Green Sunda: An Invigorating OG Kratom Strain

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What is Green Sunda? Where does it come from? How can you buy Green Sunda kratom online? We’ll cover all that and more in today’s comprehensive kratom strain review.

But first…a little background.


Regular visitors to this blog are no doubt aware of my lifelong battle with Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed as an adolescent and struggled with this immunological condition throughout a rocky high school career that was less than stellar in the attendance department.

Fibromyalgia had me couch locked with daily fatigue and unable to focus on school work. I was too irritable to learn anything new and too depressed to do much of anything besides binge on junk food and marijuana.

For a long time, smoking weed seemed like the only thing that relieved my fatigue and joint inflammation. But as time went on, chronic marijuana use led to anxiety, panic attacks and even more irritability.

Eventually, I embraced a healthier, plant-and-protein heavy diet and an exercise regimen that helped me fight through the pain and shed the excess pounds my previous lifestyle had left me with. Just when I had reached peak physical condition and my Fibromyalgia symptoms subsided, calamity struck again.

A confluence of events, including a car accident and a fall down a flight of stairs left me with a variety of back injuries. One bulging disc and multiple lumbar compressions later, I was back in chronic pain and unable to work or exercise.

At 30 years old, I was back to square one—coping with disability, suffering from fatigue and glued to the couch all over again. When my life was at its bleakest and I was ready to give up, a friend mailed me a pouch of green vein kratom from his personal stash of botanicals and told me it would change my life.

He was being more than modest. Green vein kratom gave me my life back in virtually every way possible. Not only did it relieve my fatigue and joint inflammation, it also got my mind off my back pain.

Suddenly, I was able to get out of bed without a fuss, clean myself up, do some mild stretching exercises and seize the proverbial day. I began researching this remarkable herb and, in no time at all, I had found myself a job in the kratom industry.

It was a dream come true and one that I owe to green vein kratom. Over the ensuing years, I have tried almost every kratom strain around, whether we’re talking about Red Vein Bentuangie and White Sumatra or Yellow Vietnam and Gold Thai.

Each kratom strain impresses with its own very distinct effects, but I have always turned to green vein kratom for its energy enhancement and mood improvement. Green kratom got me out of the doldrums and has kept me there ever since.

Of all the green vein kratom strains I’ve tried, Green Sundanese kratom or Green Sunda (if you’re into the whole brevity thing) is the absolute best. I have found it to be more invigorating than any other green vein kratom strain and at substantially smaller microdoses.

IMHO, Green Sunda is the go-to strain for people dealing with stuff like what I’ve been dealing with. Like Green Malay before it, Green Sunda may just give you the kind of hyper focus that enables you to bang out work-related projects with ease and comfort.

Today I’ll tell you why. Without further ado, here is our Green Sunda Kratom review.


As we covered in our Red Sundra kratom review, Sundanese kratom powder comes from the leaves of old-growth (OG) kratom trees which are grown exclusively on the Sunda Islands in the Malay archipelago.

Green Sunda is harvested by a select number of experienced local farmers who have pioneered their own special methods for growing and caring for kratom leaf. Green Sunda is a rare strain because fast-growing industrialization makes it difficult to find untouched virgin land on which to grow these massive, uber-mature kratom trees.


The natives of the Sunda Islands have chewed Sundanese kratom leaves to improve mood, relieve insomnia and more. It is a particularly bracing kratom strain, one that is more stimulating than most other forms of kratom.

Whereas Red Sunda is very relaxing and even sedating at certain dosage levels, Green Sunda is known to be both restorative and galvanizing, sparking the kind of motivation requisite to creative endeavors, endurance sports, social engagements and work presentations.

Green Sunda is stronger than other strains, such as Green Batak kratom or Green Kali. For instance, the Green Kali kratom effects are more laid back and can even result in the dreaded couch lock whereas Green Sunda kratom effects include hours of increased focus and natural energy.


If you’ve visited a Green Sunda kratom Reddit post then you likely already know how folks have responded to this fascinating strain. Although some have said that it’s a “finicky strain,” others have noted its many subtleties and nuances.

Sunda has often landed on users’ top 5 strains lists and it’s obvious why that is. Many people have compared Green Sunda to Yellow Sunda.

One user called Yellow Sunda the “Kratom G.O.A.T.” In their post, they write, “Seriously. Glad I bought into the hype. Got like 5 friends on the hype train placing orders and just ordered a 2ND kilo lmao i don’t ever wanna run out of this.


“Of course everyone is different so you may not love it as much as me but i’ve found “MY” strain! Better than (not too much but a significant amount) my premium sunda that i fanboy over all the time. It’s the most pain relieving strain I’ve ever come across…”


Green Sunda is a rare strain, but it is nevertheless readily available if you know where to look. Some of the top kratom vendors currently stocking Green Sunda kratom include the following:

  • Kats Botanicals
  • Krabot
  • MitraGaia

Kats Botanicals is a long-time favorite of mine and one who offers quality Sunda kratom powder for just $7.99 per ounce. Krabot is also relatively inexpensive at $14.99 per 50 grams (1.8 ounces). They also have a wonderful array of payment options including crypto, Zelle and eCheck.

MitraGaia is the newly rebranded Gaia Ethnobotanical, a company that has made our top kratom vendors list two years in a row and counting. They offer top shelf kratom powders at a fair market price with plenty of consumer incentives and detailed information.

Sunda kratom is normally available via Kratom Infusion, but they are out of stock at this time. Another vendor peddling so-called Sunda powder is Buy Kratom, but their website looks kinda of hinky and they lack the reputation of the aforementioned companies.


Green Sunda is a gold star kratom strain that’s meant for those who need fast and long-lasting relief from pain and fatigue. Give it a go today and let us know what you think. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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