Mount Kratom: Fishing for Customers and Flirting with Disaster

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Any experienced kratom user knows just how much word of mouth can mean to an up-and-coming kratom vendor. With hundreds, if not thousands, of social media posts referencing the top vendors online, it’s imperative that kratom start-ups leave a lasting impression on consumers.

This might make the kratom community seem like a bunch of snobs who are hard to impress, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Most of us ask very little of the kratom brands we buy. All we demand is potent product, fair pricing and professional transparency.

Legit vendors can provide all three of these things without incident, which is why you are likely to find a ton of company names that come highly recommended on social media sites and the like. That’s why vendors like Mount Kratom leave us shaking our collective heads.

Why haven’t we heard of them before? Why is it damn near impossible to find Mount Kratom reviews on the Internet? These are the questions we endeavor to answer in today’s vendor review.


Mount Kratom is an East Coast kratom vendor that appears to be brand new. I say “appears” because there is no information online about when their company was established or where their HQ is located. Like countless vendors, they claim to be the “#1 source for quality kratom,” but they do not disclose the location from which their kratom leaf is harvested.

To make matters worse, this vendor makes some dangerously inaccurate remarks about kratom in general. For instance, they say that those who enjoy kratom avoid “the addictive and overdosing dangers of the many other products available.”

Although most kratom users would agree that kratom may be safe at moderate doses, they would also readily admit that kratom is definitely addictive when taken on a chronic basis and that the potential for overdose is likely for those who develop a kratom tolerance.

Companies like Mount Kratom that assert that kratom is not addictive or potentially dangerous give the kratom industry a bad name. It makes responsible vendors look guilty by association. After all, it is common knowledge that kratom, like all chemical compounds, can pose a health risk if taken irresponsibly.

On the plus side, Mount Kratom has a very slick and easy-to-navigate website. This is good news for newcomers to the kratom space as we all know how aggravating a crappy site with poor design can be. For the more seasoned user, this really doesn’t make much of a difference overall, but it’s a nice bonus if nothing else.

Their blog is very well-written and boasts an attractive layout, but much of the information therein is as misleading as their homepage. For example, they say that marijuana and kratom are better and safer than prescription drugs which is a sweeping statement that does not take into consideration the specific areas of the body and mind that certain prescription medications can target.


For all of their bluster, Mount Kratom isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel where kratom is concerned. In addition to the usual suspects—Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Super Green Malay and Yellow Vietnam—they stock Green Hulu Kapuas, White Indo Elephant and what they call Premium Wild Green Maeng Da.

What makes their “wild” kratom so wild? There’s no way to rightfully know since they do not expound on what it is or where it comes from. Instead, they simply say that it is “one the most potent strains out there!”

Other products include kratom capsules, grapefruit juice, turmeric powder and apple cider vinegar. Those who want to buy bulk kratom powder will jump for joy when they see the prices Mount Kratom charges for kratom kilos, but the rest of us will be left wondering how they can afford to keep their prices so low.


Kratom prices are suspiciously low on many of this vendor’s kratom powders. Bentuangie, once thought to be a much rarer strain than others, starts at just $5 for an ounce as do their other traditional kratom strains.

Their kratom kilos and kratom kilo variety pack (4x250g) cap off at no more than $82.50 which is well below the industry standard. One must wonder exactly how effective kratom powder can be if it’s being offered at bargain basement prices.


Those who prefer to pay securely and discreetly will be thrilled to learn that this vendor accepts Zelle/Venmo, credit cards or e-checks. Kratom zelle vendors are a rare breed, so it’s always a boon to find one, especially one so cheap.


  • Offers affordable products
  • Sells kratom potentiators
  • Accepts cryptocurrency
  • Accepts major credit cards
  • Same day shipping
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Lacks a strong social media presence
  • Few, if any, notable reviews
  • Does not disclose the source of their kratom
  • Makes false or unsubstantiated claims about kratom benefits
  • Company information is kept private


The kratom community has been rather mum about this new vendor. Normally this would raise some red flags, but in fairness they are a relatively new company and may need some time to make a name for themselves.

The only post we’ve been able to hunt down is one in which a user talks about receiving an unsolicited offer from Mount Kratom’s owner. In their post, they write: “I got a message on Reddit from the owner of Mount Kratom saying his company is fairly new and he’d like to send me a sample. So I emailed him and gave him the strain I wanted which was Yellow Vietnam.

“A couple days later I received 20 grams in very nice packaging. It was very good! …It was a smooth, slightly energetic experience. A very nice mood lift as well. I have a split kilo coming from KOG that I’m pretty excited about since I’ve never tried them but I will definitely be trying some more strains from Mount Kratom soon.”

Another user weighed in on the situation, saying: “Some anonymous guy on reddit ? Those “vendors” are dime a dozen. C’mon kratom is now the #1 way to Make Big Money on the Internet. (Or dump some < average kratom !) wooo sent you 20 grams, that’s called fishing.. Hoping you’ll get hooked & send them money somehow.

“Never agree to take free samples from any wannabee vendor, unless its understood you are a mooch & have no intention of sending them ANY hard earned money! At least until they 1- Build a professional Website, 2- Have a history in business, 3- Prove their Price & Quality compares to 50 other proven, established vendors who are already ahead on your Vendor List. 🙂

“Again… Padded samples. Another common trick. The dude has a small amount of REAL good kratom, he probably got from DG Botanicals etc. He’s fishing for your wallet – Sends you a little 20 grams of the DG kratom. You’re blown away WOW! How much for 2 Kilos? You send em $200 using a P2P method (No refunds!) and find out … Its not the same kratom. Fooled ya!”


When a fresh vendor comes along and starts selling dirt cheap kratom while falsifying the facts about kratom addiction and kratom overdose it doesn’t sit well with us. For that reason, we can’t, in good conscience, recommend this vendor or their products. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether they deserve a shot at your business. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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