An Honest Review of Kay Botanicals

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If you run a search online for a Kay Botanicals review you won’t find much. Instead of any legit customer feedback or vendor reviews, all you’ll find are reviews of makeup company Mary Kay Botanical and their many health and beauty products.

A morally questionable but always pragmatic acquaintance was the one who introduced me to Kay Botanicals when she found out I was reviewing botanicals vendors. She looked at their prices askance and said, “When a whore charges six dollars a session that tells me a lot about that whore.”

While my outspoken acquaintance isn’t known to keep company with prostitutes, I got the gist of what she was trying to hip me to. When something sounds too good to be true that’s because it invariably is.

Kay Botanicals isn’t well-known in the kratom community, but I’m sure they soon will be, if for no other reason than they have the deceptive appearance of kratom masters.


Kay Botanicals is the brainchild of Kay Augustine, an individual who has supposedly been a consumer and dealer of kratom for more than a decade.

Little information about Mr. Augustine is available on the internet. In fact, the top search results for Kay Augustine lead us to a person of the same name who serves as the School Climate Transformation Grant Director of the Iowa Department of Education.

Augustine is the vendor behind Kay Botanicals, an online kratom store offering bulk kratom powder and kratom potentiators. Their website is a true marvel boasting a sleek and attractive design and a number of product pages.


Kay Botanicals stocks 13 unique kratom strains including Gold Bali, White Bali, Green Malay, White Borneo, Red Maeng Da, White Malay and Green MD. Additionally, they offer turmeric powder and kratom soap, the latter of which comes in two forms (the violet and French verbena Beige and the sweet coconut oil infused Coco).


This is where things get hinky and I begin to understand my friend’s crude remark about cheap whores. Kay Botanicals has kratom powders that start at an irregularly low $6.49 for an ounce. Whereas other vendors offer a range of different options to suit the varying needs of the kratom community, Kay Botanicals only offers ounces or 250 gram pouches.

250 grams of kratom powder start at $25 and cap off at $30.99. This is potentially unsavory behavior as it begs the question, how are these cats able to afford to keep their prices so low? Occam’s razor tells us that it’s probably because their powder is garbage.

Of course, this vendor would have you believe otherwise, hence their homepage announcement of their lab testing for purity and potency, but numbers don’t lie…that’s the job of shifty e-commerce websites. Whether this is the case with Kay Botanicals remains to be seen.


All of Kay Botanicals’ orders come with free USPS First Class shipping. Orders can be expected to arrive within 2 to 5 business days. For those who wish to expedite their order, this vendor offers free USPS Priority mail on orders in excess of $55. Priority packages typically arrive within 2 to 3 business days.


If you’ve looked for a kay botanicals reddit post then you already know that few users are talking about this vendor or their products. On the contrary, I was unable to find a single mention of their brand or their kratom powders.

Kay Botanicals has not made the trusted vendors list over at I Love Kratom, nor have they managed to establish any word of mouth on popular kratom-related forums.

Their social media presence is limited to their Facebook profile which has only attracted 120 odd Likes and hasn’t been updated since April 2nd.


A kay botanicals coupon good for 10% off your order is available at Coupon Follow, but it has not been verified. That said, their prices are so low that I can’t imagine why most users would require a discount.


This is where we get to the nitty gritty. I took the leap and gave these cats a shot. What I found confirmed all of my suspicions. After placing an order for an ounce of their White Bali I waited patiently for five days for my package to arrive.

When it did the packaging was secure and discreet, but the powder was just as I’d expected. It was discolored, clumpy and overwhelming in the aroma department…and I don’t mean that in a good way. This stuff was skunky, to say the least.

After measuring out 5 ½ grams, I brewed myself some tea and waited for the powder to take hold. After 25 minutes had elapsed, I got bored and went about my business without noticing any distinct effects. An hour later I was convinced that the product was every bit as bogus as I’d thought, so I decided to burn another 2.5 grams.

Within 20 minutes, I was feeling nauseous, but hardly as focused or relaxed as I would have liked. Now I know from experience that White Bali is less potent than other white vein kratom strains, but this was just pathetic. Straight up.

As I popped a couple Tums and waited for the nausea to subside, I began feeling some slight tingling in my upper extremities, but little else. The mood lift and enhanced energy associated with Bali was nowhere to be found.

As the afternoon wore on I could notice a subtle sense of calm but nothing like what I am used to from any other white kratom leaf. In fact, I was really kicking myself for wasting money on this rubbish when I could have ordered some White Sumatra from a competitor.


Kay Botanicals is a dubious kratom vendor with prices and product that will leave you scratching your head. While I would hardly say they are the worst or least trustworthy on the market, I wouldn’t place them anywhere near the upper echelons of the industry.

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