Enhanciosa.com Kratom Vendor Review: A Top Choice Among Texans

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Few newcomers to the kratom space have garnered as much attention and praise as Enhanciosa.com, an online kratom vendor with roots in the Southwest. Today we’ll tell you all about how these beguiling botanical specialists have charmed the pants off kratom connoisseurs far and wide.

We’ll be talking product line, price, discounts and consumer reputation, so strap in and prepare to learn everything you need to know about Enhanciosa.com and their goods.


Enhanciosa is a Texas-based kratom vendor with an impressive social media presence and an ever-expanding customer base. Operating out of the Live Music Capital of the World (that’s Austin for those who aren’t hip to SXSW and the like), Enhanciosa offers premium grade kratom powder in a variety of strains and other customer-friendly options.

On the downside, Enhanciosa doesn’t offer much information about themselves or their background in the kratom industry. Despite being founded in 2016, this vendor’s website does not feature any history or About Us page, nor do they provide a FAQ page for those with a lot of questions.

On a more positive tip, they do share their mission statement which sounds very reassuring. To wit:

Enhanciosa strives to procure premium grade organic products that have been ethically sourced, are wild harvested, and free of pesticides, and other adulterants. We provide these products to domestic and international customers at a fair price that is paired with a quality customer service experience.

It is this commitment to purity and potency that has put Enhanciosa.com on the map and kept them there. Consumers who have dealt with them swear by them. Period. They are hands down on of the most trusted new kratom vendors in the marketplace.


This vendor sells a number of kratom strains and proprietary blends in powdered form. They include Bali Supreme, Green Vein Barjarmasin/Kalsel, Green Vein Mahakam, Maeng Da JongKong, Premium Jong Kong and Sulawesi.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, some of these strains have exotic names and this is something worth noting because the names correspond to the regions from which they were sourced. What’s interesting about it is how specific Enhanciosa is with their names.

To put this into perspective, Barjarmasin is a small city in South Kalimantan. This port town is nicknamed the River City and Kalsel is the local name for Kalimantan. This tells us that Enhanciosa is transparent about where they have sourced their kratom from.

Other kratom powders include Gold Kapuas, Green Bentuangie, Green Medan, Red Banjar, Red MD Jong Kong and White MD Jong Kong.

Each kratom product page features detailed information about how it was harvested, where it came from and how this vendor practices ethical sourcing.


One of the biggest reasons for Enhanciosa’s runaway success has been their super-affordable pricing. Each ounce of kratom powder starts at an industry low eight dollars and caps out at an equally cheap $88 for 1,000 grams. That’s less than a hundred bucks for a kratom kilo which is why Enhanciosa.com is especially popular among those who wish to buy bulk kratom.

What’s more, each order comes with shipping included in the price, so shipping is always free no matter what. They accept all major credit/debit cards and process transactions through a secure account.


This vendor accepts Enhanciosa.com coupon codes at checkout and has partnered with social media influencers in the past to provide viewers with verified codes for discounts.


Everyone is talking about this vendor, whether we’re talking about members of the Reddit community or the users active on I Love Kratom. Enhanciosa.com kratom vendors reviews have been coming in since 2017 and the consensus seems to be that they are the next great vendor on the market.

With a five-star rating on Facebook and elite status as a Top USA Vendor it’s obvious that the folks at Enhanciosa are doing something right. Oodles of individuals have been vocal about their love of this brand with one user writing, “From what I’ve tried so far (MD JK and Premium Jong Kong), it is surprisingly very good! Not so much energy as mood lift but still way above par…”

Over on I Love Kratom, another user said: “…it really doesn’t get better than Enhanciosa. I am SO pleased! I had gotten a sampler pack of Green Maeng Da, Green Hulu Kapuas and Green Maeng Da Jong Kong. I checked out on site, and was sent an invoice after by email – you pay by major credit card which is really nice – no fumbling for odd payment systems. I find that helpful in my case.

“The samples came in those pleated bags, and the great thing is you can get a nice sampler of 5 strains (5 ounces or 28 grams x 5) for $32 and that includes shipping. I have to say, my socks were knocked off by the Green Maeng Da Jong Kong!”

Elsewhere, a user has said, “If you didn’t already know, Enhanciosa is awesome,” adding, “Budget friendly? Check…Good shipping methods? Check…Good kratom? Check. They included some stickers and a couple pieces of candy as well. Free goodies? Check!

“Enhanciosa accidentally sent me two packages containing the same order. I let him ( /u/doods_logoes) know and it was an isolated incident and not a problem with his fulfillment system. He told me to enjoy the extra.”


I ordered two ounces of their Green Medan and it lasted me for over two months. One of the sturdiest resealable pouches I’ve ever received and the freshest grind I’ve seen in many a moon. The experience took me right back to my last vacation in Indonesia where I enjoyed kratom leaf with some of the natives and basked in the euphoric vibes while devouring some snakehead fish meat.

Waves of warmth and good will, relaxation and positivity. Hours of good times without kratom hangover or wobz. This stuff is fresh, reasonably priced and just plain rad.


Anyone who wants to try a tried and true kratom vendor should seek out Enhanciosa.com. They won’t break the bank, but they will brighten your day. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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