Quantum Kratom: A Fan Favorite Deserving of Elite Status

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I don’t know about you, but when I deal with a kratom vendor I like to know that I’m dealing with real people who share real values. One of those values—indeed, one that is woefully absent among many kratom vendors—is integrity.

Far too many vendors rely on bogus claims and shrewd marketing to grow their brand and move their inventory. That is why it’s always refreshing and warmly welcomed when you come across a company that goes above and beyond to be honest about the nature of kratom as well as its potential for addiction and abuse.

Quantum Kratom is one such company, a kratom vendor first established in 2017 and quickly becoming one of the most honorable and virtuous brands around. How virtuous? Their vendor not only makes it clear why he got into the kratom game but he also is quick to add that he would never suggest kratom as a cure for any condition.

This is a company that cares about its customers and does not want to tarnish the kratom name by telling tall tales about its efficacy. In today’s review, I’ll tell you all about why Quantum Kratom is a valuable source for kratom users and what they have in store for you.

Let’s roll!


Nope, it’s not a kratom brand endorsed by the great Scott Bakula, nor is it a kratom strain cultivated in some alternate reality. Quantum Kratom is simply a superior brand of kratom powder from an all-American proprietor.

Quantum Botanicals (www.quantumkratom.net) is an Austin-based kratom vendor with retail locations all across the U.S. This Texas wholesaler operates an online store (www.quantumkratom.net) where customers can come away with quality botanicals without breaking their wallets or suffering bullshit.

Founded by personal trainer and musician Jeremy Steding, Quantum Botanicals is a company that puts stock in things like purity, honesty and value. Their products are lab tested and the company is currently registered for the American Kratom Association GMP Standards Program.


Quantum Kratom carries eight sui generis strains that are suited for any and all needs. Their Great White kratom is an optimal energy enhancer that may also improve mood and sharpen mental acuity. Their Indonesian Sunrise strain provides relaxation and increased focus while stimulating and brightening your disposition.

Perhaps most notoriously, Texas Red is an especially anxiolytic strain that’s both restorative and ever-so-slightly energetic. Meanwhile, their Sand Panther’s Bali Gold impresses with its mood lift and calm-inducing effects. Of particular interest to the seasoned kratomite is their SuperMaeng! This kratom strain is built for banishing aches and increasing sociability.

And let’s talk about their packaging: Quantum Botanicals’ kratom comes in handsome bespoke tins and simple but elegant resealable bags that give them a distinguished and discreet appearance. Their jumbo kratom capsules look like nothing so much as a refined gentleman’s pomade. In other words, they do it up right like Dapper Dan.

New to their store is the “vastly superior” liquid kratom extract. As for this one, your intrepid reviewer cannot really say anything about this one as I have yet to sample it. I will say this: Like their jumbo kratom capsules, the kratom extract comes in a beautiful bottle with artwork reminiscent of an old New Yorker cartoon.


As a wholesaler specializing in retail outlets, Quantum Botanicals does not sell their products directly to consumers. Instead, they have partnered with Crystal River Herbs and redirect consumers to said company’s e-commerce site (www.crystalriverherbs.net).

50 ct. of Quantum Kratom jumbo capsules sells for just $21 while a package of powdered leaf starts at $11 for an ounce and caps off at $161 for a kratom kilo. Those who are keen on purchasing bulk kratom powder will be happy with this deal. Although $161 is just over the industry standard for bulk kratom, the extra money is well worth it for the aroma.


Crystal River Herbs accepts e-checks as payment and offers free shipping on all orders over $100. Based out of Golden, CO, they ship fast and discreetly, ensuring a safe and secure experience for the user.


Communicating with Quantum Kratom is a breeze as they maintain a presence on social media and have a dedicated customer service staff standing by to answer any questions or concerns. You can contact them by snail mail or hit ’em up via their 1-800 number (1-833-QKRATOM).



Quantum Kratom reviews have been extremely enthusiastic. Their Green Malay has received a 94/100 score from at least one customer who said it really makes you feel good about everything. “It puts everything you think about in a positive light,” they said. “Has a quiet energy with a medium amount of sedation & relaxation. So good for just chilling watching a movie or when you have some downtime just hanging out.”

Over at I Love kratom, there have been at least 10 posts about Quantum Botanicals. One user writes, “Quantum Botanicals is highly recommended by me because of their sheer quality & the mood lift that all their strains provides.”

Of course, opinions vary widely and no two people enjoy all of their products in quite the same way. Another user said of their Texas Red strain, “I’m not very impressed with [it] or maybe my expectations were too high and reds haven’t been working all that great for me lately. It does provide a good moodlift…but it’s not an above average red for me. This is not sedating red for me at all.”


I’m afraid my personal experience is limited to only one of their kratom strains, but if it’s any indication of their overall quality I’d say they’re right on track to become a top contender for the number one spot in terms of best kratom vendors of 2019.

I burned 6 grams of their Shangri La La right outta the gate and the aroma hit me within 20 minutes. I was flush with energy and excitement, super focused and feeling a level of jubilation that is unheard of for a Monday morning.

I would have to say that this one is the ideal strain for anyone who’s dreading the start of their work week. Shangri La La places you in the perfect mood to get things done without slogging through your daily chores.

The fragrance and fineness of their kratom powder was on part with the greatest kratom I’ve ever burned, and it was oddly sweet compared to most. The bitterness was so subtle that I was able to savor my cup of kratom tea in a way I never have before or since.


In a perfect world, all kratom vendors would be as reliable and unimpeachable in their business practices as Quantum Botanicals. Give their Quantum Kratom a shot today and hit us back in the comments to share your experience. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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