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As of 2019, several US states have passed legislation banning kratom possession, distribution and/or use. For residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin and Vermont, the mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) plant and/or its chief alkaloid, mitragynine, are now considered controlled substances.

This leaves many long-time users in a tough spot, but here at Kratom Crazy we’ve got your back. There are a number of herbal remedies that might do the trick if you’ve been burning kratom leaf for specific purposes.

Before we delve into the full list of legal kratom alternatives, let’s take a look at our number one choice for legal kratom alternative in 2019.


Why venture far away from the coffee family of plants if you need to get your kratom fix on? The mitragyna javanica plant is a brother plant to kratom and like kratom, it belongs to the Rubicae family. Also like kratom, it contains a number of potent alkaloids.


The most prominent difference between the two plants is mitragyna javanica’s lack of mitragynine. However, it more than makes up for its absence with its high concentrations of ajamalicine, the indole alkaloid that gives kratom its natural mood uplifting properties.

Whereas kratom can often harm those afflicted with heart conditions or high BP (blood pressure), mitragyna javanica has actually been known to reduce high blood pressure and manage those levels when administered on a regular basis.

If you or someone you know has been burning kratom to help manage stress or relieve insomnia then you’ll be happy to learn that mitragyna javanica is said to be effective in both of these areas. What’s more it is also mildly euphoric in much the same way that kratom is.

Bear in mind that mitragyna javanica offers milder effects than kratom and, therefore, you may have to burn larger doses to achieve the desired outcome. This might suck for seasoned kratomites who have grown accustomed to burning 6-8 grams of kratom or more, but most users will agree that large dosage levels of kratom can be too intense.

This does not appear to be the case with mitragyna javanica, an Ayurvedic herb that encompasses all of the anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and anti-diarrheal properties of kratom minus the kratom hangover or overly sedating effects of the same.

On the downside, most kratom users have to brew as many as 20 grams of mitragyna javanica tea in order to yield results similar to a much smaller dose of kratom. But if you’re in a pinch, it’s well worth it to spend a couple extra bucks on bulk mitragyna javanica powder.

You can buy mitragyna javanica right here for an industry standard price.


Hailing from the tropics of the Amazon rainforest, Chuchuhuasi is a mysterious tree whose bark, roots and leaves are used in the preparation of a variety of folk remedies. Its name roughly translates as “trembling back” because of its utility as a treatment for chronic lower back pain.

The natives of Amazonia have used Chuchuhuasi orally to assist with arthritis, back pain, bones fractures, diarrhea, dislocations, diarrhea, joint inflammation and more. It is a somewhat prevalant herbal aphrodisiac and a natural tonic that is readily available across the globe.

There is little scientific data to support Chuchuhuasi’s purported health benefits, but those who have taken it orally have attested to its value as a folk medicine. No side effects have been recorded and there are few known drug interactions when using Chuchuhuasi.


If you’ve been taking kratom for its soothing properties, your best substitute is kratom’s sister plant—Mitragyna hirsuta. As with kratom, mitragyna hirsuta is effective as an herbal form of relief and contains large volumes of mitraphylline, an alkaloid that is stucturally similar to mitragynine.

Known colloquially as kra thum khok, this Ayurvedic botanical possesses stimulating effects which mimic those of green vein kratom strains. Like Green Malay kratom, the mitragyna hirsuta leaves provide a clean energy boost that is free of the jitters.

Loaded with antioxidant properties, mitragyna hirsuta is believed to increase brain oxygenation and lower blood pressure. Many have compared its full body effect to that of cannabis and it’s easy to see why—this herb offers the stimulation of a sativa strain with the mild sedation of indica.


Those who have burned multiple kratom strains know that it can induce strong euphoria and improve sociability. It is also widely used to improve mood and help introverted personalities flourish in social situations.

If you’re looking for a compound that can induce this kind of euphoria and mood enhancement, look no further than Kanna. Like other legal kratom alternatives, kanna can offer mild analgesia and appetite suppression. Unlike just any other legal kratom alternative, kanna powder can make it easier for introverted or inhibited individuals to deliver public speeches.

Much of kanna’s social effects owe to its effect on the amygdala, the almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside one’s cerebral hemisphere. It is this mass of gray matter that is responsible for how we experience human emotions.

At certain dosage levels, kanna powder can alleviate anxiety, enhance one’s sense of connection to their fellow human beings and cause substantial euphoria and relaxation. It is also rather stimulating in larger doses.


Kratom has been used by those suffering from lethargy, fatigue, mood disorders and more.

If you suffer from fatigue and are residing in a state where kratom is off-limits, Rhodiola Rosea may be a safe and effective substitute for managing your issues. This traditional botanical is said to assist with fatigue, headaches, anemia, and so forth.

Although it is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA, the medical community at large seem to agree that Rhodiola Rosea could have significant health benefits. Rhodiola Rosea contains a wealth of anti-inflammatory properties and is not known to have any adverse effects or contraindications.


Many kratom users burn kratom powder for its nootropic effects. One herb that is incredibly similar to kratom in this area is Akuamma seed extract.

This African herb behaves in much the same way as kratom because its key alkaloid, akuammine, is nearly identical in nature to mitragynine.


A close contender is the tianna kratom alternative. Tianna capsules come in red and white strains, just like kratom, and like kratom they may instill hours of natural energy and mental clarity. Caveat emptor: The FDA has issued a warning against at least one tianna supplement company for selling Tianeptine for unapproved purposes.


Kratom is awesome. Period. We can all agree that no one should have to be without access to something like it. Thanks to the widespread availability of the aforementioned herbs you’ll never have to be. Explore these incredible tonics today and let us know how they help you. Be well.

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