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In yesterday’s post I touched on the fact that there are plenty of excellent kratom vendors who go overlooked because they don’t invest in fancy web design or traditional marketing campaigns. For some this may be a deliberate attempt to fly under the radar. For others this just may be an oversight because they are too busy focusing on ethical sourcing of top notch product.

In any event, there are several kratom vendors here in the United States that can provide quality kratom at a reasonable price. But if we look north we can also find some fantastic proprietors outside the U.S. I’m talking specifically about, an online store with headquarters in Canada.

These cats have been offering exceptional deals for a few years now and I thought it was high time we shine a light on them.


Green Life Kratom is a family-owned operation based out of Ontario with an awesome variety of premium kratom strains and a wealth of solutions for those looking for kratom hacks such as soap or incense making instructions.

Their kratom is selectively sourced for optimal potency and triple washed in sterile water before it is dried in a climate controlled facility. All kratom powder is vacuum sealed for freshness and to ensure the integrity of its alkaloid content.

This vendor holds phytosanitary certification from a third party laboratory where each batch of their kratom is carefully tested for heavy metals and other contamination. In this way they are able to guarantee 100% purity.’s micronized kratom powder is de-stemmed and aromatic as all get out. It’s some of the finest kratom powder on the market and is available to Americans and Canadians alike.


As of the time of this writing, carries Bali Horned Leaf, Borneo, Malay, Maeng Da and proprietary blends. They also offer samples and variety packs for noobs who want to try out a host of strains before placing a larger order.’s proprietary pouches include an energy blend and a relaxing blend, each of which is relaxing and uplifting in its own way.


Green Life Kratom’s prices leaves something to be desired, at least if you’re used to U.S. Pricing. I mean, $12.99 isn’t all that steep for 25 grams (even though most vendors offer a full ounce or more in that price range), but if you’re buying bulk kratom powder you’re S.O.L.

Green Life charges a staggering $210.99 for a kratom kilo which is almost a hundred bucks more than what most kratom vendors charge in the United States. That being said, this could be the consequence of any number of mitigating factors, not least of which would be the high cost of living in many parts of Canada. A friend of mine recently visited Toronto and told me that they spent an arm and a leg on basic groceries and parking alone.

For the less spendthrift individual it would behoove you to stick with one of their variety packs as you can get 50 grams (25 g MD, 25 g Red Horn) for 25 bucks.


On the upside this vendor accepts a number of different payment methods from cash on delivery (C.O.D.) and EMT (Interac email transfers) to cash, mobile check or money order. Unlike many other vendors, they normally accept all major credit cards, but this service is temporarily down.


Free shipping is available on an array of sitewide products with their Express courier delivering the goods in an expedited fashion. When I placed my last order, I received it in under three days.

A friend from Ohio told me that he ordered on a Monday morning and received his package Tuesday night. That’s lightning fast shipping from Canada to the U.S. makes it easy to get in touch as well, offering visitors to the site a contact form, 1-800 number and more. I’ve never had to contact them myself, but the variety is appealing nonetheless.


Since Green Life Kratom has only been around for a short period of time you won’t find all that much written about them. Here and there you’ll find a vendor review on a blog or two, but most of the positive buzz is on social media.

One user writes, “I ordered a selection of strains a few weeks ago from Green Life Kratom. I choose their horned variety pack, and one of each of their strains of borneo. The strain that stood out, and the motivation for this review, was their golden borneo.

“I love finding new strains that are quality, they tend to rekindle those noob feelings we have all had when we began our journeys with kratom. When I first received my package and upon my unwrapping of the kratom, I noticed that the powders had a unique aura emanating from the sealed pouches.

“I knew I had found recently harvested kratom. I’ve really enjoyed each strain I have received from them. The golden borneo is definitely my favorite.”


After hearing about them from my aforementioned friend I decided to give them a go. I placed an order for 25 grams of their Horned Leaf Bali and got it in no time at all. Digging in, I burned 4.5 grams and found myself very pleased with the results.

It had all of the euphoria I’ve come to expect of a good Horned Leaf batch with the gentle sedating effects of any worthwhile nighttime strain. I rode the wave for a good four hours, going about my business with a smile on before drifting off to sleep in the late evening.

I should say that this one was restorative in nature as I awoke feeling rejuvenated and still holding on to the pleasant mood it had put me in. A very nice strain indeed, and a finely ground powder free of clumps or bitterness.


Get your hands on some of Canada’s finest with, a worthy vendor for one and all. I really dug my experience with these cats and I trust you will too. Hit us up in the comments and let us know if you enjoy it as much as we did. Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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