The Natural Kratom Nausea Cure Everyone Should Be Talking About

May 04, 2019 Articles, Kratom Tea

I am not a young man, at least not compared to many of my so-called peers in the kratom community. Where my counterparts may be able to go out and party until sunrise without repercussions, I wake up after a late night bender feeling like I’ve been the gimp in some orgy with Sumo wrestlers.

As any thirty-something can tell you, hangovers suck harder than a Shop-Vac. About the only thing that sucks harder than an alcohol hangover is kratom nausea.

So you can imagine my despair when I made the mistake of getting toasted on too many Natty Ices while celebrating my birthday and forgot that I’d have to wake up the next morning to do a Golden Thai kratom strain review.

Those who are familiar with this blog will remember that I often sample different kratom strains from different kratom vendors for the purposes of these reviews. That means that I found myself having to choke down a generous amount of kratom powder after horking hideous amounts of cheap white trash lager.

Nausea was inevitable. Indeed, it is inevitable for a lot of people who burn kratom. There are plenty of reasons why this occurs—the gag reflex factor (tossing and washing kratom can result in clumps of kratom powder getting stuck to the roof of your mouth, thereby triggering you to gag), the fact that users are supposed to burn kratom on an otherwise empty stomach, etc.

In the last couple of years, I’ve come across a multitude of forum posts and blog entries about a so-called kratom nausea cure—all of which I’ll talk about below—but I’ve also alighted on my own all-natural cure that I’m surprised to find no one else sharing.

That changes today. Let’s jump in!


Here is a short list of some popular techniques that people have been implementing in order to prevent or manage kratom-related nausea. They include the following:

  • Antacids (Take an OTC antacid 30 minutes before burning kratom)
  • Burn only the smallest dose (This is especially effective for beginners)
  • Antihistamines (This is not advisable as it may result in sedation)
  • Drink ginger ale (This one seems like an old wives’ tale as carbonated beverages can cause dehydration)
  • Apple cider vinegar (Another highly unlikely remedy, although it may potentiate kratom’s effects)


After suffering through an agonizing hour of kratom nausea post-drink-a-thon, I was beyond elated to find that the following concoction worked wonders to alleviate my symptoms.

If you’re anything like me, you probably love the holidays for all of the wrong reasons. Personally, I’ve never been crazy about celebrating Christmas. Arbitrary arguments with annoying family members and the perfunctory exchange of material possessions has never really been my thing.

However, there are some holiday-related things that I am fond of and one of them is candy canes. When I taste one, I’m immediately transported back to childhood and childhood for me means I’m back in the Eighties, a gloriously irresponsible time in which Hollywood’s idea of joyous family fun was a sinister John Lithgow gobbling handfuls of magic candy canes that made him levitate in the name of greed.

Peppermint is my point. A nice bit of peppermint aromatherapy can go a long way towards curing kratom nausea. In my case, I started by sucking on a peppermint candy cane while wearing a warm compress on my forehead and gently exhaling.

Of course, a case of the bubble guts doesn’t just bug off all that fast, especially not when you follow up a night of the Nasty Natties with a bilious belly full of Red Bali. That’s why I made haste to prepare a proper kratom nausea cure.

My cocktail consisted of one lemon wedge, two teaspoons of powdered ginger, one vitamin B6 supplement, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and one solicitation of my fiance to give me a back rub. You’d be surprised what some deep tissue massage can do for a sour stomach.

Mix all of the above together in a food processor or blender with half a glass of iced water and two Tums. As we talked about in another recent post, Tums can also serve as a kratom potentiator.

After knocking back a glass of my personal kratom nausea cure, not only did my symptoms subside but the Golden Thai I’d taken earlier began to kick in, and soon those dreaded sensations of queasiness were replaced by warmth, good humor and energy.


If you haven’t yet taken kratom, consider taking some precautions beforehand. These are some of the ways that one can prevent kratom side effects prior to use. Number one, of course, is food. Don’t starve yourself.

Despite popular opinion pointing to use on an empty stomach for the strongest effects, those prone to nausea and vomiting can eat a small meal or snack one hour prior to burning kratom to eliminate the potential of a flareup.

Additionally, you will want to stick to smaller doses as larger doses typically lead to side effects like nausea, stomach cramp and puking.

If the toss and wash method triggers your gag reflex, consider brewing yourself some kratom tea. It’s a much more pleasant experience and has less of a likelihood of causing nausea.

Keep some motion sickness medication on hand in the event that you develop mild nausea. This will help you to balance your equilibrium and soothe your stomach.

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, keep some marijuana handy so that you can smoke up if nausea persists. This is one of the safest and most effective panaceas for kratom nausea or any other kind of nausea, for that matter.


As you can see, there are several different methods for preventing or curing kratom nausea. Stick to these tips and you should be able to satisfy your kratom craving without having to hug the bowl. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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