Red Sunda Kratom Review: The Strain That’s Chill AF

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Red vein kratom strains are already notorious for being among the strongest and most sedating, but as reds go you can’t source a single strain that’s more suited to the sloth in all of us than Red Sunda.

If you’re the type of bong rat who likes lounging around before, after and while you sample your botanical of choice, Red Sunda is the equivalent of some fine OG Tahoe nugs. As you’ll see in todays’ premium Red Sunda kratom review, this strain has no equal in the realm of absolute chillness.


Red Sunda is a red vein kratom strain that hails from the Sunda Islands in the Malay archipelago. From Danau Tihu to Romang, Red Sunda kratom grows to great heights among the diverse ecosystems of the region.

The islands’ vast cross-section of mangroves, estuaries and mud flats make for sandy clay-filled soil and an ever-evolving movement of flora and fauna. This is where Red Sunda kratom leaves have been harvested by select local farmers.

Due to fast-growing industrialization, deforestation and air pollution have begun to threaten the future of Red Sunda kratom along the archipelago. As a result, it has become more difficult to properly source the plant or its leaves. Because of this, Red Sunda is quite rare and is, therefore, highly valuable in the kratom marketplace.


This extremely mellow kratom powder shares many traits with others strains, such as its restorative properties. However, it is significantly less stimulating than most kratom powder. Instead, it is most effective at elevating mood and instilling a generous sense of calm and well-being.

Red Sunda kratom’s many purported effects include the following:

  • Intense relaxation
  • Extreme exhilaration
  • Mild invigoration
  • Increased vitality
  • Restful sleep

Red Sunda has a very long-lasting duration and its powerful effects can, therefore, be expected to last for at least five to six hours.

Like Red Brunei Kratom, Red Sunda is quite rare and is usually only available for a limited time. For this reason, users should snatch some up while they have the chance. Also, like Red Ketapang, Red Sunda kratom is highly potent, so you won’t need nearly as many grams to get your groove on.

Red Sunda currently enjoys a top 3 spot on our list of the best kratom strains by virtue of its potency and longevity.


As you will see if you visit any Red Sunda kratom reddit post, this strain is considered a real treat that is well worth the price of admission. One user writes “…it’s one of the best reds i’ve tried so far. It’s not overly sedating for a red but it’s very euphoric with GREAT pain relief, completely wiped out my back pain. Even though it costs more for being a premium strain it’s definitely worth the price imo.”

Another user agrees, calling it “Very fresh, fine, and very green colored for a red vein. Not a single sign of any stem or vein bits. Reds are usually ineffective from any vendor for me. Not this one.”

Naturally, opinions vary from person to person; in one user’s Red Sunda Kratom review, they write, “This is the deepest red I’ve seen. Has a very rusty colour, almost like dirt you’d find on Mars. Pain relief is medium, but the strain is quite sedating, moreso than Red Bali…

“…Red Sunda is by far, the most sedating strain I have, but it lacks the mood enhancement one might get from a good Red Bali or Red Borneo. Also, 7 grams made me more nauseous than other strains would. I did appreciate that this strain is pretty much relaxing at any dose, even low doses…

“…Perhaps this would be a good strain to mix with another red. On its own, it’s good for sleep and pain relief. Those with high tolerances might be disappointed in using the strain alone.”

This last review has been edited down for clarity and brevity. For the full user experience, click here.

Elsewhere, an exuberant user said, “Hell yeah, it’s amazing in my opinion. Glad I got a kilo! It’s not necessarily more potent by weight at least not by much, but the quality of effects are consistent and exactly what I’m looking for.”


I must admit that I’ve only tried Red Sunda kratom once because of its relative scarcity at the time. Consequently, my memory of my experience is somewhat hazy. I can say that it impressed me at the time with its supremely mellow vibes and calming effects.

One thing that stands out in my mind, if for no other reason than I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else, is how introspective this strain may be. In my humble opinion, it was one of only a handful of strains that led to deep reflection, something I often look for in a strain.

Considering its sedating effects, I had anticipated using it only in the evening or late at night. On the contrary, it turned out to be the perfect addition to a lazy weekend afternoon on the beach. I can’t remember precisely what dosage I burned, but I know it was less than I normally would.

Words like “euphoric” and “relaxing” don’t begin to cover exactly how chill this strain can be. I could see this one pairing nicely with some indica-dominant hemp hybrids or CBD oil.


There is a finite number of kratom vendors offering Red Sunda kratom online. Luckily, there are just enough to make your search short and simple. Here is a short list of trusted kratom vendors offering Red Sunda at this time:

  • Greg’s Botanical
  • Krabot
  • Legal Herbal Shop
  • GAIA Ethnobotanical, aka MitraGaia

Each of these vendors has been thoroughly vetted and found to be in possession of high quality kratom powder at industry standard prices. Kat’s Botanicals is currently selling Yellow Sunda and White Sunda, so you may want to shoot her a message and see if she can source Red Sunda as well. It’s worth a shot as she regularly stocks some of the best powders on the planet.


Red Sunda kratom is a solid choice for the discerning kratomite who craves hours of optimal relaxation and deep introspection. Get it while the gettin’s good! Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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