The Difference Between Headshop Kratom and Online Kratom Price

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The ravenous greed of money and applause has been called the Gospel of Despair. This is fitting since the average consumer has long since grown weary of the archaic concept of supply and demand. Still, this hasn’t stopped the marauders from insisting that they’ve got the goods and convincing us that we need them.

Nowhere is this more true than with the growing popularity of kratom. As more and more Westerners turn to kratom as an alternative, fewer and fewer companies can be trusted to provide it at a reasonable asking price.

The result can be seen far and wide—price gouging is rampant, both online and in smoke shops and paraphernalia shops across America. Some vendors charge an arm and a leg for bunk while others offer quality kratom at the market price or lower.

All too often we come across kratom vendors who mix low-end kratom strains with quality kratom powder in order to turn more of a profit. Not only is this unethical but it may also be unsafe for those who are purchasing it.


It is difficult to establish one precise price point that is representative of the market as a whole. That’s because prices fluctuate over time, reflecting a number of economic factors. This is something which varies from state to state and is largely dependent upon the average cost of rent, bills, etc.

Another mitigating factor which affects the market price of kratom is the taxes levied against proprietors of stores that carry kratom products. As individual states take measures to regulate kratom is select cities and states, prices rise to accommodate such contingencies.


It is fair to surmise that kratom costs more in America than just about anywhere else. Certainly in countries where kratom grows freely the cost is much lower since there is no shortage of kratom crops and the kratom leaf itself can be purchased directly from native farmers.

However, countries that import kratom generally charge as much as 35-40 percent more than countries that do not. For this reason and many others it is difficult to determine a uniform price.

Prices on kratom products also vary on a basis of form. For instance, one can expect to pay more for UEI (Ultra Enhanced Kratom) than they would for crushed kratom leaf or kratom powder. In some cases that is because the product has been specially formulated using an intricate process that is more costly to the manufacturer.

Generally speaking, consumers can expect pay more for liquid kratom extracts or tinctures than they would for kratom powder or kratom capsules. As you’ll see below, headshop kratom can be significantly cheaper or even more expensive than kratom purchased from online kratom vendors.

Selecting a trusted vendor with a strong consumer reputation is key to getting good deals and worthwhile product.


If you’ve visited a local headshop or tobacconist then you’ve likely dealt with the relative scarcity of kratom options. Some shops only offer one or two brands such as O.P.M.S. They often come in two count packages.

The problem with headshops is the total lack of regulation. They are free to charge whatever they want to whomever they want. You’ve likely felt like you were witnessing highway robbery at work if you went into a neighborhood headshop and saw two capsules of OPMS selling for as much as $6-8.

I could get an entire ounce of kratom powder for that price online, you may have said to yourself. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

While some generous smoke shops sell a decent amount of grams for $10-20, the vast majority of them charge way more. Furthermore a lot of them are unable to offer bulk kratom, so if you’re on the hunt for a kratom kilo you’re S.O.L.

Another downside to dealing with headshops and the like is their bogus product. A lot of them only sell wholesale kratom brands that come in fancy packaging that disguises the fact that they were inorganic and, oftentimes, tainted with synthetic additives.

It is these kinds of kratom products which give the kratom industry as a whole a bad reputation. The damage doesn’t stop there, I’m afraid.

Yet another issue is the widespread lack of variety. As I mentioned above, far too many headshops only stock one or two brands of kratom powder, but many others only stock one or two kratom strains. Those seeking more exotic strains are stuck purchasing the same old stuff they’ve tried time and time again.

On average, the price of kratom capsules at a headshop is approximately $50 for 30 grams. That’s pretty damn lame when compared to the $20-30 users can pay for the same amount online. It’s all about tracking down the right online store.


As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Even though the more frugal user is looking to spend the least amount of money they should always keep in mind that quality comes at a cost. In order for a kratom vendor to ensure that their product is safe and effective they must spare no expense in sourcing and testing it.

The very best online kratom vendors submit their kratom products to third party laboratories so that it can be certified pure and unadulterated. Before they can even get to that point they have to establish a standing partnership with a reliable plantation and cover the cost of importing kratom.

The industry average price for kratom online is $10-20 for 28+ grams of kratom powder. In some cases online vendors charge less than this. As a matter of fact, here at Kratom Crazy we offer 100 grams for just $19.99.

This isn’t all that common and we are only able to do so thanks to a long standing relationship with trusted farmers and local authorities. Our decision to offer 100 grams at such a low price point came in response to what we saw as an industry-wide conspiracy to gouge the hell out of working class customers. This was part of our plan to implement ethical business practices as part of our model.

As you’ll see in this post, others have taken a cue from us and significantly reduced their prices in recent years. Many kratom vendors only sell bulk kratom powder as a means by which to offer better deals. It is not uncommon in 2019 to find an online kratom store that sells only 600 grams of kratom powder or more.

The worst kratom vendors charge as much as $200-225 for 1000 grams (one kilo). This is abhorrent even by headshop standards. The most a consumer should expect to spend for a kratom kilo is $135. That’s because selling kratom in bulk helps vendors to rotate their inventory, ensuring freshness and potency. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

As we’ve talked about before, a good vendor will provide detailed information about where they sourced each of their kratom strains from. This extends beyond simply naming a country (Indonesia, Malaysia and so forth) to specific regions such as West Kalimantan or the Kapuas River.

The worst vendors provide not of this information, preferring instead to riddle their product pages with a litany of purported effects and flashy visuals. Don’t fall for their cheap hucksterism. The good vendor will always take the time to shout out their farmers rather than bombard you with so much bluster.


When looking for an online kratom vendor always be sure to research their payment options, price point and reputation among fellow consumers. A quick search on Reddit or I Love Kratom can open your eyes to all of the pros and cons of a given vendor.

Some of the top kratom vendors of 2019 include the following:

  • MitraGaia
  • Pharmacy Dropout
  • Kats Botanicals

MitraGaia, formerly Gaia Ethnobotanical, offer a range of proprietary kratom blends, kratom capsules and kratom powders in a number of different strains. This vendor’s kratom powder starts at just $5 per ounce with kilos available for an industry standard $120.

Customers who pay with Bitcoin are eligible for a 20% off rebate. They also accept credit cards, checking and savings, and money orders.

Pharmacy Dropout, aka PDO Botanicals is a family-owned vendor that specializes in exotic kratom strains and handcrafted incense.

Kats Botanicals has been around for quite some time and their longevity owes to their affordable pricing and high quality standards.

Enhanciosa is an old favorite that recently relaunched with a new online store. Check out our review here.

Each of these vendors has been personally vetted and we’ve sampled all of their kratom products to make sure they are worth the attention. These guys are the genuine article and none of them will waste your time with bogus kratom or BS price hikes.


If you want to enjoy the kratom aroma without emptying your pockets then shopping online is the way to go. You’ll be able to find out who you are dealing with way more than you would with any small-time kratom headshop.

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