Sun Kratom is Not a Bright Idea—Here’s Why

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With each passing year there comes a flurry of new kratom start-ups with an eye towards bilking your hard-earned bucks online. One such start-up is Sun Kratom, a vendor whose name many sound promising but whose business practices leave consumers in the dark.

Today we’ll break down their product line, pricing, consumer reputation (or lack thereof) and more. I trust that you’ll see that this is one online vendor who’s not playing by the rules.


Sun Kratom was first established in 2018. This vendor does not share their HQ location on their website, nor do they provide so much as a threadbare About Us page. Indeed, all the information prospective customers have to go on is the succinct and rather vague description offered on their homepage.

According to the page, this vendor has the “Best International Kratom” and top notch customer service. The location from which they source their kratom powder is likewise omitted and instead they simply state that their farmers have “exclusive village rights” to untouched land where they can hand pick their product.


The systemic obfuscation of valuable information about sourcing has become a widespread issue in the kratom industry, one that contributes to the general public’s mistrust of this amazing Ayurvedic herb. When kratom vendors fail to make best efforts at disclosing such information on their websites they further stigmatize the kratom plant.

Think of it like this: You wouldn’t trust a credit union to handle your money if they couldn’t tell you where they came from or where your money would be stored.

Purchasing kratom should be handled with this same degree of healthy skepticism. A vendor should be able to tell you where their kratom powder comes from down to the specific region or even village.


Whereas many other vendors sell a wide array of different strains Sun Kratom only stocks three—Red Bali, Super Green Malay and White Maeng Da, respectively. Each of their powders is clumpy and oddly colored.

As most any seasoned kratomite can tell you, top shelf kratom is generally something that is finely ground to about the consistency of baby powder. Clumpy kratom is sloppy. Period. It’s that simple.


This vendor’s prices are neither terrible nor excellent. You can get 30 grams for $15 or 100 grams for $35. Not too bad, but definitely nothing too impressive either. What’s worse, there are no bulk kratom options available, so if you’re looking for kratom kilos for a fair price be prepared to look elsewhere.


Nada. We went digging through the intrawebz and couldn’t find a single post on Reddit, I Love Kratom, Double M Herbals or anywhere else.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Sun Kratom is a relatively new company that hasn’t had a whole lot of time to build a following.

But it doesn’t stop there. Daddy smells a big fat rat when he Googles “facebook sun kratom.” It appears as though this vendor maintains three separate Facebook profiles, one that says they’re located in Vietnam, another labeled “Sun Kratom Canggu” and still another one claiming that they are based out of Germany.

Coincidentally (snark very much intended), each of these Facebook profiles has the same amount of upvotes.


The shadiest vendors are the type who would employ bots to get Likes, fish for customers on /r/kratom or otherwise deceive the not-so-discerning public. These are the sorts of vendors that we strongly advise our customers to avoid.


  • Middle of the road pricing
  • Fast shipping
  • Handy guide


  • Amateurish website
  • Few kratom strains
  • No kratom capsules
  • No bulk kratom for sale
  • No FAQ page
  • No About Us page
  • Lack of detailed information about kratom source
  • Lousy payment methods
  • Lack of transparency
  • No consumer reputation’
  • Questionable social media presence


If you’re looking to try something new or you just want to shop around with some fresh faces, here’s a short list of new kratom vendors that have scored major brownie points with us in the last few months:

  • Pharmacy Dropout
  • Kratom Spot
  • Urban Ice Organics
  • Kratom Infusion


Sun Kratom is not a bright idea if you value honesty, integrity, purity or savings. This sun looks like it’s bound to go down and the last thing you want is to give them your money when they’re on they’re about to burn out. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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