Kratom for Studying: Exploring Mitragyna Speciosa’s Nootropic Qualities

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Kratom’s purported benefits have been well-documented, both on this blog and elsewhere on the internet. You’ve probably heard all about people burning kratom to improve their mood and achieve restorative sleep.

What you may not know is that kratom is actually rather nootropic in nature.


A nootropic describes any chemical compound that is implemented in order to enhance one’s memory or other cognitive functions. The term became a buzz word after the release of the 2011 science fiction thriller Limitless.

In the film, Bradley Cooper plays a down on his luck writer with zero prospects who is then transformed into an instant genius after taking an experimental drug that enables him to access his brain’s full potential.

In the wake of the movie’s popularity, hundreds of companies rushed so-called “nutraceuticals” or nootropics onto the market. Most of these nootropics were proprietary blends of existing herbal supplements, most of which had some tangential ability to enhance one’s cognition.

Some of them, like the questionably named Limitless proved to be little more than placebo supplements, leading to much consternation among Reddit users and the like. Others like Modafinil posed health risks that could far outweigh their supposed benefits.

The good news for those seeking such “smart” drugs is that kratom may be a viable alternative to these brain-boosting substances. Here’s why…



Kratom has been used as a relatively safe and effective study aid due to its nature as an herbal stimulant. As a member of the coffee family of plants, kratom is deeply stimulating at certain dosages and has been known to increase attentiveness and awareness.

Kratom leaf is abundant in indole alkaloids, some of which assist in cognitive functioning. One reason to use kratom for studying is its percentage of Ajmalicine, a natural cerebrocirculant that is responsible for the movement of blood through the network of blood vessels supplying the brain.

Another reason to use kratom for studying is its Corynoxine content. Both Corynoxine A and B serve as dopamine-mediating anti-locomotives which cause behavioral modulation via spontaneous activity of one’s neurons. Their impact on those neurons affects everything from sleep and learning to memory and sex drive.

REM sleep plays a vital role in memory and learning since sleep deprivation results in an inability or diffulty in focusing. Kratom is renowned for its ability to sharpen focus and streamline one’s thought process.

The Centre for Drug Research in Malaysia found that the long-term cognitive effects of kratom use did not inhibit users’ capacity for motor skills, learning, attention, memory or executive function.

Although there is inconclusive scientific evidence to support kratom’s place as a cognitive enhancement supplement, a plethora of people have enjoyed kratom tea before taking their exams or taking on a work-related project.


As with all of kratom’s purported effects, results will vary from person to person. No two people react to kratom in quite the same way. Those who take kratom on an empty stomach generally find it more effective than those who take it after eating.

Some of the study-related effects one might experience include the following:

  • Sharpened focus
  • Increased attention
  • Clean energy boost
  • Increased sociability
  • Relaxation
  • Restful sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Increased motivation


Some kratom strains are more stimulating while others are more sedating. Seasoned kratomites typically point to Maeng Da, Super Green Malaysian and Red Borneo as the top 3 kratom strains for focus and energy.

Maeng Da, aka Pimp Kratom, is the Mack Daddy when it comes to making sense of complex concepts and work tasks. Maeng Da is widely considered to be the strongest kratom strain available and it may be capable of inducing sharpened focus and clearer thinking for up to six straight hours.

Super Green Malay kratom is a subtler strain, but it also possesses potential efficacy in the area of learning and energy.  Users report enhanced motivation and improved mood.

Red Borneo kratom is every bit as effective as Super Green Malaysian, but buyer beware—this one can zap your mind and your energy if taken in large doses. Those who wish to burn some for a swift brain boost and some clean energy should stick to a moderate dose in order to get the job done.


As I have said in the past, the right kratom strain can make all the difference. I have often noticed an incredible ability to think fast and type even faster (and more accurately) when burning Green Malay or MD. And, as it turns out, I’m hardly the only one.

One user writes, “Kratom is probably one of the best natural study aids out there.” Elsewhere, another user writes, “My favorite strains in the past have been White Hulu Kapuas, White Malay, and White Thai. Each of these has given me a stimulating effect…

“…The dose calms me down, and puts me in a better mood. As a result, I am content to do endless hours of work.”


If you are burning Maeng Da or similar strains for focus and energy, you’ll want to bear in mind that these strains are thought to be highly effective at lower doses. A moderate dose of Maeng Da is approximately 1-2 teaspoons. A high dose is considered to be anything over 2.5-3.5 teaspoons.

Since kratom is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA, no claims can be made about recommended doses or kratom use.

To get a better idea about kratom dosage for studying, check out Reddit and see what people have to say about their experiences using kratom as a study aid.


Those who have burned kratom for focus and learning have reported some noteworthy work sessions and impressive effects. When burning kratom tea for the very first time, be sure to consider your personal preferences and sensitivities. Always take proper precautions. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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