An Honest Review of Dayak Tribe Kratom: What You Need to Know About This Vendor

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It’s a sad fact of life that for every true blue botanist with passion and integrity there’s at least a dirty dozen grifters looking to make a fast buck off the latest trends in holistic supplements. Determining who is legit and who’s full of shit can be difficult with so much conflicting information flooding the internet.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide you as much detailed information about kratom vendors as we can find. In today’s review we take a closer look at Dayak Tribe Kratom, a popular smoke shop brand whose consumer reputation is dwarfed by its hazy history.

I feel it incumbent upon me to say that I have never personally tried Dayak Kratom and, therefore, cannot speak to the quality or lack thereof. This review is based strictly on thorough research from around the Web.

Let’s get into it!


Dayak Kratom LLC is a Maine-based kratom brand that was supposedly founded in July of 2013. I say “supposedly” because there is evidence of this vendor filing for a trademark in 2017 and further proof that they were never granted said trademark.

Before we jump to any conclusions about the veracity of this vendor’s proprietary claims, I should say that their failure to procure a trademark for their name does not negate the fact that they have been in business for a number of years. In that time, they have cemented a reputation among kratom consumers and have impressed more than one user with their horned leaf kratom.

Nevertheless, one has to wonder exactly why they did not file the proper forms to receive a trademarked name. On the other hand, a kratom vendor with their kind of longevity is undoubtedly a vendor who is doing something right. After all, why would one want a trademark if they didn’t feel the need to protect their brand from companies who would try to bite their style?

Speculation aside, here’s what we know about Dayak Kratom. The LLC was formed by Dereck Connors and his wife Veronika, two independent business people who also run The Dayak Chill Spot, a vaporizer store in Steuben, ME.

Unlike other kratom vendors, Dayak Tribe Kratom does not have an online store. However, they do maintain a Facebook page. They also have merch up at Tee Spring.

Their vape store used to have a website, but when you type in the URL it redirects to which produces the following prompt: “This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be reached.”


According to the owners, this vendor gets 90% of their kratom products directly from the Dayak tribe from West Borneo in Indonesia. Apparently they were given permission to use the tribe’s name for their business from the tribal council.

As kratom wholesalers, Dayak Tribe Kratom supply their horned leaf kratom strains to mom and pop smoke shops and head shops across the United States and beyond. Since their formation, they have grown into a worldwide brand with a loyal customer base.

Much of their popularity owes to their commitment to those customers—their weekly 20% off discounts, same day shipping method and free shipping on orders of $40 or more.


All of Dayak Tribe Kratom’s kratom powders come from Horned Leaf strains. Chief among them is their Green Horn kratom. The Green Horn kratom benefits are well-known among the kratom community. Reviewers have raved about the purported cognitive effects and restorative benefits of this strain.

One of the online stores that Dayak Tribe Kratom supplies is Kratom Crusade who regularly stock their Dayak Green. Dayak Green kratom capsules are available for as little as $3.25 with bulk kratom available for $227.25 per 2,000 capsules.

One of their most talked about strains is Red Dayak, but it is worth noting that there are a few vendors selling Red Dayak which raises a red flag since the owner of Dayak Tribe Kratom claims that they are the exclusive purveyor of authentic Dayak kratom.


Over at I Love Kratom’s forums, one impassioned return customer wrote, “I have ordered several times now from them, they have 20% off on Tuesdays, which of course is when I order. I love Borneo strains, so order 1lb…about $54, of course GREAT price. But more important is the quality, which is also great! And always receive my order, from East Coast to West Coast within days.”

Aside from this forum post, there isn’t all that much chatter about them on social media. Most references to Dayak Kratom on Reddit are very old and mostly revolve around Dereck’s troubles after he and his wife first established their company.

A representative for Dayak Tribe Kratom maintains an amateurish WordPress blog which is sporadically updated with info like testimonials and fan submitted pictures. This is the closest thing to a proper website and as such, it is pretty disappointing.


  • Brick and mortar location in Maine
  • Return customers
  • Horned Leaf
  • Satisfying prices
  • Toll-free phone number


  • No online store
  • Scant information about their strains
  • No money back guarantee
  • No detailed information about their kratom powder
  • No proof of lab testing for purity


I think you’ll agree that Dayak Tribe Kratom leaves something to be desired when it comes to literature, labeling and marketing. Although this vendor has its fair share of fans, there’s not much online to recommend them.

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