TexasHerbsAndBotanicals.com Review: A Surprising Southern Comfort

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The Lone Star State’s own man of letters Mark Twain once observed that “all that glitters is not gold.” Those words could apply just as easily to kratom vendors as it does to so-called “lowborn metals.” As we’ve seen on a number of occasions, eager upstarts can make quite a splash in the kratom industry if armed with enough of a budget to afford shrewd marketing and cheap gimcracks.

Over the last few years a preponderance of fly-by-night vendors have sprung up online and sunk their teeth into the kratom marketplace by employing fancy logos and eye-catching web design. Many of these companies have failed to deliver on what such designs seem to promise.

Then there are those which do not bother with wit nor glitter, opting instead to focus their energies on manufacturing quality product at customer-friendly prices. One such kratom vendor is Texas Herbs and Botanicals, a business founded in 2018 that is poised to blow up in the months to come.

They do not bother with a fancy homepage or any overly elaborate eye candy, but their product is something to behold. Here’s why…


This hometown favorite is an independently owned kratom vendor providing a myriad of kratom products to the greater Dallas area. Fortunately for those of us who do not reside in the Big D, there’s Texasherbsandbotanicals.com, their online store which serves up a vast array of goodies to suit even the most cynical of kratomites.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals offers a wealth of exotic kratom strains including Chocolate Bentuangie, Dark Green Indo, Red JongKong, Red Sulawesi, White Elephant and Yellow Sumatra. Of particular interest to those who are chasing a full spectrum experience they specialize in kratom blends, such as their charmingly named Texas Two-Step (Red and Green Elephant) and Abbey Road (Red and Yellow Blend).

As their name would suggest, this vendor offers a number of unique botanicals including Moringa, but it’s their kratom that’s truly outstanding.


This vendor’s proprietary blends start at a bargain basement $7 and cap off at under $100. Their straight up kratom powders also sell for this industry low price with an ounce starting at seven duckets and a kratom kilo going for just 90 buckaroos.

In many cases low pricing can raise some red flags because it’s a sign that their quality may be in question. Not the case with Texas Herbs and Botanicals, a vendor that’s all about purity, potency and convenience.


Texas Herbs and Botanicals will undoubtedly land on the top picks list of any privacy-conscious consumer thanks to their acceptance of both Venmo and Google Play cards.


Orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail at a flat rate, and come with insurance included in the price. Packages generally arrive within 1-3 business days, but many have found that it is actually much more expedited than all that. In my personal experience I received my package in two days when I fully expected it to take at least four to five. My order was securely sealed and discreetly packaged.


A coupon good for 10% off your order can be found at Coupon Birds, but there is no evidence that this coupon has been verified. However, with this vendor’s rock bottom pricing, you won’t really need to worry about pinching pennies.


Despite being a relatively new company that isn’t necessarily tested and proven among the kratom community at large, Texas Herbs and Botanicals have already begun to generate some buzz on sites like Reddit.

One zealous proponent writes, “This is my GO TO vendor, people used to give me crap for a while because of how much I talked about them on here. But I highly recommend the super green, Austin blend, and anything else. Check them out on Facebook too, that’s where you can get in touch with Justin and Abbey [the company’s owners].”

Even though their Facebook profile only has 362 likes, the signs of their growing popularity are evident in those likes and in the curiosity of countless kratomites who have heard of them through the grapevine and are eager to learn more.


As I said before, I’ve dealt with these cats in the past and I was floored by how fast I received my package given my geographical undesirability. Let’s just say I don’t live by the Bottoms.

I placed an order for their Chocolate Bentuangie (1 oz) and their Texas Two-Step Blend (1 oz) and within 24 hours of receiving it I was on their site ordering a kilo of their Bentuangie and inquiring about their Elephant kratom.

Their Chocolate Bentuangie comes on slow and steady, sticks around for the long haul and delights with enough relaxation to keep things low key but just enough stimulation to keep the nods and the wobz away.

Texas Herbs and Botanicals’ Texas Two-Step had me feeling crunk without the consequences of a sizzurp binge. Not to compare it to anything else, but this one is mad euphoric and mildly stimulating, making for a well-balanced experience that no doubt owes to the combination of red and green veins.


No matter what you’re looking for, Texas Herbs and Botanicals has likely got something to get you going or keep you grooving. This vendor deserves have their name spread around because what they’re selling is premo stuff. Give ’em a shot and shoot us an opinion in the comments. Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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