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The term apothecary likely conjures an image of a distant past, one of ancient alchemists and the birth of modern medicine. This is fitting since the earliest examples of apothecaries—literally a repository or storehouse for dispensing herbs and medicine—kept medical texts which documented patient symptoms and the roots and grass prescribed to treat their ailments.

Today we substitute the words “pharmacy” and “pharmacist” for apothecary, and much of what would have constituted an apothecary’s inventory is now relegated to vitamin stores and botanical shops. But make no mistake, the apothecaries still exist and there’s one that’s doling out the greatest of greens (and reds and yellows and so forth).

I’m talking about Artisans’ Apothecary, a relatively new storefront located on Broadway in the heart of Denver, CO. Those who visit the store will probably recognize both the apothecary owner and his wares because he’s been a mainstay in the greater Colorado area for many years.


Artisans’ Apothecary is a kratom shop owned and operated by Jeremy Haley, the vendor behind Rocky Mountain Kratom. This top notch kratom brand used to have its headquarters just a stone’s throw from where Artisans’ Apothecary is now located and made a name for itself thanks to the shop’s amazing staff and deep discounts.

Google reviewers praised Apothecary Denver’s great deals, their awesome customer service and their dope kratom powders. “It feels like family each time you walk in this facility,” one reviewer wrote.

“It’s great to have a local dependable Kratom source,” another user said, adding, “No worries about shipping cost, that saves money too! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they also keep you informed on the laws and regulations of Kratom.”

Despite a loyal customer base, Mr. Haley was forced to close Rocky Mountain Kratom’s storefront in 2016 after pressure from the DEA resulted in the Department of Environmental Health putting a product hold on his inventory.

After much aggravation, Haley decided to step up his game and unveil his new and improved shop—Artisans’ Apothecary. The shop is home to Artisans’ Apothecary kratom as well as a number of other natural supplements and organic foods.

The shop counts soccer moms, former drug abusers, the elderly and MS patients among those who have patronized their service. Haley has cemented Artisans’ Apothecary kratom and the shop’s overall reputation by providing customers with quality kratom that is pure, powerful, and unadulterated.

A portion of their proceeds is donated to the AKA (American Kratom Association) to fight for the future of kratom legality in the United States.


Artisans’ Apothecary sells a full line of Rocky Mountain Kratom strains. Their kratom powders include Red Borneo and Yellow Thai. Their kratom is lab tested and certified to have 98 percent purity.

Alas, they are NOT a viable option if you are looking to purchase bulk kratom powder as they charge an astronomical $350 for a single kratom kilo. That being said, their kratom ounces sell for less than $10 each which is the industry low for 28 grams or more.


Those who have tried Artisans’ Apothecary kratom agree that it is better than most any other kratom they’ve tried. One person writes, “I can attest, the potency and quality is far superior to any online vendors I have bought from. I was using appx 7 grams of online or headshop kratom, quickly found out, I only needed a third of that to attain the same effect from RMK [Rocky Mountain Kratom]’s products. TOP Notch products!!!”

However, many users think that their markup on kratom is disgraceful. One user wrote to them on Reddit, saying, “You guys really are doing this industry a disservice. i used to get large bags of the best kratom ive ever had in my life in lawrence kansas from an ethnobotanical shop, that sold all sorts of amazing plants. i could get a half pound for 60 bucks and it was to this day still the best product i have ever had.

“Your Kratom is good. but not worth this monstrous price tag. Buying 50 kilos at a time you can afford to sell you product for much much cheaper but would rather take advantage of all the addicts in denver.

“Thanks for donating to AKA but seriously if you guys actually cared about the people you sell too you wouldn’t have such a ridiculous markup. Ive seen all the homless heroin addicts waiting outside the old store. you obscene prices make it unable for people that actually need access to this amazing plant to afford it. You should be ashamed.”


Although their bulk kratom powder is overpriced, Artisans’ Apothecary kratom is highly effective stuff that’s worth checking out. Their ounces are affordable and exceptional. When it comes to quality kratom in Colorado you won’t find a better source.

Give ’em a try if you’re in the Denver area, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! : )

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