Cat’s Claw and Kratom: How They Work Together, How to Dose and More

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Cat’s Claw is one of the most versatile herbs on the planet, possessing as it does innumerable potential benefits, such as increasing white blood cells, relieving chronic pain, lowering high BP (Blood Pressure), promoting digestive health and much, much more.

The holistic community has been using cat’s claw for years as have the natives of South and Central America where cat’s claw grows in tropical jungles. Among cat’s claw’s many potential applications is its value as an adjunct to kratom leaf.


A lot of people wonder whether or not cat’s claw can produce a cannabis-like “high” and many have begun seeking it out for recreational use. This is due in no small part to the widely asked question, “Is cat’s claw psychoactive?”

The answer is, YES! Cat’s claw is, in fact, psychoactive. Cat’s claw root contains rhynchophylline, an oxindole alkaloid which serves as an NMDA antagonist. This class of antagonists inhibit the action of the N-Methyl-D-asparate receptor.

Cat’s claw possesses dissociative effects that are unlike the effects of kratom. However, these pronounced effects may compliment those of kratom as both share mild sedating effects in common.

Whether cat’s claw will get you high really comes down to how much you are willing to dose. Most users report experiencing cat’s claw’s strongest effects at larger dosage levels.


Cat’s claw and kratom work well together because they both contain powerful alkaloids. The oxindole alkaloids present in cat’s claw works to potentiate kratom, making it significantly more potent. Some have even speculated that cat’s claw could undermine the addictive potential of kratom, although there is no hard scientific evidence to support this theory.

Nevertheless, cat’s claw is a viable kratom activator that can get kratom working with less wait time and extend its impressive effects. The caveat here is that cat’s claw is not the most effective kratom potentiator available. And, most alarmingly, it may take more cat’s claw than you are willing to use.


Some users have taken two grams of cat’s claw their normal dose of kratom before burning kratom. Most users agree that taking additional doses of cat’s claw after burning kratom is the most effective method for potentiating kratom.

Most individuals require significantly larger doses of cat’s claw, taking as much as 20 grams with 6-8 grams of kratom powder. This may produce moderate to extreme sedating and anxiolytic effects in some users.

Naturally, everyone is different and it would appear that more seasoned kratomites require far more cat’s claw than noobs. It is also worth noting that some users have said that mixing cat’s claw with kratom seriously diminishes the euphoria associated with kratom.


If you visit a Cat’s Claw Kratom Reddit post you’ll see that users are eager to try this phenomenal combination. Users have been posting about this kratom potentiator all over the internet. In one post, a user writes, “The other day I bought Cat’s Claw in 500 mg capsules. I took one capsule at lunchtime, just after I bought it. When I got home from work, I took my typical 4 gram dose of green Maeng Da, plus two caps of CC.

“It was very nice! It felt stronger than 4 grams usually does. I can’t take too much more than 6 grams because with larger doses I get mentally “fuzzy”, don’t like talking to people, and my stomach gets annoyed. But with the CC, the mental effects felt stronger than 4g, without any unwanted side effects. In fact, it seemed to reduce the side effects, and generally smooth out the whole experience.”

Elsewhere, users have warned of cat’s claw’s potential for undermining kratom’s effects or even increasing their likelihood of sleep disruption. As with all other substances, cat’s claw isn’t for everyone. Experiences will vary from person to person.


Many people combine cinnamon and kratom or chamomile and kratom, either to potentiate kratom’s effects or to intensify kratom’s natural relaxing effect. Here are some compounds which can increase kratom bioavailability, making for a faster kick in and a longer lasting experience.

As you’ll notice from our list, spices are an essential addition to a kratom combination. That’s because pepper and similar spices contain a natural substance that assists in the absorption of chemical compounds.

One such substance is the curcumin in turmeric, one of the most popular kratom potentiators. Spices like black pepper can increase absorption of curcumin by 2,000 percent, so you can only imagine its potential with kratom’s key alkaloids.

  • Turmeric & Black Pepper
  • Watercress
  • Akuamma Seed
  • Cayenne Pepper

As we’ve said in at least one previous post, turmeric is a great kratom potentiator which can be mixed into a cup of kratom tea with a dash of black pepper to unlock kratom’s relaxing and restorative effects.

Unlike cat’s claw which requires a substantial dose, most users enjoy this combo in a ratio of half a gram of turmeric for every 1.5 gram dose of kratom.

Watercress is another kratom potentiator, but it’s not nearly as notable as turmeric and black pepper. That being said, you can expect it to make a standard kratom dose feel a bit stronger than it normally would. Of all the potentiators on this list, I’d say watercress is the one that most closely resembles cat’s claw’s potentiation.

Akuamma seed is a viable kratom instigator if combined correctly; the only way to stomach this one is to run the akuamma seed through a pulser or food processor. Users can anticipate a less than pleasant mouth feel, but the intensity of effects will more than make up for the drinking experience.

Last but not least, cayenne pepper can be combined with kratom thanks to its formidable spike in kratom’s effects. This is one that I like to mix with a kratom smoothie, especially when I’m mixing some kratom powder into a spirulina shake.

I’ve never heard of spirulina serving as a potentiator, but I simply love the energy it seems to give me and the fact that it promotes healthy gut flora.


While cat’s claw can be combined with kratom, there are plenty of other options at your disposal. I strongly urge all of our readers to do their homework and think about what they want out of their kratom experience. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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