Yellow Thai Kratom Strain Review

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Maybe you’ve checked out the yellow thai kratom reddit post entitled “A not so talked about strain. Yellow Thai : kratom” and wondered what the story was with this lesser known strain. I’m here to tell you that it’s just as noteworthy as other, more popular kratom strains, and I’m about to drop some science on you about what makes it so special.

Before we dive in, let’s clarify something that’s had a lot of us scratching our heads. Many people commonly ask, “Is yellow kratom the same as gold kratom?”

It’s a tough question to answer because both yellow kratom and gold kratom powder are made using the same fermentation process. The drying method that is identical for both may make the terms yellow kratom and gold kratom seem interchangeable, but they’re actually different in many ways.

While gold kratom is burned primarily for its significant restorative properties as well as appetite suppression, yellow kratom’s efficacy is more in the realm of enhancement, attentiveness and moderate invigoration.


If you’ve read a yellow thai review before then you probably already know that it is a strain whose origins have been up for much debate.

Some say it comes from kratom leaf that has been plucked from live kratom plants at an advanced stage of growth, but most seasoned kratomites can tell you that its color owes more to the aforementioned drying technique.

Yellow kratom is really white vein kratom and the color of its veins have been altered because of the protracted fermentation phase. Young and old leaves alike are picked and left to dry for a period of no less than 15 days for photo-oxidation.

Yellow Thai kratom has been called the best of the gold strains of 2019, and I’m not one to disagree. Once quite rare, Yellow Thai kratom has become readily available thanks to the implementation of cutting edge US-based manufacturing facilities and laboratory testing.

In our list of kratom strains, Yellow Thai was rated among the top gold and yellow strains of 2020. That’s because it is a 4.8-star cultivar that has continued to grow a mushrooming customer base thanks to its extensive duration and broad spectrum of unique properties.

Yellow Thai’s high alkaloid content is responsible for a kratom powder with a long life and robust aroma. Unlike Yellow Vietnam kratom, Yellow Thai kratom is not known to heighten visual perception and is, therefore, a safer day time strain.

Whereas other yellow kratom powders are notorious for their sedating effects, Yellow Thai is an elevating strain that helps you to kick start your morning and power through a work day. Like a strong cup of coffee minus the jitters or squirts, Yellow Thai kratom can carry you through life’s many stressors and difficult projects.


Most individuals who have burned Yellow Thai have reported the following purported benefits:

  • Improved mood
  • Heightened awareness
  • Clean boost
  • Rejuvenation
  • Sharpened focus
  • General well-being


Here in the United States, kratom is not approved by the FDA for medicinal use and, thus, no actual recommendations can be made with regard to human or animal consumption. With that said, many users point to the following as being reasonable levels to brew:

  • 1-2 grams (Novice)
  • 2-3 grams (Expert)
  • 3-4 grams (Moderate)
  • 5-6 grams (High)

These different degrees have not been evaluated by any medical professionals and are included here for research purposes only. Kratom Crazy makes no claims as to how one should use kratom powder or how it may affect the individual. Kratom is an aromatic botanical and should be brewed or chewed accordingly.

It is generally understood that kratom users should avoid chronic use of kratom powder so as not to potentiate tolerance, overdose or addiction. Those who have used kratom in the long term and at high dosage levels have suffered from kidney damage, liver damage, liver failure and even death.


For the purposes of my Yellow Thai Kratom Strain Review, I have sampled a pouch of Yellow Thai kratom from Original Harvest Kratom. I must admit to being a little thrown by the color of their powder as it was less pale yellow and more light green.

That’s when I remembered that Yellow Thai kratom is actually prepared not just with white vein kratom leaves but, also, a mixture of red and green vein kratom leaves. Clearly, this batch is more white vein dominant.

The effects took awhile to take hold…I’d say I didn’t get the initial pick up until about 45 minutes after I brewed a cup of kratom tea. I used 3.5 grams as a starting dose and cut my tea with all natural honey and a splash of juice to potentiate the kratom.

Considering the presence of an agitator in my mixture, I’m a little disappointed that it took so long to kick in, but perhaps my measurements were off.

In any event, the effects were exactly what I was hoping for. I felt reinvigorated, warm about my face and chest, and ready to attack my next work project. Slogging through reams of research can lead to a fair amount of laziness and brain fog, but not on this one, baby!

I powered through my work without nodding off once and was through without incident in a fraction of the time it would normally take me. What’s more, I felt a fine buzz surging through me at about the one hour and ten minute mark, a sensation that continued unabated for the rest of the afternoon.

Where some strains can eventually lead to some lethargy or drowsiness, Yellow Thai kratom had no such finish. There was zero comedown and I fell off to sleep comfortably at a reasonable time. The stress that sometimes enraptures me when working was nowhere to be found. If I was scoring this strain, I’d give it a 9.5 out of 10.


Earlier I mentioned the yellow thai reddit post, and if you clicked on it then you already know that users have had a lot of interesting things to say about this one. A user by the handle u/carydboardboxer wrote, “I burned the Yellow Thai about 3 hours ago and I must say. This is one of my new favorite strains. Very potent, just the right amount of energy and focus. I am loving this strain.”

Elsewhere, a user has said, “Yellow Thai is great. Energy, mood increase, decreased social anxiety and euphoria for me.”

Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, “I love yellow thai! Slight energy and slight relaxation. I usually take yellows as an afternoon strain.”


As you can see, Yellow Thai is deserving of some attention and it looks like it’s finally starting to get some. Give it a go today and tell us all about your experience in the comments below. Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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