Kratom Spot: A Long-Established Vendor with All The Goodies

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It’s easy for a kratom vendor to say that they endeavor to provide customers with quality. It’s quite another to deliver on that promise time and time again. As I’ve said before, longevity is a rarity in the kratom space; online kratom shops come and go every day.

One company that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon is Kratom Spot. They are one of the oldest vendors in the United States and a fan favorite that’s generated more buzz than almost any other botanicals outfit on the Internet.

In today’s review, we’ll talk about their products, their pricing, their reputation among consumers and much, much more. Let’s roll!


Kratom Spot is a US-based kratom vendor operating out of Irvine, California. Founded in 2014, they have been steadily growing their brand ever since. They owe much of their success to their firm dedication to sourcing only the highest quality premium kratom powder available.

Over the last few years, Kratom Spot has expanded into the wholesale kratom market and have introduced a variety of new and exciting products. These certified lab tested products have reached peak popularity by virtue of their purity and potency.

Unlike many other online kratom stores, Kratom Spot practice Fair Trade policies which enables small-time farmers to thrive and kratom to be exported safely and ethically.

Relying on cutting edge technology and diligent R & D, this vendor has brought them to Southeast Asia and beyond where they have fastidiously curated only the most prime examples of kratom strains.


Some of you may remember that I recommended this vendor in our Red Indo Strain Review. That’s because they’ve got some of the choicest powders this noot nut has come across. This is particularly true of their red vein kratom strains. They are heavy on the sedating end and bold on the stimulating side.

Kratom Spot’s kratom leaf is available in powder or capsule form. At present, they stock 30 unique kratom strains including Bali White, Borneo White, Green Thai, Sumatra Red, Bentuangie, White Maeng Da and Ultra Borneo.

This vendor also offers a full line of kratom extracts, such as Ultra Enhanced Malay and Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da.


Kratom Spot’s pricing is another area in which they really excel with kratom powder starting as low as $7.19 for 28 grams. This vendor also sells kratom by the pound with 1 lb going for $89.99. Unfortunately, they do not sell bulk kratom powder, so if you’re in the market for a kratom kilo you’d be better off seeking out a bulk kratom provider.

On the bright side, they do run frequent sales on all of their products and are very generous with return customers.


A Kratom Spot coupon code for 15% off is available at Coupon Birds. Codes can be entered at checkout and applied to your total. Free shipping is another frequent deal offered by this vendor, and Cyber Monday sales are also common.


If you’ve visited a Kratom Spot Reddit post then you already know that customers have been very vocal about their experience with this vendor. The overwhelming number of consumers are vehemently in support of Kratom Spot and their kratom powder.

One user on I Love Kratom said, “I made my 1 st ever Kratom order for Bali Red Vein Kratom Powder from Kratom Spot on Cyber Monday. Got a good discount and package was at my house by that Friday. Very happy with it. My story is similar to a lot of people on here so here is why I decided to try Kratom.”

They have an excellent rating over at Trust Pilot where consumer reviews have been almost unanimously positive. One reviewer writes, “I was very happy with my current purchase. Fast shipping, effective product, and really cute packaging!”

Another user echoes this sentiment, saying,“As a first customer and longtime prononent of kratom, I am pleased with Kratom Spot. The quality of their kratom is excellent. The shipping is extremely fast. I’ll refer them to others and certainly be a new customer myself.”

Glowing Kratom Spot reviews can be found far and wide, and they have landed on I Love Kratom’s Approved Vendor list.


All things considered, Kratom Spot is a reliable and trustworthy source for top shelf kratom products. If they keep things up, you can definitely expect to see them on our next list of top kratom vendors.

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