or the next time you’re gonna Netflix and Chill.


Miracle Kratom is a legit source for bulk kratom powder in Ohio and beyond. Sample their preponderance of strains and see what you think. You’re bound to find something that tickles you pink. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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