White Dragon Kratom Strain Review: A Hyper-Strong Blend for Seasoned Kratom Users

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Anybody familiar with Dragon kratom knows that it isn’t actually a strain in and of itself, rather it is a blend of two or more strains. This particular blend is the right stuff to keep you amped up throughout the day, but it’s also a damn fine nighttime strain as it balances itself out with an exceptional amount of sedation.

There’s been a whole lotta chit-chat about Dragon “strains” on the internet, but the point needs to be made—White Dragon is the Mack Daddy of Dragon blends and today we’ll chop it about why that is.

Let’s jump right into it!


White Dragon is a potent artisanal blend of White Elephant and White Maeng Da. Understanding the origins and effects of those two respective strains goes far towards explaining the street appeal of White Dragon.

Elephant kratom leaf is grown in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, exotic lands with fertile soil that enables the plant to form giant, floppy leaves that resemble the ears of elephants (hence the name). White veined elephant leaves are known to increase cognitive activity, sharpen focus, elevate mood and induce a sense of calm at moderate doses.

White Maeng Da is an equally strong and awe-inspiring strain that can last up to six hours completely unabated. Maeng Da was originally harvested from mature kratom trees in the remote rainforests of Thailand.

Today, White Maeng Da grows all across Southeast Asia and is widely considered the most potent of any kratom strain. This is why it is called Maeng Da which roughly translates as “Pimp Daddy Kratom.”

Maeng Da is renowned for its dual attributes in the area of rejuvenation. Users may experience improved mood and increased attentiveness that is accompanied by a mild sense of exhilaration.

Together these two rock stars make for a sick blend that can send you off to work feeling like a million bucks and bring you home for a restful evening of reprieve. It is truly a remarkable combination and one that many users are getting hip to.


As you may have read about in a recent White Dragon Kratom Strain review, the effects of this blend may include any or all of the following:

  • Sharpened focus
  • Increased endurance
  • Motivation
  • Increased sociability
  • Invigoration
  • Mild exhilaration
  • Improved libido
  • Restorative sleep


There’s a reason why White Dragon earned the number one spot among white strains on our list of the best kratom strains. It is arguably the boldest white vein mitra powder to come out of Indonesia.

As one colorfully enthusiastic user writes, “Ho. Lee. Shit. I feel like with time, this strain (blend? I think) gets better and better. Been taking it once every other day or so for two weeks and I get more energy now from a smaller dose than I did the first 5 times I took it.”

Others have echoed this sentiment with another person saying, “I have been using it for work since I got it. A small amount brings some great energy.”

A number of users have called White Dragon Kratom their favorite strain and virtually all of them agree that Gaia Ethnobotanical is the best online source for this blend.

For those who don’t know, Gaia Ethnobotanical has repeatedly landed on our top kratom vendors list due to their potent and diverse kratom products, lightning fast shipping and bad ass customer service. Peep their full product line here and grab yourself a coupon code here.

Gaia Ethnobotanical recently rebranded as Mitragaia, so don’t be thrown by the different name.


I found this blend to be every bit as formidable a combination as stacking MD with Green Malaysian. It comes on strong, levels out after about three hours and doesn’t quit for quite some time. You get a full body experience without jitters or wobz.

While I have certainly had stronger strains in the past, I would definitely place this one in my top five in terms of sheer intensity and wide spectrum of effects.

The duration is definitely something worth talking about because I found that 4.5 grams lasted well over six hours and residual effects didn’t dissipate until early the following morning.


Unfortunately there are few vendors offering bulk options on White Dragon Kratom, but one site that sells kratom kilos has White Dragon in their online store. Amazing Botanicals is selling White Dragon kilos for an industry average $129.99.

I can neither recommend nor discourage users from purchasing from Amazing Botanicals as I have yet to review any of their products. That being said, do your homework and see what they’re all about. Their prices seem reasonable and their website is straightforward enough.


White Dragon is one blend that’s well worth exploration if you’ve had a fair amount of experience mixing different kratom strains. However, buyer beware—this is strong stuff and nothing something that should be burned by the uninitiated. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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